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Memoirs Of Second Knowledge!

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Just putting it out there. Since I was a child, I have had an ability to know tings that should not be known. Skeptics can say it is coincidence, I however disagree. For it to be a coincidence, it would have to be far less frequent and inaccurate. Case in point, going through a break up is always hard, for me it is really hard. For whatever reason I always know the real reason things are happening, so when they try to lie their way out or say I am just imagining things, it does not work. What I see are facts, and when they hit hit with the facts, when I finally say this is exactly what you did yesterday, they seem confused and shocked. Shortly followed with a response something to the effect of “That is so weird!” or “How do you know that?” or “Who told you that, do you have people watching me?”. Funny how the truth comes out if you force it. Funny how I have to give a detailed description of what I see, to paint them into a corner they can’t get out of. The worst part is the lying, I despise being lied too. So, while they preach they want to be friends, how can anyone be friends with a liar? Anyway, today was one of those days, I was forced in my mind to make the record straight. He needed to know lying was not helping him through this situation, and so today, the record was made clear. More than probably it will freak him out, but at least he will either not say anymore, or just be honest when he talks to me. For me, being lied to is a very hurtful thing, and to have that over will be a great relief. The truth can hurt, but it is easier to deal with than falsehoods.

Been doing a lot of study on this of late. I am not sure if it is psychic, or what name goes to seeing and hearing things that are not in front of you. I know it is a gift I have, I know it happens daily, I know it is real. I just don’t have a name for it and not sure how to be in control of it more, or how to use it in a way that feels like helpfulness to others. Many people seem very taken aback by it, scared, freaked out or just curious about it, very few seem to understand and respect it. Funny gift to have, since it seems to be so secretive a subject, even taboo in many people’s minds. Hopefully my search will give me a greater understanding of myself, and how to best use this gift to make my life and others lives better.

Next comment, know I did not win the lottery last night and no I do not have the ability to see the numbers yet! Never know, it could happen, but pretty sure the handbook has rules against just handing out lottery numbers to psychics. When I get the handbook, I will let you know for sure! Been reading a lot the last few days, and t has helped me with the personal struggles I am going through. A friend gave me some Sylvia Browne books, they are very interesting, and I hope will be helpful in me finding more about myself. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend and sending you my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Birthdays And Goodbyes!

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So, here we go again, hopefully for the last time. Moving can’t come any sooner for me! My birthday was on the 6th of this month and I had hoped for a wonderful day. Not saying I did not have a good time, just saying that it was more like a roller coaster ride than anything. A friend of mine ( not so much anymore) wanted to take me out for lunch. She come and picked me up, told me to get whatever I wanted, and then when the chack came acted alarmed about how much it was. Being the considerate friend I am, I offered to help, needless to say I paid for my lunch ( not in the budget, with moving pressing on my mind), Then she decided we should go to her favorite store where she proceeded to buy a cart full of clothes and other stuff and wanted me to loan her money to pay for it all! I put down the one thing I had in my hand, and she managed to cover everything, it just put a damper on the day for me. Once home I proceeded to tell my other friends and boyfriend ( who says we are broken up, but hasn’t acted in the least like we are), gets a text and I see a woman on his phone, when I said something, he pulled the phone away and tried to blow it off. Really!? So, strike two for my birthday. Later that evening, my sweet friend showed up and she took me out to eat and to a movie, on her, and brought me a card and an Ivy plant (very nice). My other friends bought the cake. So, to sum it up one person took my money, another took my heart and my real friends did what they could to salvage a really crazy birthday! To all my friends that texted me, commented on my sites and the ones who tried to make it a wonderful day, I say “Thank You!”!

Okay now on to other things. No big lottery jackpot just yet, I think I earned it this week though (to the supreme beings “Hello, it is really my turn!”), so I went and picked up my tickets today. Wish me luck! I have not painted in a few weeks or done any drawings. I am catching up on my reading, have to give the books back to my friends, before I move. My baby girl has been calling and she sounds good. My oldest daughter has also been calling and she sounds wonderful as ever. All in all, life is good, just a few hiccups!

