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Crazy Days And Sleepy Nights!

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Been so very busy the last few days! So much going on and nothing at the same time. As I mentioned the other day I worked a couple of banquets this week. One on Wednesday and another on Thursday! I was tore up tired, my neck and arm are still really bad, spent the last few nights, on a heating pad and ice packs. Plus, I have been nursing that abscessed tooth I mentioned earlier this week. It has been crazy for sure. I liked working the banquets, just wish my body was nicer to me, I mean I have to work. It just seems I get beat up so badly any more. It is a real catch 22. Wishing it was different doesn’t seem to help, it just gets worse and worse. This getting older thing is not much fun! I met a lot of really cool people and as is the norm these days, a couple of negative types as well. Too bad really, I am thinking they could be really fun to be with, if they could only lose those winy and bitchy attitudes.

I mean one of the women was a real no it all type. Here she is a temp working with a temp service. She not only asked how things were done at this business, she followed up by asking why they did not do it the way she was used to doing things. She just kept on and on about how many years she had been doing banquets, but how this place was doing it wrong. Nothing made sense to her. But the kicker is she knew she was making the supervisor mad, and in her reality, thought it was because she was asking questions. Not the fact that she was in reality questioning the supervisor, big difference as far as I can tell. She then was trying to recruit the rest of us to take sides. I guess, in her planet in those two days, she thought she would be able to pull off a mini mutiny on the bounty kind of thing! I found it all rather humorous. Of course if you know me at all, in person or through here, you may have figured out, that I find humor in all kinds of situations. So, she made the mistake of asking everyone at the table (we were polishing silverware at the time, which by the way she thought was the wrong way to do that activity as well), and everyone else seemed afraid to answer so I said “You know the way I figure it, everyone has their own way of doing things. I don’t care if they tell me to bend over and stick it up my rear, if I want paid, that is what I am going to do, no arguments from me!” Well, she shut up after that, since no one else came to her defense and every one laughed at my retort. Thinking maybe, I am not on her best friends list, oh well, to each his own.

Now of course, I really would shove silverware up my arss, not quite the word I used, but you get the point. But it is the principle, if it bugs you so much, go home! Otherwise shut it and do the job required! Tough words, but well understood, I would think in an economy, where finding work is not the easiest prospect. Anyway, that was my last two days, I will have to catch up with the rest of the weekend later. Sending all my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Crazy Sky On The Fourth Of July!

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Well, it is the 4th, hoping all fellow Americans are enjoying the day safely! I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday, and today I am focusing on a small painting. Getting my house in order always helps me feel more creative. My plans for tonight are to stay in and watch fireworks on the TV. I love fireworks, but hate traffic, and being broke plays a big part in my necessity to stay in. But fortunately I am a firm believer in it’s not a matter of where you are, but what you make of it. I am sure it will be a fun day. I plan on watching big fireworks on TV and what is available from my porch. It will not disappoint. Be safe where ever you are today and tonight and definitely have a great time!

The painting is something that was inspired by watching Bethany” Getting Married?, I saw a piece of artwork on there that got the wheels turning so to speak. Inspiration is every where, and putting my own spin on things make it mine. This will be very colorful and geometric, very much up my alley. If you haven’t seen any of my work that is very typical of me. If you have, it will not disappoint. This is a tiny painting, only 4″ x 4″, but very dynamic for a tiny artwork. Other than that my only goal for the evening is to roast a chicken for dinner, with side of course! Simple, but tasty. It appears to be very cloudy outside, so I am thinking not a good idea to plan a BBQ. That will have to wait for another day.

My weeks plans are simple to continue to do some more spring cleaning everyday until the job is done to my satisfaction, get my bathroom fixed ( they still have not done anything about that little problem), and continue to make artwork. Not sure what genre as yet, it depends on how I feel and if I have any orders from projects already started, special order stuff. Can’t wait to see what is in store for this week. Hoping you all enjoy your week, and that you have a blessed one as well. With love as always, diana

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