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Trials To Grow On!

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Well another day has begun! This week has been a trial, ans I can only hope to be successful at not letting things get to me. One thing after another keeps popping up, and preventing me from getting together the money I need to move. First the yard sale was shut down by the city, All those tax dollars at work, No drug dealers or cookers to bust, no embezzlers or con artists to shut down, just me and my yard sale! Not a complaint, just saying, is there so much excess in our government that a yard sale is worthy of some one, pulling up signs every week and them making house calls to say, you can’t do this. I don’t know what we are coming to as a society, when some one trying to make a little money to make a move and not draining the government of dollars by collecting food stamps, or an unemployment check or even disability, is the target of city time and money! Just a thought, I am thinking, if I was in charge, I could find a much better way to spend and employees time and hourly pay than that. Anyway, got through that, hoping to do the flea market instead now.

Now today, having car issues that are eating into the money I planned to save for gas. Not sure what this test is all about, but I am determined to make this work some how. All I can do now, is pray about it, meditate on a happy outcome and persevere, in all hopes that holding the faith will bring it all together! It is becoming a daily struggle not to let despair and frustration get the best of me. So far, I am holding up, just got to hope nothing else will become a deterrent to the goals I have set. I really believe in my gut this is the thing I am called to do right now, so I have to believe that something will give and all will work out to the best for all concerned!

I have to say, that no matter of all things popping up in my life right now, I am so very happy! Things seem to be in a whirlwind right now. It all changes from minute to minute, and still I am feeling strong, joyful and excited about the outcome! So, no matter the circumstances, it is all meant to be. Today, I am going to do some laundry and some packing up. Stay the course, just like the wise man who said that first. No matter of the storms around me, or the wind pushing me off track. My course is set and I will overcome!

No news on my lottery winnings yet ( means did not win it yet), but I am confident one day soon you will be hearing otherwise! All this just makes me want even more to succeed in my goals and my quest. The harder I have to work for it, the more I want it! So, I will move forward, and I will win the prize! The lottery is mine, the gallery is mine, my career is a great success and I will be the best vision of me I can be! Hoping you are all having a wonderful day, all my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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City Politics And Following A Dream!

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Well, the yard sale is over! the original plan was to yard sale daily until, all my stuff was liquidated or it came time to pack to move. Apparently the city has other plans. Yesterday a man from the city came by to notify me that yard sales can only be done 3 days out of every month. Since this weekend was the first weekend of the month and moving isn’t for a couple of more weeks, no more yard sales for me! It amazes me, no matter what is on the books that in an economy as stressed as ours is here in the United States, that simple things that could make some people’s lives a little easier, become a major deal to a township!

So many people are trying to do the best they can to just make a buck, to pay a bill, buy something they need, or in my case just have gas money to move. You would think that there would be a little lei way to let people get by. It is not a crime, it isn’t hurting anyone, it really is of no consequence to anyone  at all. it is a shame, and anyone who is in the local governments should be supporting people who are trying to keep their homes, pay their bills and make ends meet. Surely, that time spent taking up my garage sale signs, and coming to my home could be much better used. Maybe that time could have gone to fixing a degrading road, or investigating meth labs or something that really has a negative impact on our society. It is a shocker, so with a horrendous storm approaching yesterday, we tore down the yard sale and I am hoping to do one last splurge at the flea market this weekend and donate the rest. I am done with it, my back is gone, lower and upper, I am in a lot of pain. No amount of money at this point is worth me being crippled for any amount of time. I still have loads of packing to do and then moving. So this chapter is coming to a close for me as well.

No lottery jack pot for me as yet, but I am confident it is on the way!

No new art in the works either, too busy with everything else. But, the itch is getting stronger, it is very likely that if I can get my back to calm down, that very soon I will do at least one more before I actually move. The stress is piling up, and it has no where to go, I am getting irritated and tired. So, getting my body back in shape would be a wonderful treat on many different levels. Hoping you are having a wonderful week, sending my love to all who are suffering at this time, and all who are not, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Yard Sale Or Bust!

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Well, it is Friday, and with any luck the weather will be good for a yard sale. I am hoping this weekend is a blow out weekend. So many things have changed lately, and I am very ready to move on. So far this morning, I put the yard sale on Craig’s list and a separate add for an art sale too! Just checked the weather looks like a cold day and possible rain later this afternoon or evening. Tomorrow will be much warmer and dray! Also on Saturday, there will be that 7 mile yard sale right around the corner from my house, with any luck that will bring business to mine as well!

Heard about the tornadoes in Florida. I have many friends and loved ones there, hoping you are all safe today. There will be more than a few phone calls today to check on everyone. Sending love to you all!

Last few days, I have been thinking hard on quitting smoking, bad habit, but a habit none the less. Got my work cut out for me. habits are hard to break, but I am really over it. Send me positive thoughts and good will on this one, I need all the help I can get. I am mentally ready, and physically too, just have to jump the psychological barrier and it will all be good. Wish me luck, I will keep you updated.