Now, American Idol, wow, what a shocker! Not sure what to think of the votes for this week. I do realize all but one has to go, just real surprised that Pia went so quickly! It was a crazy show. But, I stick to my guns, many of these contestants will have major contracts and we will be seeing more of them. There are just too many good ones this time. So, to the remaining participants “Good Luck, and See You In The BIG TIME!)!

To all of you, hope life is giving as much as you need and hopefully more. I miss you all, and send my love to you and all the people you love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Crazy Days And Sleepy Nights!

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Been so very busy the last few days! So much going on and nothing at the same time. As I mentioned the other day I worked a couple of banquets this week. One on Wednesday and another on Thursday! I was tore up tired, my neck and arm are still really bad, spent the last few nights, on a heating pad and ice packs. Plus, I have been nursing that abscessed tooth I mentioned earlier this week. It has been crazy for sure. I liked working the banquets, just wish my body was nicer to me, I mean I have to work. It just seems I get beat up so badly any more. It is a real catch 22. Wishing it was different doesn’t seem to help, it just gets worse and worse. This getting older thing is not much fun! I met a lot of really cool people and as is the norm these days, a couple of negative types as well. Too bad really, I am thinking they could be really fun to be with, if they could only lose those winy and bitchy attitudes.

I mean one of the women was a real no it all type. Here she is a temp working with a temp service. She not only asked how things were done at this business, she followed up by asking why they did not do it the way she was used to doing things. She just kept on and on about how many years she had been doing banquets, but how this place was doing it wrong. Nothing made sense to her. But the kicker is she knew she was making the supervisor mad, and in her reality, thought it was because she was asking questions. Not the fact that she was in reality questioning the supervisor, big difference as far as I can tell. She then was trying to recruit the rest of us to take sides. I guess, in her planet in those two days, she thought she would be able to pull off a mini mutiny on the bounty kind of thing! I found it all rather humorous. Of course if you know me at all, in person or through here, you may have figured out, that I find humor in all kinds of situations. So, she made the mistake of asking everyone at the table (we were polishing silverware at the time, which by the way she thought was the wrong way to do that activity as well), and everyone else seemed afraid to answer so I said “You know the way I figure it, everyone has their own way of doing things. I don’t care if they tell me to bend over and stick it up my rear, if I want paid, that is what I am going to do, no arguments from me!” Well, she shut up after that, since no one else came to her defense and every one laughed at my retort. Thinking maybe, I am not on her best friends list, oh well, to each his own.

Now of course, I really would shove silverware up my arss, not quite the word I used, but you get the point. But it is the principle, if it bugs you so much, go home! Otherwise shut it and do the job required! Tough words, but well understood, I would think in an economy, where finding work is not the easiest prospect. Anyway, that was my last two days, I will have to catch up with the rest of the weekend later. Sending all my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Webs Of Lies And Deception!

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Wouldn’t be nice to think, that you wouldn’t have to scrutinize every word every one tells you. Even better if you could at least count on the ones you love the most, family, friends and professionals that we give our trust to. Living in the real world however, we learn this is not the facts. The facts are that no matter what kind of faith we put in others, many times it is unfounded, because that ugly little monster that lies deep within all of us, will eventually rear his ugly head. Human nature predisposes us to being deceptive and untrustworthy. Some of are blessed with the ability to ignore its stupid responses to given situations most of the time. Many people have an inability to reject its desire to paint us into a corner. So, in reality it is more about our awareness of its power for destroying all we hold dear. That no matter how we try to avoid the consequences of our actions, they will come back to haunt us. Truthfully, when the piper comes calling, the more we add to those problems through deceit and lies the bigger the consequences. Remember that the next time he makes an appearance in your life. He isn’t going to pay for your actions, you are!

