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Totally Tired Tuesday!

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Well, I am up. Been up for a while. Been working on my cricketing, and taking a break to check in with you. Well, as always, I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Since, sleep was like a sprinter last night, I spent more time chasing it, than actually achieving it.  So, for today energy is limited, and I am thinking brain cells as well. Exhaustion has a way of making the body function, but only at its most basic. Extra things like creativity, fast thinking, deep thought, boundless energy, etc… are just not available. Taking what is available to me and getting through the day, the best way possible, is the primary goal.

The good news is, the funk that ruled the later part of yesterday has vacated the premises. Though weary from a lack of sleep, it feels like a very positive day! The weather is gloomy, but other than that all looks good. Crazy wild dreams, followed me through the night, nothing bad. It was like story time in my sleep. While I was up, did my Tarot cards, and Angel cards as well, things are going well. Maybe a hick up or two in the next couple of weeks, other than that it appears as though things will be on the up swing very soon! Got to get into my shops and add a few items, before back to work on my crochet projects. If you get a minute check them out and let me know what you think!

As you go through your day, please keep in mind the people of New Zealand, the earthquake from yesterday, is still weighing very heavy on them today, and will continue for a long time to come. Makes me think about how fragile our existence really is here, while we went to bed last night all safe and snug, they were in ciaos. There are so many who are struggling at this time, the soldiers over seas, people in other countries facing war, terrorism and environmental destruction, just say a prayer, make a happy wish, send love, whatever you can to help them get through their day and any tough times ahead. No matter how wealthy you may or may not be, this is something we all can afford to do, take a minute and remember, that even though you may not know them personally, on this planet we are all neighbors! A moment of your time or mine is so little to ask! Thank you so much for checking in today. Wishing you the best as always, no big lottery jackpot just yet! The will be here soon, sending you my love, and to all those people who may not read this or cannot read this due to the environment around them, God Bless, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Happy New Year!

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Well, it has been a crazy ride for me. The ending of the previous year brought a lot of great things for me. I have sold quite a few paintings in the last few weeks, so I have been busy filling the empty spaces on the wall of the gallery. When not working at the gallery, and bringing my work with me, I was working at home. But, the wall has made progress, and the spots I wanted filled are almost where I want them to be. It has been great! I am hoping this new year, and when season picks up again, in spring or summer, that sales go really well. Of course, that all depends on whether the gallery is still available or not. I am confident however, that even if that venue fails me, that many other doors will open, so I can further my success in this career. I am so happy with the turn of events that finally brought me here.

Now, as for the lottery, I had a few small takes at the end of the year, and am ready to bring in the final big check this year! I have not given up, and feel more hopeful than ever. Life is good, and I am planning on it being better. I fell success and wealth are only the beginning of my adventure for the rest of my life. So, I spend my time working hard on my art, at my sales, and on myself. For me, concentrating on losing cigarettes is one goal, and getting more fit is another. For my spirit self, it is all about becoming myself again. High spirited, happy, forgiving and kindness will become the forefront of all thoughts for me. It is a daily process, after spending so much time being sucked into the negative edges of life, it is time for the sun to shine again.

I have lots to do today as usual, but felt it was time to wish you all a wonderful new year, full of joy, hope and happiness, but mostly love! I do hope that no matter your religion, or ethnic background, that your holidays were bright, and full of gratitude and love for all your loved ones. I wish for you a year full of prosperity and new horizons. In short I wish nothing less for you than I wish for myself! Good will to all, and blessings abundant!

I am also posting some new artwork for you to see, still have not had time to download, new things. I really have been busy, but soon, I hope to be able to really download quite a few new items.  I do hope you enjoy it, you know, I changed my mind. I am going to post the latest sale on here for you to enjoy. It really is a fun painting, and a wonderful couple from Louisiana purchased it. so hoping you enjoy it as well. Sending out my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Peace And Quiet!

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What a great day! It is quiet, my day off, haven’t done much. Some laundry and a movie, updated a few more paintings in my shops. Once I am done blogging, it will be time for me to do some art for the rest of the day. Maybe a nice bubble bath, and some quiet meditation! It has been a wonderful week, feeling so uplifted every day. The world is at peace for me, with all the work I have been doing in my mind and spirit, it is just amazing what a short time of some good mental talk can do for the soul. The holidays are almost here, I was counting on winning Oprah’s favorite things to make Christmas presents possible, no work on that yet! If not the lottery would be nice, would really dress up the empty floor under my tree, all things said, the tree looks like a show stopper. Every day or evening, I turn it on, just to feel that glow from the lights fill me with thoughts of Santa and all good things that are Christmas. Whatever happens, I am looking forward to a great Christmas, and enjoying it in what ever fashion it shows itself this year!

