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Memoirs Of Second Knowledge!

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Just putting it out there. Since I was a child, I have had an ability to know tings that should not be known. Skeptics can say it is coincidence, I however disagree. For it to be a coincidence, it would have to be far less frequent and inaccurate. Case in point, going through a break up is always hard, for me it is really hard. For whatever reason I always know the real reason things are happening, so when they try to lie their way out or say I am just imagining things, it does not work. What I see are facts, and when they hit hit with the facts, when I finally say this is exactly what you did yesterday, they seem confused and shocked. Shortly followed with a response something to the effect of “That is so weird!” or “How do you know that?” or “Who told you that, do you have people watching me?”. Funny how the truth comes out if you force it. Funny how I have to give a detailed description of what I see, to paint them into a corner they can’t get out of. The worst part is the lying, I despise being lied too. So, while they preach they want to be friends, how can anyone be friends with a liar? Anyway, today was one of those days, I was forced in my mind to make the record straight. He needed to know lying was not helping him through this situation, and so today, the record was made clear. More than probably it will freak him out, but at least he will either not say anymore, or just be honest when he talks to me. For me, being lied to is a very hurtful thing, and to have that over will be a great relief. The truth can hurt, but it is easier to deal with than falsehoods.

Been doing a lot of study on this of late. I am not sure if it is psychic, or what name goes to seeing and hearing things that are not in front of you. I know it is a gift I have, I know it happens daily, I know it is real. I just don’t have a name for it and not sure how to be in control of it more, or how to use it in a way that feels like helpfulness to others. Many people seem very taken aback by it, scared, freaked out or just curious about it, very few seem to understand and respect it. Funny gift to have, since it seems to be so secretive a subject, even taboo in many people’s minds. Hopefully my search will give me a greater understanding of myself, and how to best use this gift to make my life and others lives better.

Next comment, know I did not win the lottery last night and no I do not have the ability to see the numbers yet! Never know, it could happen, but pretty sure the handbook has rules against just handing out lottery numbers to psychics. When I get the handbook, I will let you know for sure! Been reading a lot the last few days, and t has helped me with the personal struggles I am going through. A friend gave me some Sylvia Browne books, they are very interesting, and I hope will be helpful in me finding more about myself. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend and sending you my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Birthdays And Goodbyes!

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So, here we go again, hopefully for the last time. Moving can’t come any sooner for me! My birthday was on the 6th of this month and I had hoped for a wonderful day. Not saying I did not have a good time, just saying that it was more like a roller coaster ride than anything. A friend of mine ( not so much anymore) wanted to take me out for lunch. She come and picked me up, told me to get whatever I wanted, and then when the chack came acted alarmed about how much it was. Being the considerate friend I am, I offered to help, needless to say I paid for my lunch ( not in the budget, with moving pressing on my mind), Then she decided we should go to her favorite store where she proceeded to buy a cart full of clothes and other stuff and wanted me to loan her money to pay for it all! I put down the one thing I had in my hand, and she managed to cover everything, it just put a damper on the day for me. Once home I proceeded to tell my other friends and boyfriend ( who says we are broken up, but hasn’t acted in the least like we are), gets a text and I see a woman on his phone, when I said something, he pulled the phone away and tried to blow it off. Really!? So, strike two for my birthday. Later that evening, my sweet friend showed up and she took me out to eat and to a movie, on her, and brought me a card and an Ivy plant (very nice). My other friends bought the cake. So, to sum it up one person took my money, another took my heart and my real friends did what they could to salvage a really crazy birthday! To all my friends that texted me, commented on my sites and the ones who tried to make it a wonderful day, I say “Thank You!”!

Okay now on to other things. No big lottery jackpot just yet, I think I earned it this week though (to the supreme beings “Hello, it is really my turn!”), so I went and picked up my tickets today. Wish me luck! I have not painted in a few weeks or done any drawings. I am catching up on my reading, have to give the books back to my friends, before I move. My baby girl has been calling and she sounds good. My oldest daughter has also been calling and she sounds wonderful as ever. All in all, life is good, just a few hiccups!

Now, American Idol, wow, what a shocker! Not sure what to think of the votes for this week. I do realize all but one has to go, just real surprised that Pia went so quickly! It was a crazy show. But, I stick to my guns, many of these contestants will have major contracts and we will be seeing more of them. There are just too many good ones this time. So, to the remaining participants “Good Luck, and See You In The BIG TIME!)!

