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Candles And Clouds!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on October 3, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

What a peaceful day! Today it is cloudy out, one of those notorious fall days, that threatens, rain or snow, but really doesn’t do much. The wind is cool and strong, and the windows are now three quarters of the way closed. In an effort to help keep the house at a nice cool temperature, I ran to all the rooms and lit a candle. The ceiling fans are off, nice fresh air gently flowing through the curtains and the romantic glow of candles all around! It is so wonderful. After this blog session, it is off to The Dome, by Steven King, and a wonderfully hot bubble bath to complete this tranquility I feel all around me. Then it will be off to painting more on the sunflower canvas and possibly some baking. Some wonderful fall baking to fill the house with warmth and wonderful aromatic scents! I could not ask for a more perfect day!

In the news, little joke, I did not win the lottery this weekend. I do have an appointment tomorrow with the clinic to get my tooth looked at. Hopefully that will go well, and I will be on the way to recovery. Time will tell. Mental note to myself, I need to get some more candles this week, fall is really here, and I love candles in the fall and winter, helps to heat the house and makes every room smell so great!

In other news, seems all the peeps (people in my life) are having a quiet weekend as well. My phone has been quiet all day, and I am looking forward to it staying that way for the rest of the night. Rest is in order and on the schedule! I do have a few ideas for some blogs, not sure when I will squeeze them in, but seeing as I have missed some days in the past, I guess this will make up for some of them. I do hope you are enjoying the weather where you are as much as I am. If not, take faith, tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity to make it special for you!

Tomorrow, I really have to go through my prints, hopefully there will be some sunshine, and get a few together, so I can send one into the art contest I told you about earlier this week.  The deadline is tomorrow. So, I really do have to get busy. So much to do, I really need to get myself better organized, so I can make my goals happen. My new challenge for the week. I have been spreading myself way too thin. Time to accept that work may not happen as soon as I would like it to, and get busy working on the one thing that brings me joy! Working on my art and making money at it. Stick to one goal and make it happen. There are no maybes for me now,I have no choice. I have tried the conventional ways of doing work. But, because of my age and the economy, what worked before is not working now. New plans for a new day! I need to make time work for me, instead of me working to make time! I should know better, but when stress happens, logic seems to be the first thing to go. Panic sets in and rational thinking flies out the window! It is time to remake my life, the old ways are not relevant, new ways are the wave of the future. The sooner I get that stuck in my mind the better off I will be. The universe has finally beat it home, and my brain finally clicked. I get it.

Sending you my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Art Is Food For The Soul!

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I am still working on the sunflower painting, hopefully I will be done today or tomorrow. It should be obvious that I did not make it to the art show today. My tooth is killing me again, so I am trying to heal up, in the hopes that I can avoid another bill, and save the tooth. We shall see. So many things on my mind right now, so many choices before me, and not clear answers  on which way to turn. Time is running out and choices will have to be made. The crazier it gets the more I immerse myself in my art. Both to keep myself calm and feel the happiness art brings me and to trigger those problem solving skills that are definitely right brain activities. Like art which is right brain, problem solving skills are also right brain. I can honestly say that my biggest obstacle is fear. I do not trust myself to make the right decision, it seems so many of my choices have led to more problems. I am tired now and am seeking relief. Unfortunately, that does not mean my struggles are over, wanting something and getting it are generally two different beasts!

At this point in my life caution is definitely the rule of the day. Impulsiveness, which has always been my way, is now retired, and that worries me as well. Because, the truth of it is that sometimes being impulsive can lead to good things. I feel like I am taking a huge exam, and this one could change my life forever, for good or ill. It is a timed test and time is running out, so a choice has to be made, and I do not know the right answer. Today I will paint, and hope, and pray that somehow in all of this I can find my answer, and that the answer I choose is the right one! Searching my soul, my heart and my mind, while I work to complete my newest artwork. I will work also to find the answer to the next path I choose in life. Wish me luck ( the good kind), I need it!

Time is ticking away at me, and I have lots to do before the sun sets for the day. The lottery jack pot is not mine as of yet, and I have been working on a thought to do some good in this world, while I can. I truly want to give back in some way, since money has ever been a hardship for me, I must find another way. A plan has been formulating in my mind for quite sometime, and I must fix on it and make it happen. As I work out the smaller details and move forward I will be sharing with you, it does have to do with charity, and there are several that are dear to my heart.  I believe my choices are at hand, and my wishes for my destiny in art are not about me, but to help others with the gift I have been given. Send me your good will, and I will work hard on making you proud to know me. That I can promise! Sending you all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Working For WonderWorks!

