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Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing And Other Charlatans!

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Well another day on the planet, and words swimming around the court case involving people who died in a sweat lodge. A friend of mine called me earlier today, to mention the court case on True TV about the manslaughter case against a self help guru in Arizona. First and foremost, my heart goes out to all the families that were affected by this senseless tragedy, I am truly sorry for the pain and loss this has caused you. One thing that struck me as I watched this programming was, asking the experts, how to tell when some one is basically full of bull. This brings to mind so many religious leaders in our history, many dictators and so many other people we give our power away to even in family or work relationships.

I just want to say, that it saddens me to think, that so many people willingly give away their power, their belief in themselves and their own gut instincts, and some how believe some one elses  point of view is better or more accurate than their own. Personally, we all give away power at some point in our lives, so in this case it becomes a matter of duration and degree. For most of us, we relinquish it on occasion and soon realize that this person is trying to take over our free will to think rationally or to function in a way that pleases us. For the record, it is never okay for you to feel like who you are is not good enough to judge for yourself. Everyone goes through periods in life where they are seeking knowledge, growth, love and a sense of belonging, this is a normal part of being human. What is not okay, is for some one else in helping you and guiding you to tell you that when something feels wrong to you, that you are wrong or some kind of a failure. What is good for you, may not be good for them and visa-verse. It breaks my heart that anyone person can feel so lost in themselves to basically be pulled on a leash by some one else, who really has no concept of who that person is. No one can know you better than yourself, growing and healing is personal only to you, and only you can know what kinds of things are good for you and work for you. There is no one size fits all spiritual experience, and even with so many religious and spiritual options available, you have to decide if any of them fit, or none of them fit, or if pieces and parts of many different things fits you. Honestly, spiritual growth does not require a check book, credit card or a purchase. If any one really wants to know what to look out for, leave your check book at home. Going to a retreat is fine and dandy, but even if you are in the middle of no where, you have the power to say, I am done! I paid for the privilege to see what you are about and what this is about and I am not buying it. I am not okay with it, you can walk out of the sweat lodge, encampment or the state for that matter, that is what free will is about!

Anyway, if you have any thoughts about this or anything else I post, please let me hear from you. Honestly I could go on and on. In closing remember when you were two, and some one took a toy from you, or even a cookie, you stomped your feet and demanded it back. We train our children not to be selfish, but that does not mean we should be selfless. If you don’t like something, just say no, no tantrum required, in civil way possible, be you and stick to your guns. Hoping your week is starting off wonderfully, sending my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Fighting Fear And Loss Of Trust!

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Well, today started off much better in so many ways. I got some extra sleep, much needed after all the lack of it the last week or so. Got out and picked up a few newspapers and am set on a game strategy for tomorrow. I have some household errands to run, and Avon orders to deliver, and need to drop off a few resumes as well. Trying not to let my anxiety (fear of what will happen tomorrow), overwhelm me is a new thing for me. Most of my life, I have had this problem and did not realize what it was. After the last major upheaval in my life, when I did seek some medicinal help,  I found out what it was. A doctor I went to diagnosed me as having anxiety, never knew it, never really knew what anxiety was. I always thought it was like depression, and I knew I was not depressed, I thought I was stressed out! But, she was kind enough to explain anxiety for me and I understood. For many years, since then I have been very successful at controlling it, understanding the nature of what it was helped me to get a handle on it. I feel much freer of fear and stress, just knowing it is my mind creating every worst possibility and letting it scare me to insanity.

After much thought and analysis, I came to the realization that I cannot change my minds ability to to see all the variables of what could happen next.  Nor did I want to make my brain stop working the way it did, I like being able to figure out the possibilities and my options, and what the best odds are for me. In my mind that is a good ability to have. So, the next step was to reprogram my brain not to go into fear mode, which I believe was the basis for the anxiety. Fear is not a positive emotion to have, when fear takes over rational decision making goes out the window. Rational thought is what keeps me grounded. It has taken a few days to really get control over those fears, and it is still a daily struggle in many ways. But, I have made up my mind to do all I can to fix the mess I am in, and also prepare myself to the possibility that no matter my best efforts, I could lose everything I know. That is a sobering thought, and that thought alone is what compels me to work as hard as I can not to let that happen. Many times in my life, despite my best efforts, thing went in a direction I did not want. As much as I hated it, things worked out well and all led to new adventures, new acquaintances, and really a new awareness of me and the goals I have in my life now. So much has changed, and although parts of me still mourns the loses, the majority of me is amazed at how much I have survived, and how well things have worked out!

Well, that  being said, nothing new today. The lottery did not pick my numbers, yet! I do not have a job offer, yet! I am still warding off the fear demon, but getting more successful everyday. Learning to really love and appreciate those that are reaching out to me, just to cheer me up from day to day. Looking forward to the end of this period of madness, and another new chapter full of new beginnings. Hoping you are having a wonderful day, all my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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