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Another Minute To Go!

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Well, been busy lately. Looking for work, trying to get in shape, catch up on projects, deal with unemployment(still up in the air), promote work as an artist, and dividing what time I have left for myself, family and friends, it has been super fun and super charged! Now, apparently, came in contact with a bug, seems like I am catching a cold. Oh well, flu season abounds,so time to hydrate and prevent it from taking hold. Making some tea now, and maybe a nap on the way! Want to work on a painting I started a few years ago, of course as usual, it will show up here when I get it done. However be patient, it is a big canvas, it could be a while!

Just a quick update on my friend Kim, she is recovering, however it will be a tough ride. She is paralyzed, and will have to have extensive therapy, and mental and emotional strength (the doctors have basically told her, she will not walk again)! Tough job for her and hard on her mother who must now take care of her and five children, For her it will take all her strength to keep herself focused and prove those doctors wrong

Went out twice yesterday for a hike, took pics as always. Feels so good to be able to take these long walks now, and know it does not cause me any discomfort. I am not working so money is tight, but there is a path down the street from me, so I can do that, just leg work. Fills two purposes for me, maybe three, no cost, fitness and my artistic urges too! So the pics on here to day are from that walk. Hope you enjoy them, it was a wonderful day.

Slowly, projects are getting done, and more seem to open up in front of me. But, it is good it keeps me focused and does not give me time to dwell on any negativity in my life. I am determined to get caught up. I am determined to make a lot of money and create the life I always wanted with ex’s, the difference now, is I won’t have to share it, lol. All for me! A new Year, a New Life and  new Way of living. I am eady for the goodthings I always dreamed of. I am ready to be all I can be and am working very hard on all levels to accomplish it. Fixing my body, my thoughts, my spirit, my finances, my social and family obligations. I do hope all that know me will be patient while I work extra hard and making it all happen. Those who really love me will want me to have all I want, and in return I hope to help them get all they want.

Okay, the last of my updates for today, are lottery, and as of today, The check has not arrived. But it is in the mail I am sure of it. I am very excited and energized, and good thing too. I have a lot to do! Sending you my love as always, to you and all you love as well. Hoping this is a glorious year for you too, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Back To Beginnings!

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Having a great day! Just got in from another sunset hike. No mountains to climb today, just mountains to photograph! Anyway, we went off to the White River Trail, in or around Ossippee, New Hampshire. We had a wonderful time, lots of really get stop offs from the trail to take photos, from many angles of the mountains. It was a perfect day in so many respects, the sky was generally clear a few patchy clouds, great for picking up some beautiful colors for the sunset. The temperature was in the forties, with only a hint of a breeze. So very comfortable to hike in, the ground in most areas was really dry and in some spots even frozen. Though there were a few spots, where the ground was wet and soggy, these areas were easy to get around or side step.

Wondering through the trees, and watching the sky change all around me was memorizing, I was walking along, feeling overwhelmed, by the colors of the sky and the lake, the more I walked the more at peace I felt. The one thing I got from this day, was a reassuring calm, brought on by the fact that my life in so many ways, has traveled around full circle. The last time I was this at peace with who I am and where I was going was before I head out to start my life in Florida. Just a teenager at the time, but spending all my free time, hiking through trails in the woods, talking to my friends, enjoying nature and the universe around me. Always aware the I was so small and insignificant, but at the same time the opposite, so important and necessary to the whole picture! I feel filled with awe and peace, joy and contentment, love and wonder, and a surety that I am exactly where I am meant to be, right now.

So many new ideas, and so many old ones, all merging and converging into a hazy, but definite picture. From where I sit, it is looking good too! I feel like, I am waking from a long dream, some of it glorious, and some of it treacherous, but all of it brought me right back to the beginning. A little older, definitely wiser and happier than ever! Sending you and your families all kinds of love and joy for this special holiday season this year. Please do enjoy the pictures from today’s  hike. Wishing you all the best. Love….diana

PS. Haven’t got that winning lottery ticket just yet, but keep your eyes peeled, you will hear from me soon with the good news!!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Been A Minute!

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Black And White Sun Life!

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Well, welcome to a new day, full of fun and surprises.I finished my black and white sun. It is now posted on all my links, so here it is for you to see. I will be sure to post my links on here if it is something you are interested in. Hoping your hump day hasn’t got the best of you. Remember Friday is only two days away! Ironically my life is mirroring my print of the day. By so many, for so many years I have been referred to as sunshine! This could be part of my liking for suns, don’t really know for sure, never really thought about it. I do love the sun, it’s beauty, ability to enable life and death, it’s use to mean a happy upbeat personality and many more reasons. I do relate to the sun, because of my personality and spiritual beliefs as well, and it’s awesome power. Today, this particular one relates to my life being black or white and how the combination of the two can create outstanding beauty.

It appears that my life as I know it, is going through yet another big change. I felt it coming and even suspected the out come. Yet, the change I was expecting at this time was not the one that came. The change that did come, I had expected not to arrive for some time to come. SO there you are and there you have it! I had hoped that my art would start to flourish, and that the relationships in my life would be stable for a while. How ever, it seems that the art is still slow moving and relationships in my world have spun out of control. This is a disappointment to say the least. It seems no matter how hard I try to connect with people, they either want too much, or want to give so little. In either case it seems I am always the one having to give. The few long term friends I do have, I cherish with my life for sure. Good friends truly are hard to find! So, to me this means, it is once again time to move on to the next phase of connections in my world, say goodbye to some, hang on to a few and meet many more possible prospects. It is funny, so today I will work on some art, and if I can muster the energy, I will call my oldest friends and get some good advice on the best strategy and some good old fashioned heart felt prayers, to help me get to the next goal.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will work on a few more t-shirt prints and see how that goes. I have a few ideas, not sure if I have enough time to do all I see in my head. I will as usual do all I can, even if I have to lose some sleep to reach my goal and get them all done! Hope you like the print today, I really do. It is very eye popping (the way I like my art). Hoping your week is going great! Sending out all my love to you again, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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