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Wow, what a long week and weekend it has been! I have been at the Art Show in Pigeon Forge this weekend, it was really hot and humid outside! Cars, cars, cars, everywhere, old ones, new ones, beat up ones, polished ones, vintage cars, souped up cars, chopped cars, just so many cars it is not even easy to explain. This weekend was the Rod Run weekend, if you had not already guessed. If you have been here during Rod Run, you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t there really is nothing to compare it to, that I can explain, it is car craziness gone wild! Anyway, even with all the people out in force, I made no sales, so sad. After the last few days, I am beat!

Still trying to get rid of the abscessed tooth, still  sore from working the banquets, and the girly thing has arrived as well. So, I am a sleepy girl for sure! Anyway, I did (as usual) meet some really fun people! There was one booth out there this weekend, father and son team, that made knives. The knives were so unique and really cool. He had knives made out of tire irons, crescent wrenches, railroad spikes, all kinds of remade items turned into knives, it was really cool. I love it when people take something with one use and turn it around into something completely different. They were a wonder to look at. I am ready for a day of relaxation, but I have tons of computer work to catch up on. I am going to do my best to pace myself, so that I can rest too. I know a lot of people have been calling the last few days, so I am sure my phone will be busy. It will have to be short and sweet however, too many of them and not enough time for all of them today, I am sorry to say. I have been so very busy lately, it is funny, I mean where does the time go?

I need to do some artwork today too, I am missing it. Been so very busy working on all kinds of other stuff, I have not had time to do my art. So some how, some way starting today and this week for sure, I am working on some art projects. I do feel the need to paint something, maybe a drawing too, not really sure yet. I guess it all depends on how well, the creative juices flow, and how well I can interpret them! No big lottery news, I am still the broke girl you all love and remember, but I have not given up my dream to win this year! Keep you posted as always. Now, off to some more rest, housework, artwork and whatever else I can do, and still have some relaxation in my day! All my love to you and yours today, have fun, rest, and above all stay safe, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Smiling On The Inside!

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Well, today I actually have a job to do. The Temp Service I signed up with is sending me to do banquet work today and tomorrow. Oh and on Monday I went to meet a man about a job as well, that one is sales, no pay commission only, better get my game on for that one if he calls. He did call yesterday to let me know I would not be hearing from him till Monday. Anyway, in the mean time, I have this banquet to serve at the next two days, and to make things just the right amount of fun, the Cosmos has decided that now would be a great time to have an abscessed tooth! It started last night, and I found a few penicillin to take, which helped me get some sleep last night, the joke is this morning, my face is swollen! The left side of my face and jaw is all puffy and it is making it hard to move my face, you know, like to smile and talk.

I actually find this hysterical, and only have two choices to laugh like a mad woman or cry. I have been trying to find a job so long, and finally get a little nibble and this is what I have to go through. It is crazy. Wish me luck, I can’t call in or they won’t send me to other work, and I can’t go to the dentist, too broke for that. I have to hope beyond hope that I can get this tooth under control, until I can find some gainful employment. I hope that some how I can relay a smile at this job so that they think I am friendly, how much does that stink! Having a server who looks like she would rather be some where else! Which I do even now, and I am at home still! If I knew some one with pliers, I would let them rip it out for me, it hurts so bad right now!

So, the goal for my day is paint a smile on, if I can’t make my mouth make on naturally and hope for the best. My eyes are smiling, but most people are not observant enough for that. They tend to go the obvious route and look at your smile, hopefully I can pull it off!

If I have enough energy and anything exciting to share I will update you later today, otherwise my goals after work will be simple. Probably more brushing of the teeth, mouthwash and maybe a nap to get myself rested to deal with this infection. If I am lucky I will be able to do some artwork, that was my goal yesterday and I got nothing done, my face hurt too much to concentrate on anything! Hopefully today will be better, pray hard if you do, or wish my happy thoughts if you don’t I need it! Lots of love to you all, hoping you are having a good day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Running At Mach Speed!

