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How To Have Happier Dreams!

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Well, just a note about dreaming. I have been doing a lot of reading to help me with my spiritual growth, if you had read any of my blogs thus far, I have mentioned it. My goals this year seem to be quite simple. I want to win the lottery, be a successful artist and spiritually grow exponentially. Lots of writings show how to help with attitude, health, spiritual growth, mental illness and even dreaming. So for today, I just want to let you know how my little experiment is going. Taking this advice to heart I have started with working on my dreams. For the last few weeks (2 or 3 to be more specific), before I go to sleep, I have been practicing some of the techniques I have been hearing about.

It all starts with the white light technique.  If you aren’t a;;ready familiar with it, it is a visualization technique, that requires you to surround your self with a white light. It is supposed to help with healing, anxiety, depression, focus, meditation and as s shield to repel negative energy. The core root of this white light is Love. The white light represents, your love, God’s love, the love of the universe, karma or whatever face you wish to give it.  To be clear it is not about feeling butterflies or giddy, in that sense  the work it is not a feeling. Not a physical one anyway. To clarify, we feel with our bodies, minds or souls. This feeling is more of a soul feeling, it is more of a sense of peace, quiet, calm, that everything is going to be okay thing. Where you are walking along, no worries, happy in that quiet way, just enjoying the world, your life and all those around you.

Whether you believe in prayer or meditation or just taking time for yourself to quiet the craziness of the world this technique will work. It’s core revolves around focusing on your inner self, the subconscious, soul, spirit or again whatever you call it. Take a few minutes at night and focus on filling yourself, covering yourself or surrounding yourself with the white light. The amazing thing is, immediately you will feel a sense of peace and wholeness wash over you. For me, I pray and visualize myself being the white light, I believe in auras (to me that is just the spirit manifesting through the skin shell), so I picture my aura being a bright white, and then swirl in a bright green (for healing). Once done, I pray for good dreams, dreams filled with wisdom and meaning to get me through the next day.

I believe the spirit can see what we cannot, like tomorrow, so I want my dreams to give me guidance on how to deal with the issues of the next day. The good news is, I am feeling much better about my decisions through out the day, feeling better about situations I cannot control for the day, and my dreams have been very active, and good. No nightmares, no crazy stuff, you know the ones, where you go, what was that all about. For all you skeptics, first and foremost what can it hurt to try, especially if you are plagues by nasty nightmares. Second of all, scientific studies do show that you can learn languages while you sleep, and lots of other really wonderful things. So my thought is this, why not take the time to program your own mind to make you a better person in general, all while you sleep, without all the added pressure of the day around you! Love to hear what you think, if you do it, let us know what your technique is, and if you have questions, don’t be shy! Love always from me to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Melancholy Monday!

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Feeling a bit melancholy today! I know I mentioned it earlier, and actually had a better handle on it earlier. As the day passed and weakness set in, had to give into a few tears. You would be proud though, maybe ten minutes, and then I set my mind to looking at the bright side. Man, when that evil twin sets in at you, he is hard to drown out with that sweet angelic on (must be the quiet voice)! But, with any determination, that lucky angel will win! The hardest part is not letting nostalgia set in, it is one thing to reminisce over happy times and remember the good old days. Take the time to remember a lost friend or lover, but letting it take over, and thinking the good old days, are the only good days, well that is not healthy. For me, the hardest part is saying goodbye.  Goodbye to those faces, places and times. Goodbye to those feelings and familiarities. That is the hard part. Losing those warm fuzzy feelings with such fondness.

Then, the light bulb went on. Saying goodbye means saying hello, to a whole host of things. Many of which ( I am betting) will be even better than the things left behind! I keep envisioning myself lighter, some clothes in a knapsack, and my art supplies and artwork. Heading out into a sunset of unknowns. No furniture, no baggage, just me a the few necessities. It feels so good. Not sure, how much I will liquidate in the end, could be I am just over simplifying things. No worries though, still got a minute or two to get all my ducks in a row. So, while I twiddle away the hours tonight not sleeping ( apparently, this has me going, insomnia is on the menu tonight), I will be working out a plan. Not sure how much of a plan, but the beginnings are for tonight! Wish me luck, lots to sort out.

Little early for the lottery, so no news there, just yet! Hopefully tonight will be my night. I am definitely ready for some big changes. Been thinking about, finding a charity to work with, and cooking too! Lucky for me, there is a lot of talents to choose from. Just sad it is not my art just yet, been waiting my whole life for this moment. Yet, once again, the rug gets ripped out, and now I am not sure, if I will have to wait again. Hopefully it will not be for long, it really is the only sanity I have. Wishing you a blessed night night, full of happy dreams. Hoping your tomorrow is even better than today, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Hopefully sleep will come to you, in a more timely fashion than it did for me! All my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*



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The White Light!

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Well, it seems no matter where I look the white light of love is everywhere. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. I have been doing a lot of spiritual work lately. Everything from self help reading about positive attraction, books on Angels, spirituality, psychic abilities, etc…Today, I watched a recorded Oprah about a little boy who attacked his mother. It was a riveting story about a little boy who was diagnosed with mental illness, after years of problems with mood swings, aggressive behavior, and anger issues. The thing that got me is that he is using the technique of surrounding himself with the white light to keep him from the negative energy that makes him do negative things (his words ). I was shocked! Really, funny how when, I set myself on a path, it seems everywhere I look, I see the same messages over and over again. Every book, I have been reading, every show on TV, every time I try to investigate some new idea, to help myself grow. The answer lately, with out fail, is surrounding yourself with the white light and keep all thoughts positive! Sorry, just had to share. I think some one is trying to tell me something. Just kidding, I get it and have been working on it. I can honestly say for me it is working very well! I think I was shocked, that it would also work with people with mental illness, but very happy it does. Makes me wonder how powerful is this thing?

Okay, skip over, no work yesterday, been reading mostly. Tried a few times to focus on drawing or even crocheting ( I did manage to start a crochet project, but not what I wanted). So, now today, it looks cold and dark and gloomy, I will do my best to try again, or as the little boy from Oprah says, “Don’t try, just do!” So, off I go to do something, and what ever I do will be what I am meant to do. End of that!

No big lottery win. Just saying. It is all good, I know it will arrive one day, the fleet of ships I am waiting for! The day it does, this life of mine will be explosive, for now I continue to work hard and prepare myself for that day! Sending out my love to you and all you love, sincerely, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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