Obviously there is a point and not naming names, a particular situation in a dear friends life, brings this to the forefront today. His family is lying to him about a very serious legal matter ( that coincidentally has no physical proof), to manipulate and control him. Following whatever, good intentions they may have, will have drastic and detrimental consequences in his life. I am amazed at how selfish and cruel people are, ruthless really, in trying to gain some one’s trust. In the end he will have to pay, one way or another. Either by losing the trust he once shared with those family members, and their loss of his presence in their lives, or by losing all he holds dear here and finding himself in a situation where he is also going to lose trust in them. Sad all the way around, wouldn’t it occur to at one of them that maybe, no matter what they felt he would say, that they would at least be honest, and through that gain his trust and faith to make a more educated choice. It appears the collective decision was to be dishonest and trap him into doing their bidding, at the cost of all else. Anyway, just a thought for the day, we all have been betrayed at one point or another in our lives, and it is never fun, happy or nice. Pitiful, that with all our knowledge and technology, that the simplest and most important things in our lives do not get better.

Still working on the butterfly drawing, tough week for me, lots of distractions. One good thing, I am doing pretty good so far on my Ebay store, 3 sales, cheap ones, but sales non the less. Hopefully this is a beginning of something new for me! No lottery winnings so far this week. Also, my car is still in the shop, they assured me they were aiming to get it in today and see if they could rig her back up. So, more time for me to focus on the things I have here to deal with. Hoping you are having a blessed day, all my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Clouds In The Sky And In My Heart!

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Hopefully, this won’t come out mellow dramatic. Just saying my peace. Been through a lot this last couple of weeks and seemingly no end in sight yet. Too many reminders today about how sad it is too lose those you love. Funny, how we go along in life with the silly belief, that people we love will be there through thick and thin. Yet, when the chips are down most of them vanish, better and faster than any magician could possibly attempt to do. Like Houdini, David Copperfield, Doug Henning or Criss Angel it is a vanishing act you do not expect and faster than the blink of an eye. It feels like a big black hole just comes along and swallows people up in it, and they seem completely unaware of the change in their environment. It is amazing! Guess that makes me a famous magician, it seems my abilities are far greater than I ever anticipated! It is playful joke, meant in humor. I am the All Powerful Diana! Wonder if I can get a TV show or a network program. Hey, you think HBO would like to do a series on it? My guess is probably not, but it would be a funny show!

The right look on your face, or the right sad tale to tell, can clear o room in an instant. The funny part is they would be offended, if you reciprocated in turn. It seems I spend a lot of my time helping others, when they are distraught, unfortunately, it appears this is generally a one sided deal. Who knew? The ones that do stick by are so rare and so precious, that even gold, platinum or the rarest jewels cannot compete! They have my hearts till death do us part. The love I feel for them is greater than any mountain or the great ocean. They are the real beauty of life itself, the joy of every day and the hope for a better tomorrow. Hope, blessings follow them in everything they do. That goes to all friends or that rare nature, yours and mine alike!

Well, been nutty around here. Ended up with unexpected company and have not been able to work on my drawing. So, not in any way trying to be short, I must return to my plans for the weekend, because time keeps on a running away from me and I still have so much to do. Hoping you are having a wondrous weekend, and that you and yours are blessed, sending out my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Laughter Is The Best!

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Today was a day full of laughter! All the way around, all the new people I met and the ones I already knew, were about making light of a heavy day. It was a great way to spend a day that could have been a total bummer. It was hot out, barely any customers, and now it looks like rain. I had one $5 sale, and otherwise no business. It was so much fun, just talking about life, people and fun experiences. I have not laughed that much in a long time. Great day! No big lottery win last night, just in case you are wondering. For those of you who have missed it, my goal for the year is to win the big pot! Wish me luck!

I did learn a few pointers on working with Ebay, so I plan to get a page set up there and see how that works, I am game, especially since I still do not have wheels. Got to do what I can to make an income, anything, to bring a rainbow into this cloudy moment in my life. Always looking for the silver lining, I don’t know any other way to do things. Also, hoping that if I can manage to get a job this week, that somehow I can work it out to do the art show next weekend. I know I haven’t had a lot of luck at it, but I am hoping the holiday weekend will be better! Got make money some how! I made a couple of new friends today and that was really nice.

