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Birthdays And Goodbyes!

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So, here we go again, hopefully for the last time. Moving can’t come any sooner for me! My birthday was on the 6th of this month and I had hoped for a wonderful day. Not saying I did not have a good time, just saying that it was more like a roller coaster ride than anything. A friend of mine ( not so much anymore) wanted to take me out for lunch. She come and picked me up, told me to get whatever I wanted, and then when the chack came acted alarmed about how much it was. Being the considerate friend I am, I offered to help, needless to say I paid for my lunch ( not in the budget, with moving pressing on my mind), Then she decided we should go to her favorite store where she proceeded to buy a cart full of clothes and other stuff and wanted me to loan her money to pay for it all! I put down the one thing I had in my hand, and she managed to cover everything, it just put a damper on the day for me. Once home I proceeded to tell my other friends and boyfriend ( who says we are broken up, but hasn’t acted in the least like we are), gets a text and I see a woman on his phone, when I said something, he pulled the phone away and tried to blow it off. Really!? So, strike two for my birthday. Later that evening, my sweet friend showed up and she took me out to eat and to a movie, on her, and brought me a card and an Ivy plant (very nice). My other friends bought the cake. So, to sum it up one person took my money, another took my heart and my real friends did what they could to salvage a really crazy birthday! To all my friends that texted me, commented on my sites and the ones who tried to make it a wonderful day, I say “Thank You!”!

Okay now on to other things. No big lottery jackpot just yet, I think I earned it this week though (to the supreme beings “Hello, it is really my turn!”), so I went and picked up my tickets today. Wish me luck! I have not painted in a few weeks or done any drawings. I am catching up on my reading, have to give the books back to my friends, before I move. My baby girl has been calling and she sounds good. My oldest daughter has also been calling and she sounds wonderful as ever. All in all, life is good, just a few hiccups!

Now, American Idol, wow, what a shocker! Not sure what to think of the votes for this week. I do realize all but one has to go, just real surprised that Pia went so quickly! It was a crazy show. But, I stick to my guns, many of these contestants will have major contracts and we will be seeing more of them. There are just too many good ones this time. So, to the remaining participants “Good Luck, and See You In The BIG TIME!)!

To all of you, hope life is giving as much as you need and hopefully more. I miss you all, and send my love to you and all the people you love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Just Keep Swimming!

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Well another dawn creeps up and here I go. Trying to get back on my old sleeping schedule. Up early and in bed earlier, have to be able to get out the door. I am hoping to do the art and craft show this weekend. Now, I think I need to clarify this a little. It isn’t a show per say, it is going to be more like a market. The set up is supposed to be a permanent one. Other than an occasional week or weekend off, because some big art show will be in town. It is six days a week, even in the winter, great new twist for all the tourists and locals too. Getting ready to head out the door and check it out, maybe I can set up for tomorrow. Hopefully with it being tax free weekend here, business will be good. I am going to see what it is all about today¬† and talk to any artists or crafters there to see how they are doing anyway! I needed to find a job and this is an answer to my prayers, if it works out! So keep your fingers crossed and wish me good luck!

Also finished a new print for t-shirts, a Sea Turtle as promised! Hope you like it, I will be posting it later today, when I get back in, on my Zazzle store and probably in my other stores as a signed print. I will post the links here if you are interested. Also, I will be posting the friendship bracelets I posted on here yesterday! Keep in mind, I will be taking all my items to the show tomorrow, and if I sell them there some of them will have to be either remade and a few paintings will be gone. For me that would be good news, moving inventory is always a good thing! Going to pick up my lottery today, hopefully that will be a winner! I started working on a new sun, for a t-shirt print as well and hope to have it done tonight to share with you tomorrow, this one will be in color. It is looking a little gray outside to day, need to check the weather for the weekend, hopefully it will not be storming out. That could make sales rough, especially being outside! Just checked it, the weather for today calls for storms, tomorrow not so much.

Well, life is truly spinning right now, but not out of control. My homage to Nemo, is just keep swimming. So, I will, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…… Life goes fast and and rough sometimes, but we all have to keep our heads up and keep on swimming along. If you forget to swim, you will drown, and that is definitely no fun! Remember those to rules to live by, always look cute and always have fun, that way you will always survive and keep from hurting yourself and others and always have a good outlook on life in general! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Friday, and an even better weekend. All my love to all, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Virtual Sale! Fun Bulldog, And Other Updates!

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Well, the weekend is almost over. I have been busy this morning getting sales set up in a couple of my stores. I am unable to set up a coupon on my ETSY, so if you have an account there, I will post my site, just e-mail me and I will adjust any p[rices to any items you wish to order and you can get the same deals there as in my Artfire, and Zibbet account. Everyone is busy doing their Christmas in July sales events and I am definitely not going to do my best. It is my first time, so wish me luck and please check out any one of my shops, I would really love to get any feedback I can. Hoping your weekend has been as exciting and exhilarating as mine! If not get busy, time is short!

I did finish one bulldog pup picture for the calender one of my business groups is doing I will post it with this blog. I do plan to make at least one more, maybe two, in different styles as well, just to add variety to their choices. When I am done, I might give you all a vote to see which one you would prefer in a calender so I can add that to my partners, and let them know what you think. It is a promo for a charity and we really want it to do well. Once I am finished with the work I will also post you any information on the charity in case you wish to participate, We welcome any help you can offer! I did check my lottery last night and no wins yet, but there is still Tuesday and Wednesday coming up. I know this week, the money would be so helpful. This is one of those weeks or months really, where there just isn’t enough money to make the bills, and not even groceries or gas! Big smile, love to see the way this works out! It will definitely be interesting, I will be sure to let you know how that works out too! Faith is a real bugger, you know?

If at all possible with all I have going on, thinking about running a yard sale of sorts maybe next weekend. More like an art and crafts sale with a small amount of used stuff, just for good measure! We will see, money is all around, I just have to grab at the right time! Well, enough of my silliness for now, got to get back to work. You never know, I might be really busy this week and I need to be ready, have a lot of work to finish off so I can be ready! All my love to you, and truly hope you have a spectacular Sunday afternoon and evening, diana

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