Got to take my car into the shop soon too. this is a long move and I need her in the best condition possible, for a car as old as she is. I am hoping, she won’t need much and the bill is reasonable, need every penny just for the gas to get where I am going. More happy thoughts!

Haven’t done much art lately, been way too busy with everything else. I am looking forward to getting settled in again. It seems my nerves are fraying a little bit. This is a big move, and very stressful, and my best stress release has been denied to me. My attentions split with a yard sale and making that work, and also all the little details to make this move possible and with any luck promising! Missing the peace and quiet, and also the solitude. Love my down time, and there has not been enough of it lately.

Got to get everything together. have lots more to dig out and price. As soon as the sun comes up, it will be time to open up the yard sale and re-post all my signs (some one keeps taking them).Got to get it all set up and hoping for a lucrative day! Today is also lottery day, have to make time to get my  tickets, wish me luck and I am doing the same for you (whether you play or not, good luck is always a good thing)! Have a great Friday, lots of love to you and yours, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Yard Sales And Silly Tales!

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Been doing a yard sale and art sale for a couple of weeks now. Yes, I am doing them during the week as well. Believe it or not, lots of folks come during the week. I was shocked, thought I would give it a shot, since I have only a few more weeks till it is time to go, and gas is so very expensive these days.Last week I did better on the week days than I did on the weekend. Honestly, with all the rain and storms, it has been a good idea, unfortunately the weather is not concerned whether I have a nice weekend to sell. It has been great having the week days to increase sales! This weekend there is a seven mile yard sale around the corner from my house, hopefully that will make for a wonderful weekend of sales, I need it!

Today, I had to go into the office at the real estate company I rent from to be taken off the lease.  It was a quick visit and all went well, everyday, it becomes more and more real that this is not my home for much longer. I am going to be sad to go, but so excited to see what awaits me in another part of the country! The people I am going to rent from seem so very sweet, and have gone out of their way to be helpful. They have been updating me on job opportunities and art shows, it has been really great! Nice to know that so many good people are still around! I will fit in quite well, it makes moving so much less stressful! Thanks to you all!

Cute yard sale story to share. The other day a couple and their young daughter, she was four, came to check out the yard sale. It turns out she was a fan of my artwork. So, she walked up and picked up a couple of paintings I made, they were small ones, and just started walking around with them. I made a deal for them, who can’t make a deal with a little cutie. So, she was my first art sale at my yard sale. Her parents were thrilled, she actually picked out c=something that matched her room! The pictures are posted with today’s blog!

Onwards and newsworthy, so sorry to hear no one has seemed to be able to handle the damaged Uranium storage silos in Japan! Where are all the geniuses when we need them? Guess I am not really surprised, they did not show up to save the Gulf either, and that was bad enough, this is so much worse. I pray every night that some with the right ideas will show up to help us out of this train wreck we have caused ourselves. Sending out heartfelt concern, and good wishes to all concerned in these cases, as well as those damaged, by storms of late, and wars all over the world.My hope is that blessings and joy, return to these places very soon. Unfortunately, we cannot change what has come, but we can be part of bringing good things, where things are so bad right now.

No big news for me and the lottery, but I hear congrats are in order for a group of lucky folks in New York. So, Congratulations to you all! Hope it sticks and your money worries are over for a long, long time! $319,000,000.00, should go a long way in making life a little easier for those lucky Mega-Millions winners! Sending out my love to them and all of you, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Crazy Days And Crazy Nights!

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Well, a crazy week indeed. The weather has been crazy, world news has been crazy,  my home life has been crazy and even TV has been crazy. One thing at a time so , let’s start with the weather, having spring showers is not so out of the ordinary, however all the rest is. Take for instance the major storms, tornadoes and hail, wild winds, bit on the extreme side. In the northeast of the country, still snow storms, when I am sure they are used to finally seeing some kind of a thaw. Some warmer temperatures for sure, not hot, but showing signs of a spring thaw would be normal right now.

Then every day we are bombarded with the scariest news coming from Japan, with the nuclear meltdowns and the fear of what will happen to all those people, to us and to the economy as well. Followed by the ever turbulent tempers and never ceasing fighting and bickering in the Middle East, honestly it is madness to say the least. So many things going on at once, and not one person with a plan, that seems to really make a difference. We all have opinions, but they are not educated ones, so arm chair politics really does not help at all! Trying times have been around for centuries, and  when in the middle it seems to never have a solution. I guess, the history books of the future will have plenty to say about how all of this  is being handled. It will be an interesting read for sure ( hopefully I can be a little birdie on some ones shoulders).

My home on the same note is crazy as well. One thing about having a yard sale in spring, so many things moving in and out of the house. The carpet stays messy, no matter how much I vacuum. Things scattered all over the place, things that can’t stay out overnight or in the rain for that matter. It has been hard, especially for some one who is used to having things in a specific place. Got to go through it, and soon it will be over.

