Looking For The Light!

Inside the light there is peace. Inside the light there is love. Onside the light there is happiness! Inside the light is all things good! Now, in the real world we seem to find these things in short supply. The only  way to find it here is inside yourself, or to be lucky enough to come in contact with some one who carries the light with them, even if it is only for that instant. Funny thing about the light, is that we are always looking for it. We seem to constantly lose it’s glow from our lives. Ever chasing it like a dream, always forgetting it is right with in us all the time. We can feel it fill us and overwhelm us and minutes later for get it was ever near us at all.

It should be the one constant in our lives, the one thing we should never lose, more than our keys, passwords, money, credit cards or even a phone. Yet we take such little care, all these other things take precedence over the one thing we should guard with our very lives, after all it is the one thing that not only makes life worth living, sometimes it is the only thing keeping us alive at all!

It takes only a second fr us to lose sight of it. Then it can be hours, days, weeks, months or years before we look for or ask to bring it back into our lives. Amazing that when our creator designed us he made our heart beat without thought, our brains function without our effort and even our muscles move and grow with out us working at it. The one thing that keeps us on track spiritually and keeps us from getting stressed out or depressed only works if we seek it and work for it everyday. It is more like what a body builder goes through to compete. We must daily, even many times daily work that part of us that carries the light, make it stronger and brighter, make it bigger and lighter! This is the real work in our lives, keeping the driver of this body strong, and full of love. The only way to rid ourselves of cancers, and other illnesses is to get rid of stress. The sure way to rid ourselves of stress is to use the light, to shield us from it. It keeps the negative things away, it keeps all the anger, worry and pain of the world around us at bay. Without it we would all drown in worry, self pity, anger and sadness. What a way to live that would be. For those of you who understand what I mean, you also understand the amount of constant work it takes to keep the light inside us and around us. For those of you who do not understand, when you feel yourself overwhelmed by anything that does not feel good to you. Take a minute and visualize yourself, filling up with a white light. Picture yourself glowing like a light bulb and that light surrounding you like a shield. Notice how peace and happiness fills you. This is the white light of love. Then also pay attention, to how quickly some one can come in with bad feelings a just take the light away. It is almost like a candle, It just pops out, Then you must do it again, never fear the more you do it, the more you become conscious of other peoples ability to snuff it out. When that happens you will find yourself protecting the light, because in essence it protects you!

Anyway, it was a day like that for me, I had to be continually refreshing myself.I don’t know if it was because I was tired, or if life in general has been dragging me down. All I know is, I must not let myself fall into old habits, unhealthy habits. This time I want it to stick. My new resolution is to make myself aware of my energy at alal times, and the second I feel it drop, to recharge myself.

Hope you had a great weekend, sending my love to you as always and wishing you every happiness, diana













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