Sleepless In New Hampshire!

Well, one of those nights. Slept for about six hours and cannot go back to sleep. Finally I gave it up and decided to get on with my day. So, here I am blogging before I get to work on some art. Hoping you are all enjoying a wonderful new week. Still busy here and promising to get much busier. Hopefully will be getting a call tomorrow to do some illustrations for a children’s book, through an acquaintance. Also, trying to get another job or a second one to make some more money, got to save up and get settled some where more permanent for winter. also, still working on pictures for the children’s book I am working on. Have a painting to finish for a friend, and have to check out the library. In September I will be displaying my art there and I need to know how much space is available so I can display my art.

Now, just an observance, what is up with people and the internet. Dating online seems unlikely to me. I can only speak for myself, as I am very sure many people have found some one special online. But, for me it is worse than meeting people in person. It seems that at least in person, people try to put their best foot forward. Online it seems, they rarely if ever even try to do that. For example, I am on several social media sites, they all say single, because I am, but under why I am there, it says, networking and friends. I think that is very clear, no intentions of dating. Now, unless that is secret code for I really want to date you, not sure why I am constantly trying to fend off men for various reasons. I have sold art off of these sites, but too many mean and frankly women as well, seem to either not read what I wrote or completely disregard it. One message from yesterday came saying “Hi”. So I responded with a “Hello”, the next response must be filtered, but went something like this ” I just want _ussy!” All I could think, and no I did not respond to that, was does that really work. Are there women out there who go, “Yes, the man I am looking for!” and then they chase these guys down. I was confused and humored by this. Another man sent me a message saying “hello”, I responded back with a “Hello”, very next message was “Were you thinking of me today?”, I mean I just got your message, how is that even possible? If I had gotten it sooner, it would still be unlikely, I mean I barely have time to think about me!

Anyway, would love to give you a chance to share some of your adventured and misadventures on any social media site. I am sure it will make you feel better to share it and I am positive it will make me smile and a few others as well. I cannot be alone in this insane online world, dealing with idiots. I am sure they will not agree, but there should be some kind of etiquette even online. It is still a conversation, and if you wouldn’t walk up to some one on the street and blurt these things, you really shouldn’t blurt them out online. I know it feels like you are shielded or even invisible, but the truth is, you are very visible, more visible than you may believe. Is this how you want people to remember you? Just asking.

To all of you who follow and read my blog, hope you have a great day! Sending my love to you and all you love as well, as usual…………diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


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