I do hope for you and yours, that you are able to see family and friends, nothing warms the heart more than being with the ones you love. So far, no news that I will see mine, no matter what I hope we all have a holiday to remember. Hoping you get all the things you dream of, when your head hits the pillow at night. Hope all those wishes you made on your favorite star come true, and mostly I hope Santa (who ever he is to you), treats you abundantly, I am sure you deserve it!

Still trying to decide whether I want to paint or draw today, kind of in the mood for both. However, unless I get a clone of me or some extra arms, I will have to choose something. The weather today is quite nice, so I am enjoying the sun while it lasts. Apparently there is some more rain and snow on the way in the next couple of days, and being winter, the daytime is so much shorter. Seeing the sun in those brief moments is so refreshing. Definitely looking forward to some extra time off, and being able to do some art in a concentrated level. Slowly things seem to be coming into balance. Funny thing how that happened too. All I needed to do was slow down a little and I seen to be getting more done or at least appreciating all that I do get done. The pressure is off, and like seems so much happier again! No big lottery news, and the year is almost over, still waiting for the big win. The Baobao bags contest is almost over. I want to thank all of you who took the time to vote, but alas it does not look like enough votes to win. I have not given up, at the same time I am very happy for the ones in the lead. Their artwork is really nice, and all I can say is “Great Job!”  I am sure I will be on more often the next couple of weeks. Who knows weather permitting, maybe all winter. If all turns out as I dream, maybe forever! Ultimately, if I could work at home, and sell outside the home in a gallery and online, I would be blissfully happy for the rest of my life! Sending you all my love and happy thoughts for the day, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Adventures In The Smokies!

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Off we go on another adventure in The Smokies. Going back just about a week, the adventure begins on Saturday. I was leaving the Gallery and when I went to warm up my car, it would not start. It would click, not a series of clicks, just one click and then nothing. Over and over I tried to get her to start, but she was not having it. Two different people tried to jump start her for me, but no go. I called a friend of mine, and she was amazingly on her way that direction anyway, which was not ordinary at all. I called my boyfriend and after no answer for several tries, I finally got a call back from him. He was unable to answer, because his boss called to let him know, his shift at work had been canceled ( good thing too, because calling in to work is next to criminal, could lead to firing, very severe policies)! I texted another girlfriend as well to let her know my dilemma.

So the first girl friend shows up like two hours later, and it is cold temperatures are dropping and the snow is beginning to fall. We try to jump start her again, no avail. SO, off to my home to pick up my boyfriend, and off to the auto parts store for help. The man in the store seems to think it is a short, and my boss thought it was the solenoid. Back to work we go to find the short, one bare wire was found near the starter, we taped it up and still she would not start. The time is after nine pm, and we are all cold and tired and hungry, so we decide to call it a night. So, we go and spend the night at a hotel, my girlfriend works there and was forced to stay the night due to severe weather approaching, and her boss not wanting anyone to call in the next morning.

The nest morning we got up and went back to the auto parts store and purchased the solenoid for the car. We drove back to my stranded baby, and jumped the solenoid, and low and behold she started right up. After dropping off my friends car we returned home and he replaced the solenoid. She ran great!

Jump forward to this weekend, last night she started giving me grief, I went to start her up, and at first crank, just a click again. My heart dropped, I cranked her again, and she started right up. Well, that got me going, so I wondered, if the starter was also bad. Back to the auto parts store we go. The guy at the counter affirms my fears and says, normally they recommend you change both, well better late than never, right? So, I buy the starter and off we go. She is starting fine, and we decide it can wait till my day off, which is Sunday! She ran great last night and even this morning. At lunch my other friend, whom I had texted the week before, shows up at work and says she got my text that the car was not starting, too funny, I explained that was last Saturday, not today! So, she stayed and hung out for the afternoon, and when I am getting ready to go, I went out to start my car, take a guess what. you got it, she would not start, over and over I tried and she was not cranking. So, this girl friend offers to take me to the house to retrieve my boyfriend so he can fix the starter. On the way back to my car, my boss calls and he has found some one to fix the starter. We get back to the shop, and like 20 minutes later, she starts up like a charm! It was an adventurous day, and I laughed through it all, I had more fun today, than I have had in ages. Good news, my boss paid for the labor and I got to hang out with my girl. Plus I met two really nice people! The man who fixed the car came with his wife, and it turns out she is a landscape painter. I told her to bring some of her stuff to the gallery, if it is good, we could finally have another new artist to showcase. All and all, a great day, anyway, no news on the lottery just yet. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, where ever you are. Sending out my love as always, hoping your holidays are safe and beyond your wildest dreams, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Exciting News!