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How do I do it? I am running like a crazy person, just trying to keep up with my own life. Honestly, right now I am exhausted, I think I need a nap! If I nap, how do I catch up? Ever have one of those minutes in your life? Wow, what a day, what a weekend. So, sorry to be away, been at the art show for two days. It was not very financially lucrative however. But, as always, I meet lots of good people and learn all kinds of new stuff. I did sell one print, the one posted actually. I almost sold a braided bracelet, but as luck would have it, the one day I don’t bring my work basket with me, some one actually wanted a special order, hummmm. She said she would come back on Saturday, but she was a no show! I won’t do that again, have to make sure to bring everything next weekend! This weekend was The Shades of the Past weekend, it is a car show here in Pigeon Forge. It is the smaller of the two that come here, but by no means is it a small turn out. Town is packed, and most of these folks will stay over till next weekend when Rod Run, does their thing next weekend. Lots of old and new cars, mostly of the muscle car, and antique era, but there are also tons of great looking cars of every variety, including hand made and newer versions of cars and trucks. It is a wonder for the eyes for sure. If you can’t find at least 10 cars you don’t wish you had at home, you are not looking!

So, I am gearing up for next weekend, lots to do, plus I have to do a temporary banquet on Wednesday and Thursday! I am feeling too plump for my clothes, way to much time without a job and not enough money to keep me running around like I am used to. My friend Sherry became a grandmother again this weekend, another beautiful grand-daughter, congratulations to her! Just checked my lottery for this weekend, no big win yet, but I am not giving up my dream to win it this year! Today, I have been busy cooking and baking. I made three pans of lasagna, a cake, sausage gravy and biscuits, cut up some melon for later and did three loads of laundry, plus did the shopping and filled the gas tank, and filled and ran the dishwasher. I am tired and sore right now. I need to rest for a little bit. Then I am going to list a few more things in my shops and do some more artwork! Got a lot done today and need to do a lot more. Wish me luck on all accounts.

Have to catch up on my blogging as well, I have been neglecting it, so much going on lately. Guess I will have to do some extra blogging today and this week to make up for my slacking. Hoping you all had a fun filled weekend. Sending out my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Butterflies, Soaring High!

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Well, as promised, I am finished with the butterfly drawing. Not exactly what I wanted, but still very pretty. I am posting the pictures as promised, I am putting on more than a couple, just so I can show you some close ups of the butterflies, they look so nice. Amazing really considering they were done with marker! No job offers yet, still holding out hope on that. Haven’t won the lottery yet, and I have to rush and see if I can still use this picture for the Lupus fundraiser. But, first things first, for those of you waiting patiently to see what I have been working on for weeks. Keep in mind the paper is 18″ x 24″, and each butterfly is over 2 ” square, or some where close to that, up to 3″ square. Nice weather out today, stormy earlier in the day and not as hot as it has been lately. Looking forward to another cool night with fresh air coming in the windows! My favorite kind of weather! Lots of love to you all, would love to hear your thoughts on anything said, or on the drawing I worked so hard to finish. Love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Back In The Saddle Again!

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So, I disappeared for a few days, lots to catch up on. Friday, I waited all day to get news on my car to share with you, finally at 5:15 pm it came. The call I have been waiting two weeks for. Rick (the service station owner) says ” I think we got it.” They close at 6 pm so I had to call a cab right way, just to get to his station, before closing time.The first cab service I called was in shift change, so they would not have any drivers available till 6 pm or later! Ouch, panic starts to creep in, so I ask the lady if everyone in town is in shift change, and she starts to hyme and haw around. Finally she suggests a man, who is starting his own cab service, just an older man, retired, trying like so many of us to find a way to make some money to get by. She gives me his number and he just happens to be about 5 minutes from my house! Huge sigh of relief!

Off we go to get my Ford, the shop is only about 7 minutes from my house. We talk about how his business is going and talk about my adventure with the repairs on my car. Talking is really so much faster than typing, for me anyway! It cost me $10 dollars to get there and off he went. We find Rick and he starts up the car for me, she is running great, no leaks or anything. I was so very happy, I asked him how much and he says nothing for now. He wants me to take her out and drive her for the weekend and make sure we got her right this time! What a relief (now you understand why I have not been on here), so off I go to give her a chance to run errands all weekend, and make sure she is going to be okay! She did great by the way. I made up for all the grocery shopping I have not been able to do and got the cupboards full again, went and grabbed a bite to eat away from home, sent out eBay orders that needed to go out, tons of stuff that needed to be done. It was nice, even had time to visit with some friends, I had a good weekend, it is so nice, not being grounded any more.

In other news, I did not get the big jack pot in the lottery ( but in a way, it was just as nice to get my car back). I have not been online all weekend, so I have not been able to do any listings online, that is a job for today. I did not do the art show, so busy catching things up at home. I am STILL working on the butterfly drawings, and I am doing house work and laundry today. Plus, I need to put applications online today, and renew my quest to find gainful employment, more on that later. Hoping you had a happy, fun and safe weekend! Sending out my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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