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Here We Go Again!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on January 26, 2011 by dianaswonderworks

Should I say, been busy? Getting a little redundant. So, how about we do not state the obvious? Can’t wait to win the lottery jack pot. I need a laptop, and some really good wireless internet. That way I can take this with me to work and get everything done in a more timely manner! So the groups I am involved with are growing exponentially, and been really busy with promoting the new blog, plus we have started a Facebook page as well for group meetings. Getting ready to work on a painting I started last week, and then start a new one I have been envisioning for a couple of weeks. After that is done, time to do another sunflower painting, a little smaller than the Gorgeous Sunflower painting, I already comp0leted. I appears there are a lot of fans of this piece of work, yet the price is making them weary. So, rather than cheapen my many weeks of work on that one, making a few smaller ones should do the trick!

Business at the gallery is poor. No customers to sell to. Makes the day really long, especially when I have so much to do here. Makes it really hard to want to leave the house. My blogs is falling way behind, the shops are just pitiful, nothing in them really, and no time to promote. So, needless to say, no sales! That sucks, especially when you consider I pay for those shops. There has to be a better way to get all of this done, I think a new laptop is the answer to my prayers, oh, and while I am at it a new car would be genius! Hope the universe is paying attention, hint, hint, hint.  can say I am feeling great. I made some new friends and connections through my job. Hopefully some of those will lead to sales, and one is possibly leading to me finally having my own web page! In the end it is all a trade off at this point. My goal, to not have to trade off, just get it all done! Wish me luck!

Got to say time is a ticking, and it appears a moving day is approaching fast on the horizon. I will miss this place a lot. Just feels like home to me. But, money is not flowing enough for me to reach my goals, guess once again, I am left with a trade off. See what I mean, too many of those for me. The good news, I am thankful for having the bills paid, money coming in, all the opportunities that have come my way, for a great life, a wonderful family, awesome friends, varied talents and a good mind! That is not all, but enough to share! Snowing here today, roads are rough, weather is cold, so today is an art day for me. I am ready for it too!

You may have guessed already, I have not won the jack pot yet, but am sure it is on its way! I am hoping you are having a glorious new year so far. Where ever you are in the cold or the heat, in the sun, rain or snow, that your worries are few, and that this year is a great blessing for all of us! Nice break from the stresses of the last couple of years, for all! Sending my love to you and yours, as always, diana

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Glorious Sunflowers!

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Well, I can officially say that I have finally finished my Sunflower painting. I think I am going to name it Glorious Sunflowers. It turned out beautifully, I hope you like it. The pictures on this blog were taken not too long ago, and I am so very happy with the outcome. The sad part will be letting it go, got to sell it, need the money. It has been a long journey with this canvas. I started it about 4 years ago, and ran out of the colors, mostly the yellow. This canvas has moved with me over and over again, waited for me while I worked two jobs at a time, just to be able to afford the paints, and finally for me to dig it out of the closet, and complete the process.

The original plan, at the place I lived at when I started it, was for it to go on the wall in my dining room. I had some Shaker ladder back chairs. I had planned on re-seating the chairs, with red, yellow and green fabric. The Flowers were to look over  my table and guests, that was the dream. My room mate at the time, stole my chairs and many other things from me. For the above mentioned reason, I no longer live at that address. Where I am now, there is no dining room, and definitely no chairs and table to make it happen. So many people who have seen me working on this painting over the last few weeks, have loved this canvas. Everyone says they want to buy it, or knows some one who will. One of my friends, is going to give me an opportunity to put this canvas in a gallery, through a friend of hers. So, keep your fingers crossed, I would love to sell it and have money to buy more supplies to make more, and then sell more. The ultimate catch twenty-two for me!

Now, on the job front, I received a call today. I have a job interview tomorrow, it is a good job for me. At least that is what I think, the universe may have other plans. At two-thirty tomorrow, I will be going through the interview process. I can only hope all goes well. Considering the luck I have been having, I am not going to let myself get too excited. But, it is good and hopeful news for sure. Tonight is also, lottery night, you never know, maybe tonight will be my night! Keep your fingers crossed!

Now, I am going to get to work on some drawings, I think and tomorrow I need to get the jewelry out of the car and begin that process of pricing and designing stands or racks for displaying the jewelry. With any luck at all, these can be in the shop, by the beginning of next week. So much work, so little time. The drawings, I am hoping to do are for some holiday (Halloween for now) cards to be put on my Zazzle account. In my dream world, hopefully I can knock a couple of them out tonight and in the morning. It all just depends on how creative my brain is going to be. After spending weeks on the painting, it may take a while to get back into the swing of things. Sending you my love, where ever you may be, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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