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Come one, come all, hear ye, hear ye! My day has finally arrived. I got an official e-mail from Baobao bags, my geometric sun is on display and ready to be voted on! I am sending out a cry for votes. Please help me by dropping by, click on the vote button and it will take you to the list of contestants. Find Geometric Sun, by dianasweederworks ( not quite the right spelling, lol) and vote for me. I know I have been telling you all about this for a while now, and the day has come. So, please, please, please vote for me! Thank you so much for your help, it is quick and simple and I would be so pleased to win this contest.

Also, for those of you waiting to hear about the bulldogs book. It also, has been completed! It is called Full Of Bull , the title I actually suggested, kind of cute, at least I think so. Anyway, it is all for the BCA Rescue Network, so go on and check it out. If you can, please buy one for the charity, and you get a great table topper book for you to enjoy with family and friends! So, great news all around and a great day for me. I am happy to share this news with you. The link is Thanks for checking it out!

Now, as for the lottery, no big win just yet, but I am on the edge of my seat. Any minute now, I can feel it. The big numbers will show up and I will be 36 million richer. Oh and I signed up for the Oprah gift give away too! I can’t wait to see that truck pull up with my gifts! I am bound and determined to have a Christmas this year!

Okay, now that we have all that out of the way. Just wanted to say, hoping you are having a wonderful day as well. Just keep the smiles coming and the faith at mach speed, all will be well. All the research I have been doing is really paying off, and I am feeling great and ready for all good things to come to pass.

Christmas is only 16 days away, hope the spirit is touching you and all that is good in your life is greater at this time of the year. Today has been such a great day, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, really! I know you all have things to do, please just take a moment out of your day to vote for my design and also to check out the bull dog book. Let me know what you think. Sending out my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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The Shining Light!

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Happy days and peaceful nights. I am happy to report that my journey into enlightenment, or higher spiritual thought or whatever you want to call it, is off to a good start. I really believe it started with the original blog to win the lottery, and it has already progressed so much farther than I expected. I feel so much lighter, so many burdens dissolving in the mists of my mind. I feel so up lifted, or brighter, if that makes any sense at all. It seems like every day another door or window opens to me. Everything from physical doors to spiritual doors, mental doors or windows, whatever the case may be. Slowly the past is disappearing in a real sense anyway. I am continuing to acknowledge its existence and pertinence in my life now, but in such a different light! The past is very relevant to my life right now, and not all of it is good. The more I read, and look into myself, I am beginning to realize that the only thing I am a victim of is myself. Bad things happen to everyone, but it does not have to be a snowball effect, unless that is, you decide it should be. I am working on taking those snowballs that come my way, and instead of creating an avalanche, making hot chocolate instead. I like that much better on a cold day. It seems that I have known it all along, but was unwilling to accept responsibility for my own actions. It was way to easy to blame some one else.

New days are dawning and a new horizon is fast approaching and I am really liking what I see so far. I feel so much lighter and brighter. Like a heavy burden has disappeared, and it has been replaced by a beacon. The light is so strong it is blinding, and the loss of weight is invigorating! I feel truly blessed and know in my heart that financial, mental, spiritual and physical freedom are just a blink away! Strange, how a simple thought or smile can really turn a world around! everything I read and educate myself with, also seems to be duplicated in my angel cards and tarot cards as well. It is really quite mind blowing!

On to other things, I have not received that big win just yet in the lottery, just waiting for the right number. I am thinking 36 mil is a good number! Have not painted in a few days, giving myself a break for a minute and doing some jewelry. It is something new to me, and it includes a passion of mine, which is recycling. As soon as I get some done I will share. Do not be discouraged however, more paintings are on the way. I just need to mix things up sometimes, it keeps me from getting stagnant. I have many more paintings in my mind, it seems that I must divide my other priorities and interests as well. All in the name of balance and self development. My physical self and spiritual self must also grow with me. My wish is to grow in all ways possible and to keep myself on track! Sending out my love to you all and those whom you love as well, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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