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Still Dreaming Of Africa!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on March 6, 2011 by dianaswonderworks

Strange week, I seem obsessed with seeing Africa. I want to go and see the animals of the African plains with my own eyes, and be able to get close enough to touch them. All this to be able to paint them with clarity. This does not mean, that going to Hawaii is off the list, got to see and paint the flowers there. It seems to mean that the older I get the bigger my bucket list is getting! I guess, I better be really old when I die or really rich before I do, to make it all happen. Mostly this week has been a week full of great intentions, but my body seems a little stressed and craving rest. mentally the move and all that goes with it, seems to be draining me. Today is going better, there is a good possibility, that painting will be done today! That is good news, the unwind will be very welcome.

Feeling really good about life in general these days, not that it was bad, just now it seems to be much better. The circumstances are still spinning all around, it just seems lately that I have managed to stop my mind from reeling, and my feet are firmly on the ground. It is a good vantage point, from here I can see all the options so much more clearly. When my mind was spinning, it was all a blur, from here all it takes is to reach out my hand and grab what I want. It is like getting rid of vertigo, everything seems more balanced and safer, life is good!

Hoping you have had an opportunity to try the white light technique, it has done a lot for me. It may take a few days or weeks to get the effect you are looking for, but I do promise t is well worth the time! Life for me these days seems less out of control, and more enjoyable. Instead of things looking like problems, they more and more look like possibilities! It is very invigorating and exciting! Even though the bucket list seems to be getting bigger and my dreams more extravagant, it all seems so much more possible! I highly recommend you try it for yourself and really give it a fighting chance. Whatever your needs are, whether it be financial, physical, emotional or even romantic, let your mind have a chance to create the dream you always wanted. If you are a skeptic try anyway, or just keep tabs on me here and you can find out from my experience how well it is working. It cannot hurt to try, and it definitely won’t hurt you to be a voyeur into my life and see how it goes.

No big lottery win, but there is always another day! It seems some people have won over the weekend, the jackpots have dropped, so to all you winners, congratulations! I mean that from the bottom of my heart, and a little advice to you as well, do better than many before you. Get sound legal advice and even sounder financial advice, so the money will continue to bless you and others for many years to come! Good Luck! Hoping your weekend is full of fun and lots of love! In case it is not here is a smile from me to you, and lots of love from the bottom of my heart, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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