Wen Vs. Hair One!

Getting older does a lot of fun stuff too the hair. I have always had sensitive skin and hair. Easily dried out and very sensitive to alcohol and many other additives to skin and hair care products. So, today I just want to throw my hat in the ring, and open a discussion about Wen hair care products and the Hair One line from Sally Beauty Supply. I was always really wanting to do the Wen care products I have fine hair and wanted to keep is looking shiny and not so dry and frizzy. Recently, my daughter found a deal online for Wen and ordered it. I had a chance to try it for a couple of days and really liked it. My favorite product was the deep conditioning creme. It really made my hair feel soft. Unfortunately, I could not and can still not afford this whole kit thing they do. I mean really, why not just sell the individual products and give folks a chance to buy what they want. I don’t need the combs and I don’t like the wax thing for protection, All I want to get is the conditioners. I think they do that to charge a ridiculous amount of money for their products. So, Chaz Dean if you are looking, really, try to remember the economy is not so good, and by lowering your prices you may lose a few dollars, but gain a tin more on the back side, by increasing your costumer base!

Anyway, in her search for another coupon for me, my daughter ran across the Hair One products and found that many people liked those products better and guess what, the prices are much more reasonable! So, I took a shot at it, and I do really like their version a lot. I am however disappointed, that they do not make a deep conditioning creme as well. But, for the money it is very do-able and a very good product. I can honestly say, my hair is so much more manageable, and I am washing with well water, very hard water. I am confident if I had better water to wash my hair the improvements would be very substantial. Just wanted to set up a forum, for any one who has had the opportunity to try either one of these products or maybe even both! That way, for anyone like me out there who wanted to try it, there are real people on here who can tell it like it is. No spin, no ad company trying to make it all pretty, just real talk from real folks!

Just want to say to all of you who do follow me, hope you are having a wonderful day, sending my love to you as always, diana













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