Then there was this weeks episode of American Idol. What a mind blower that was. First that America even let Casey fall to the bottom, amazing! He is not the best singer, but he is a good singer, he is also multi-talented.This guy plays several instruments, he can write his own music, and he is so original in his personality. One thing America doesn’t need is another copy cat of some one else. On American Idol there are a few very different and talented singers. The next mind blower was the judges using the only save for the season. That I do agree with, he needed to show us what he had, Good luck, Casey!

Now time to do laundry and some other things, lots to do these days. Also, I am working on a children’s book, wish me luck! No big lottery pay out for me, but some one baout the big ticket in ALbany, and I for one can’t wait to see who that lucky person is, $319,000,000.00 is nothing to sneeze at. I am sending out a big YAY, to you! For the rest, sending my love to you and yours, and hoping you have good luck this week too! diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Art Sale!

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Been a while since I checked in, I have been busy doing yard sales and art sales for the last couple of weeks. Things are not going as well as I had hoped. The weather has been a bit of an obstacle, major storms and high winds have made it difficult the last couple of days to be open for business. Those days have been filled with errands, house work and now working on a children’s book with my friend, Sherry. She was very inspired by the srtwork I have here and thought it would make wonderful illustrations for a child’s book. It has been uber busy the last few days for sure! I keep up my hopes that things will get better exponentially, so that my move will not be delayed or that I will have to resort to selling what little furniture I have left just to make it there. So, if you are reading please say a prayer or send me some positive thoughts to carry things through. I do appreciate it.
Online shops are just dragging along and my opinion of them is not what I perceived. It seems, lots of people look, no one is buying. It only ends up being a money maker for the online store sites, for me, it is only something that is eating up my cash (and just in case you don’t already know, I don’t have any of that to spare). It is highly likely, that I will have to let most of them go, it just isn’t worth the investment. I hear for some it works out, and I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve, once I get settled in after the move. Just thinking out loud, if you have any pointers, I would love to hear them, so do share.
Obviously, since I am still broke, the lottery jackpot is not mine yet. I await patiently for that wonderful day! Drawings are tonight, so send me some happy thoughts, I am wishing the same for you, if you play of course. If you do not indulge in the lottery, I still am wishing you good fortune and luck in whatever venue you are pursuing. In this day and age, I believe we can use all the luck and help we can get. It is about time, we quit relying on some one else to create our luck, it is ours to make. Leaving up to some one else, just guarantees, that we won’t have any. They will be looking out for their own best interests, unfortunately, that will many  times rule out helping some one else. I am not condoning or promoting selfishness, not by any means. We must always look to give and help others in any way we can. What I am saying is that your destiny is only going to explode in front of you, if YOU make it a priority, we all have our own. Others should be looking to bring their destinies into focus, but always freely help others to achieve theirs as well. Remember who you are, what drives you, and the one thing that makes your life happy! Then use that to create a perfect place for you and everyone around you.
It is a chilly day, and being a Friday, with a not so pretty weather outlook for the weekend, the yard sale is busy. Not as many buyers, just yet, but lots of lookers. It is time to post my add on Craig’s list too, to help drum up some more business. Plus spending some time working on the book would help my day go quickly, and happily as well. So with lots of love, and happy thoughts for you, I must bid you adieu, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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The Next Chapter Begins!

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Well, off to it. Lots to do this week! I need to gear up for a yard sale/art sale this weekend. New room mate arriving soon, and lots of unpacking (to sell) and repacking (to move) has to be done in the next few weeks. I am so very excited about it all!

Finally, had time to watch American Idol from last week, sorry to hear Casey is in the hospital, but happy he made it through. Great opener, lots of wonderful talent on there this season. It is really hard to pick just one winner, for sure. With any luck several of them will pick up contracts, some really serious talent. Hope you liked it. Also in TV news, lots of major catastrophes the world over. The latest, earthquake and tsunami in Japan. There is so much more to come from this. There are way too many people missing and unaccounted for, whole villages destroyed. I have been praying lots lately for all of these affected areas around the world, as well as our own economy here. Sadly we here in America, seem to spend the most overseas for aide, to the tune of trillions in debt. It looks like some one else may have to pick up the baton this time. Not sure how that works, but who is going to loan us money against trillions in debt? If they did, they must be lousy bankers or investors. Guess we will hear about it.

Today, is painting and house work for me, got to get ahead so I can make time for all the extra work in the weeks ahead. So, less time on here I am certain, but I will do my best to keep it updated.

Just a quick word of compassion to Japan, Haiti, the west coast, the south (flood zones), Africa and Egypt ( so war torn and insane right now), and any other area that is devastated by disease, flooding, natural disaster, governmental hardships or war. Bless you all, you are in my prayers, and I can only hope the suffering does not last long for you!

To us here in the US, I only can say I love you all and hoping the economy is working for you, and if not it all will turn around for you asap! Seems like it is time for some good news on the News for a change. Have a happy day, sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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