To all of you, hope life is giving as much as you need and hopefully more. I miss you all, and send my love to you and all the people you love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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First Snow And Sale!

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Today was full of excitement and unexpected things. For starters, not long after I arrived at the gallery today, it started snowing! Beautiful, it was so relaxing and enjoyable to watch it fall to the ground. Being this time of year, it promptly melted. For me, it made my day, and really made me feel like the holiday s are coming swiftly. The weather forecast, the one I saw yesterday morning said the rain would pass through by noon. A little off, I am thinking, it definitely was not rain, and it lasted on and off all day long. A big surprise for everyone I talked to today.

Today I also had the opportunity to make my first sale on my own art. I will post the painting I sold. It was really funny. It was three people, two women and one man. I introduced myself, as I always do, and sent them off to enjoy the artwork. They stopped feet from me in front of the wood paintings I did and went crazy over the two sea turtle paintings I had done. One of the women turns to me and says “Funny, I just mentioned to him, when we were coming in that I wanted to find something with a sea turtle on it and here it is!” She was so excited, they asked me if I could sign it for them to her son. Which I said I would, and she asked me to enclose a business card for him and also give her one too, for future reference! I was so very happy! I have made barely any sales all week, so no money for me, and today I sold one of my own. Not a big priced item, but cash in my pocket none the less. It was a good day. I have to take the sea turtle off the storefronts tonight.

Lots to do, I have to make some more artwork for the gallery, even though I don”t have the money to frame anything or matte it. But, at least it will be ready when I have the money to do it. So, I have to get busy. I did not win the lottery last night, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for tonight! Maybe, my luck will carry through all evening.I took my vitamins and B-12 complex and some coffee to wake up. I was so beat when I came home, I needed to boost up. Now that the energy is picking up, it is time to get some things accomplished.Take care, and have a wonderful weekend, I will keep you updated on anything new or interesting that pops up, love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Hitching A Ride On The Sleepy Train!

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Working For WonderWorks!

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Wow, what a long week and weekend it has been! I have been at the Art Show in Pigeon Forge this weekend, it was really hot and humid outside! Cars, cars, cars, everywhere, old ones, new ones, beat up ones, polished ones, vintage cars, souped up cars, chopped cars, just so many cars it is not even easy to explain. This weekend was the Rod Run weekend, if you had not already guessed. If you have been here during Rod Run, you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t there really is nothing to compare it to, that I can explain, it is car craziness gone wild! Anyway, even with all the people out in force, I made no sales, so sad. After the last few days, I am beat!

Still trying to get rid of the abscessed tooth, stillĀ  sore from working the banquets, and the girly thing has arrived as well. So, I am a sleepy girl for sure! Anyway, I did (as usual) meet some really fun people! There was one booth out there this weekend, father and son team, that made knives. The knives were so unique and really cool. He had knives made out of tire irons, crescent wrenches, railroad spikes, all kinds of remade items turned into knives, it was really cool. I love it when people take something with one use and turn it around into something completely different. They were a wonder to look at. I am ready for a day of relaxation, but I have tons of computer work to catch up on. I am going to do my best to pace myself, so that I can rest too. I know a lot of people have been calling the last few days, so I am sure my phone will be busy. It will have to be short and sweet however, too many of them and not enough time for all of them today, I am sorry to say. I have been so very busy lately, it is funny, I mean where does the time go?

I need to do some artwork today too, I am missing it. Been so very busy working on all kinds of other stuff, I have not had time to do my art. So some how, some way starting today and this week for sure, I am working on some art projects. I do feel the need to paint something, maybe a drawing too, not really sure yet. I guess it all depends on how well, the creative juices flow, and how well I can interpret them! No big lottery news, I am still the broke girl you all love and remember, but I have not given up my dream to win this year! Keep you posted as always. Now, off to some more rest, housework, artwork and whatever else I can do, and still have some relaxation in my day! All my love to you and yours today, have fun, rest, and above all stay safe, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Crazy Days And Sleepy Nights!

