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Do You Believe In Magic?

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Magic is a state of mind or really a concept subject to interpretation. Do you require a magic wand? Is there some special incantation? How long will it take? How long does it last? Is it guaranteed to work? Will anyone else know you did this magic (least of all if it is anyone you sent it to)? Once you do it will anyone figure out you can do magic? If they do, will they be scared of you? What if you made magic work, who could you tell? Funny concepts for sure. I know that through the ages people of all shapes and sizes, colors and nationalities, from all economic backgrounds have tried to break this code. It shows in history, with alchemists, witch doctors, shaman and all other sorts of healers and religious leaders. So many have tried and some may have even been successful, who knows. Once they broke the barrier, who could they tell, what could they tell? These things have a way of turning on you.

So, I ask you. DO you believe in magic? What kind of magic? I will answer as best I can.I do believe in magic. Really? Yes, I do, now let me explain: I will define magic as something happening, where there is no explanation. Something that seems to ignore the boundaries of logic and science.You wake up wanting a corn dog, and all day you wish you could have one. You have no money to buy one. Yet sometime late in the day some one just walks up to you and hands you a couple of corn dogs. Not because you asked for it, or paid for it, just because something outside of themselves said, give her a corn dog! That has actually happened to me. Magic is the belief, that no matter what it is that you wish, some how it will make itself to you. As a child, I was afraid to express it to anyone. My religious family would have thought I was possessed by the devil. As an adult, they would just think I needed to go to the hospital and have my head checked. One day, I was given the opportunity to learn about Visualization and manifestation, lol, the more I learned, the more it sounded like magic to me!

So, based on that definition, I do believe in magic. I am doing all I can to practice it, and keep on making wishes that make me happier and better as a person everyday. For those of you who do not believe in such things, I am sure you have something you do believe in that comforts you or guides your way through life. Just a silly thought from me to you. No win last night, but am waiting to win Saturday, looking forward to it! I am ready to focus on my art career and settle into my own home again. Need to shop around for a new car soon too! As always sending my love to you and all you love, have a wonderful day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*



Clouds In The Sky And In My Heart!

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Hopefully, this won’t come out mellow dramatic. Just saying my peace. Been through a lot this last couple of weeks and seemingly no end in sight yet. Too many reminders today about how sad it is too lose those you love. Funny, how we go along in life with the silly belief, that people we love will be there through thick and thin. Yet, when the chips are down most of them vanish, better and faster than any magician could possibly attempt to do. Like Houdini, David Copperfield, Doug Henning or Criss Angel it is a vanishing act you do not expect and faster than the blink of an eye. It feels like a big black hole just comes along and swallows people up in it, and they seem completely unaware of the change in their environment. It is amazing! Guess that makes me a famous magician, it seems my abilities are far greater than I ever anticipated! It is playful joke, meant in humor. I am the All Powerful Diana! Wonder if I can get a TV show or a network program. Hey, you think HBO would like to do a series on it? My guess is probably not, but it would be a funny show!

The right look on your face, or the right sad tale to tell, can clear o room in an instant. The funny part is they would be offended, if you reciprocated in turn. It seems I spend a lot of my time helping others, when they are distraught, unfortunately, it appears this is generally a one sided deal. Who knew? The ones that do stick by are so rare and so precious, that even gold, platinum or the rarest jewels cannot compete! They have my hearts till death do us part. The love I feel for them is greater than any mountain or the great ocean. They are the real beauty of life itself, the joy of every day and the hope for a better tomorrow. Hope, blessings follow them in everything they do. That goes to all friends or that rare nature, yours and mine alike!

Well, been nutty around here. Ended up with unexpected company and have not been able to work on my drawing. So, not in any way trying to be short, I must return to my plans for the weekend, because time keeps on a running away from me and I still have so much to do. Hoping you are having a wondrous weekend, and that you and yours are blessed, sending out my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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