Hoping to soak in a tub next and just relax and enjoy a quiet evening at home, while I still have one! Not sure how long that will last and when my next moment of quiet time will be available, so tonight is all about down time! Maybe a cocktail and some drawing, mostly just enjoying my own company! Hey, it could be worse. Hoping where ever you are, you enjoyed your day as much as I did and am going to. Still working on the butterfly drawing, it is going to have many butterflies on it, and it is big, so It is going to take a minute! But as soon as it is done I will share it with you, I promise.

Well, a funny moment to share. I met a new person today, his name was Kenny. Really nice guy, and as we were talking he mentioned that he has been called a twink! Now, I am new to this term and had to ask. As the story goes, another young man (gay), mentioned to him,that he thought Kenny was a twink. So, I asked, what is a twink? He replied that in the gay community a twink is a gay man who is young and likes to look good. Kenny has a thing for hair gel, so because he takes pride in his appearance, the other man thought he was a twink. Which I laughed about, because, during our conversation, it became very apparent, Kenny is not a gay man at all. So I began calling him a twinkie, not sure what to call him now! He is just a guy who likes to look nice, standing joke of the day. I met a twinkie!Hope you have a wonderful night, lots of quiet time for me ahead, sending out my love to you, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Sleepless In Sevierville!

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Wow, what a long night! Tired as I was, my nerves would not let me sleep. Today, I had to show up for my interview looking like the walking dead! Other than that I think it went well, but will have no word on it for about a week! I truly hope God has mercy on me, and I hear back sooner than that. I need to relax for a minute and breath, that is what Sherry recommends! She is very sweet, now if only I can convince my brain that it is in its best interest to just chill. I have a feeling that, it is easier said than done. I wish I had a cocktail, to sooth my nerves right now, and a bubble bath, that I can manage. I think also, that the Dali Lama will be joining me in the tube. Let my brain stay busy absorbing some good techniques on meditation and letting go. A brain work out to calm and peace. Hope it works, I need to calm down for sure, such an excitable girl today! The good news is I haven’t lost my sens of humor. It could be worse. I need to absorb the fact that right now I have electricity, a bubble bath and a quiet place to enjoy it all.

Last night due to my frazzled nerves, I was unable to concentrate on artwork. It being my only release, it is mandatory that I manage some how today. So, after my relaxing bath, that will be my next goal for today. The group is awaiting butterfly pictures, and I am also waiting to see what I can create! I love them, and can only hope that I can do them justice! As I promised on the weekend, I am posting some pictures from Sherry and my adventure into the mountains over the weekend! Hope they do wonder and justice to the beauty we experienced there. It was a great day! Made even better by the company of a fellow artist, nature lover and genuinely wonderful human being. She is the newest of a small group of people who have been trying thier best to keep me sane, in a chaotic moment in my life! hank you to all of those wonderful people who really do value me and my heart. These are the real life, every day heroes, that do not get enough gratitude for their efforts in keeping love alive. They are the foundations to those who are in ground shaking moments, their love and patience, helps to keep those shaky constructions from toppling over! Sending you all my love, respect and heart felt thanks! Hope you are blessed today in great ways for your great deeds!

For those of you reading today, take a moment to thank those people who have been your strength when, you felt yourself collapsing under the pressures of life. They deserve it, just as you do for all the times you came to some one else’s aide. For them, I will thank you myself today. Thank you for all your love and concern, your ability to recognize pain and suffering. Your willingness to put aside all your problems for a moment and help some one else steady their feet. Hoping God, karma, the universe recognizes you today with unlimited blessings, for you so deserve it! All my love to you all, and never forget your impact on the world. Those little things really do help, not just in small ways, like a ripple in a pond. The rings of love spread wider and farther than you can imagine. Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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