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Been so very busy the last few days! So much going on and nothing at the same time. As I mentioned the other day I worked a couple of banquets this week. One on Wednesday and another on Thursday! I was tore up tired, my neck and arm are still really bad, spent the last few nights, on a heating pad and ice packs. Plus, I have been nursing that abscessed tooth I mentioned earlier this week. It has been crazy for sure. I liked working the banquets, just wish my body was nicer to me, I mean I have to work. It just seems I get beat up so badly any more. It is a real catch 22. Wishing it was different doesn’t seem to help, it just gets worse and worse. This getting older thing is not much fun! I met a lot of really cool people and as is the norm these days, a couple of negative types as well. Too bad really, I am thinking they could be really fun to be with, if they could only lose those winy and bitchy attitudes.

I mean one of the women was a real no it all type. Here she is a temp working with a temp service. She not only asked how things were done at this business, she followed up by asking why they did not do it the way she was used to doing things. She just kept on and on about how many years she had been doing banquets, but how this place was doing it wrong. Nothing made sense to her. But the kicker is she knew she was making the supervisor mad, and in her reality, thought it was because she was asking questions. Not the fact that she was in reality questioning the supervisor, big difference as far as I can tell. She then was trying to recruit the rest of us to take sides. I guess, in her planet in those two days, she thought she would be able to pull off a mini mutiny on the bounty kind of thing! I found it all rather humorous. Of course if you know me at all, in person or through here, you may have figured out, that I find humor in all kinds of situations. So, she made the mistake of asking everyone at the table (we were polishing silverware at the time, which by the way she thought was the wrong way to do that activity as well), and everyone else seemed afraid to answer so I said “You know the way I figure it, everyone has their own way of doing things. I don’t care if they tell me to bend over and stick it up my rear, if I want paid, that is what I am going to do, no arguments from me!” Well, she shut up after that, since no one else came to her defense and every one laughed at my retort. Thinking maybe, I am not on her best friends list, oh well, to each his own.

Now of course, I really would shove silverware up my arss, not quite the word I used, but you get the point. But it is the principle, if it bugs you so much, go home! Otherwise shut it and do the job required! Tough words, but well understood, I would think in an economy, where finding work is not the easiest prospect. Anyway, that was my last two days, I will have to catch up with the rest of the weekend later. Sending all my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Running At Mach Speed!

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How do I do it? I am running like a crazy person, just trying to keep up with my own life. Honestly, right now I am exhausted, I think I need a nap! If I nap, how do I catch up? Ever have one of those minutes in your life? Wow, what a day, what a weekend. So, sorry to be away, been at the art show for two days. It was not very financially lucrative however. But, as always, I meet lots of good people and learn all kinds of new stuff. I did sell one print, the one posted actually. I almost sold a braided bracelet, but as luck would have it, the one day I don’t bring my work basket with me, some one actually wanted a special order, hummmm. She said she would come back on Saturday, but she was a no show! I won’t do that again, have to make sure to bring everything next weekend! This weekend was The Shades of the Past weekend, it is a car show here in Pigeon Forge. It is the smaller of the two that come here, but by no means is it a small turn out. Town is packed, and most of these folks will stay over till next weekend when Rod Run, does their thing next weekend. Lots of old and new cars, mostly of the muscle car, and antique era, but there are also tons of great looking cars of every variety, including hand made and newer versions of cars and trucks. It is a wonder for the eyes for sure. If you can’t find at least 10 cars you don’t wish you had at home, you are not looking!

So, I am gearing up for next weekend, lots to do, plus I have to do a temporary banquet on Wednesday and Thursday! I am feeling too plump for my clothes, way to much time without a job and not enough money to keep me running around like I am used to. My friend Sherry became a grandmother again this weekend, another beautiful grand-daughter, congratulations to her! Just checked my lottery for this weekend, no big win yet, but I am not giving up my dream to win it this year! Today, I have been busy cooking and baking. I made three pans of lasagna, a cake, sausage gravy and biscuits, cut up some melon for later and did three loads of laundry, plus did the shopping and filled the gas tank, and filled and ran the dishwasher. I am tired and sore right now. I need to rest for a little bit. Then I am going to list a few more things in my shops and do some more artwork! Got a lot done today and need to do a lot more. Wish me luck on all accounts.

Have to catch up on my blogging as well, I have been neglecting it, so much going on lately. Guess I will have to do some extra blogging today and this week to make up for my slacking. Hoping you all had a fun filled weekend. Sending out my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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