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Don’t Be Nostalgic!

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Well, so unlike the plan I had, of a blissful weekend with my baby girl. It appears that nothing is as it seems to me. She arrived later than planned on Friday and left on Saturday evening. I know the reasons, but my heart hurts and I miss her. I did my cards yesterday, before I even knew she was leaving. The funny thing is it warned about remembering the past, and not to let myself become nostalgic. Today‘s reads like this “Know thyself. Reflection. Contemplation. Introversion and solitude. Take care not to become too detached from the world around you.” Right when I found out she was leaving, I realized I had my work cut out for me. I tried my best to not get lost in remembering her as a baby, and how special things were between us. I just realized things have changed, life is like that and today, I must go paint, it will keep my spirits up, and keep my from wallowing in some, what could I have done different, self deserving, self punishing behavior. None of that is self serving or helpful. So, I hope she is now home safely, missing her more than a little bit.

Still dreaming of Giraffes, and South Africa. The hope for today, is to start working on a painting of one. It will be in my usual style, and I do hope you like it, fun and playful and always full of color! I posted some of the paintings, I did have finished, but were not framed on yesterday’s post. If you haven’t had a chance to see them, look there, I do have to admit, I for got one. I have a painting of a mermaid that I forgot totake a picture of. I will get one soon and add that to the collection.

No big lottery jack pot either this weekend. But, I am convinced it is going to happen soon. I need to research attorneys, and money managers. I think I should just hire Suze Orman, to make sure I use the money in the right ways, for charities, retirement, business and gifts, but all in all, set it up so that I can achieve all of my dreams, and maximize my efforts! She is the girl with the plan for me. so, if you are peeking in here Suze, I will be needing you soon!

Almost time for breakfast, and I could use a nice, warm cup of coffee. Hoping you and your family are having a wonderful weekend. Looks cloudy here today, guess I need to check out the weather too. Sending my love to you and yours, and lots of wonde4rful wishes, as always, diana

PS. Did pretty good not being nostalgic, huh? And so far not being anti-social either!!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Whatever The Weather We Will Be Together!

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Today is D-day for me! My daughter is going to come and visit me, I am so beyond excited! So much to do. I dropped off some art at the frame shop. It will be ready later today! I cannot wait, plus that means all I have to do is take some pictures and them new stuff to show you and new stuff for the store! Hooray! The weather outside is frightful (bet you’ve heard that before), but as long as she is careful, I will be seeing her nice and early in the morning. I just can’t wait!

Got the bills paid, not much left to save for the move, but hoping that will all change soon. New roomie moving in next week and yard sales on the horizon. Save, save, save! Lots to do before the big move. Would love to trade some art for a better running car, not so thrilled about taking her up there, she is not very young and I think she is tired. Going uphill takes the wind out of her sails! Since, I am not moving to the plains (more hill country), this could be rough on her. So, I keep wishing and praying that something will break loose. Winning the lottery could really hep! I am still waiting. News is the check is in the mail. Seeing as it is God promising, who do you complain to, when there are delays! Big smile for all of you who just freaked a little, I am a silly girl and will remain so. He knows I am joking around, not about receiving the money I am not, just the part about the check being in the mail. It will arrive at the best time possible, for sure!

Picked up my numbers for the weekend, ready to win. It would be so wonderful to have the money to spend with my daughter here! I am happy no matter what, it has been a while since I have been able to spoil my girls, and I look forward to that day again, plus spoiling my grand-babies! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! You do the same!

Quick note, I have a couple of friends, whose husbands a really ill right now. Would love it, if you could send some love and good wishes their way. I know they would appreciate it too! Both are wonderful women, and their husbands are really great guys. It seems age and illness are getting the better of both of them. It would be really nice if they could stick around a while longer.

So the weather man is apparently calling for rain (so I hear, need to watch the forecast to be sure). I am hoping whatever may come is gentle, so my sweetheart can make it safely to my door. On the other hand, I do know she would be thrilled to see snow again. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best of both scenarios. No matter what seeing the smile on her face, is all I dream of! In no time at all, it will be the reunion with my other daughter, that makes it a winning year, full of love and life and beauty! Can’t beat that with a stick! Hoping you are having a lovely day, sending joy and love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Sunshine Is Back, Cloudy Outside!

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Yesterday was a busy day for me. Did a bunch of errands, and then came home and did some stuff for my girlfriend, but mostly worked around the house and worked on me. Today, I have couple of errands to run, than I will be back home and do some more work around the house and more work on me! Went to bed feeling so happy and calm. That is good news considering all the stress lately! I slept well, and feel rested today. Found some Oracle cards in the book store, never heard of them. Part of my spiritual journey has been about reconnecting with my psychic abilities, some how I lost them on the way to madness! I think at some point I was having a hard disconnecting others feelings fro my own and the pain became overwhelming for me. So, one day I just shut it all down. The truth is I miss them, I make better decisions with them on, and I am now learning to reconnect with myself again, as well as learning how to separate those feelings from others. It is hard to explain if you do not have these feelings or senses.Most people can relate to not feeling whole, it happens to everyone at one point or another in life. That is how I feel when I am disconnected from my spiritual gifts, because in a way I am disconnected from myself. One thing I know, you can’t hide from who you are for long, it is destructive.

For me having these gifts is like having a built in navigator ( which I don’t have, lol, get lost real easy), this navigator helps me make the right choices for myself and guides me in how to relate and communicate with others as well. You can see how this is a plus in many ways! The downside was being able to separate my feelings from others, if I sense sadness, than I might become sad and not know why. So many people send out such strong signals and, they stick to me, best way I can explain it. I have to be very proactive in shaking off the excess. That way I can be real about how I feel. That is the hard part. Not sure if any of this makes sense to anyone but me, guess I have to be happy that it makes sense to me and I can do something about it. So, it appears that along with my journey to be an artist I am now on a full on journey to being the best me possible in the spiritual arena as well. I am confident that, it will all lead to better things all around for me, and in helping other people deal with things as well. It has always been my ability to help people with their problem, this just means I will be better at it. It definitely has been a WOW period for me.

Still need a job, and still looking. No big lottery win for me last night, so maybe tonight will be my night. If not, I do have a lot on my plate for now, and I feel it will all lead to great things. Got a lot to do, need to get ready, missed you yesterday, sorry about that. Hope you had a wonderful Friday and that today is the icing on the cake! Lots of love to you all, smile, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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