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Happy New Tomorrows!

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I went for a walk today. Wondering through the trees, I felt peace and quiet well over me. As the stillness crept over me, my heart went back to yesterday and I began to yearn for things lost. Then out of the quiet I heard a whimper, and the grass moved. I looked around me, and saw there in the bushes a small rabbit. It wasn’t quite a baby, but it was young, new to this place we live in and helpless still, in many ways. When it saw me looking, it cowered back, shrinking back into the the brush behind the tree. I waited for a moment wondering, should I follow, go towards this little creature afraid of me. Then I wondered, is it hurt, does this tiny little rabbit need care or aide? My curiosity got the better of me, a common problem in my life and I moved forward. Very slowly, careful not to make a sound or any sudden moves, just in case it was hurting or that in its fear of me it would panic and hurt itself. Not wanting to carry that burden, I moved forward with caution, ever mindful of this tiny animal and its view of me.

I finally was close enough to to peer around the tree just enough to see the pile of branches and leaves that was hidden from my view earlier. I stopped, no sound came to my ears, my heat pumping rapidly, wondering “Did it run, and I not see it?” But, as I peered closely, and let my eyes adjust to the shadows, I saw it. At the same time it saw me, but this time it did not run, it started to shiver and shake. My heart felt sad, for fear is not what I intended. Then I saw in the darkness of the shade a wound on his leg. The back leg had a gash, the poor creature was scared and hurting, and probably too tired to run unless absolutely necessary. Slowly I backed up and found a tree further away to watch over it.

As soon as I stepped back it began to relax, it’s heart rate slowed, and it’s breathing calmed. Then after a few minutes it stretched out it’s leg and began to lick it’s wound. Slowly and carefully at first, and looking warily my way to make sure it was safe. Then as the wound was cleansed, more rapidly and diligently it cleaned itself and thoughts of me seemed to pass from it’s mind. I watched in awe, and feeling sadness and empathy for it’s pain and suffering. Then realizing, that this is the way of things. Pain will come and pass, we all suffer from it in some form or another. Like this little creature, we all need time to regroup, heal, find our strength and remember what we are capable of. Then like a shot of lightening, I realized this little creature was me. In this moment my wounds hurt, and cause me pain. I try to hide from all who would interrupt this process. It is my pain, it is real, no one but me needs to understand my process. It needs to be done, not only to heal, but to also grow and realize that some pain is avoidable and if I am smart enough and diligent enough, I can avoid some, and overcome all!

Hope you are having a wonderful day, sending my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing And Other Charlatans!

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Well another day on the planet, and words swimming around the court case involving people who died in a sweat lodge. A friend of mine called me earlier today, to mention the court case on True TV about the manslaughter case against a self help guru in Arizona. First and foremost, my heart goes out to all the families that were affected by this senseless tragedy, I am truly sorry for the pain and loss this has caused you. One thing that struck me as I watched this programming was, asking the experts, how to tell when some one is basically full of bull. This brings to mind so many religious leaders in our history, many dictators and so many other people we give our power away to even in family or work relationships.

I just want to say, that it saddens me to think, that so many people willingly give away their power, their belief in themselves and their own gut instincts, and some how believe some one elses  point of view is better or more accurate than their own. Personally, we all give away power at some point in our lives, so in this case it becomes a matter of duration and degree. For most of us, we relinquish it on occasion and soon realize that this person is trying to take over our free will to think rationally or to function in a way that pleases us. For the record, it is never okay for you to feel like who you are is not good enough to judge for yourself. Everyone goes through periods in life where they are seeking knowledge, growth, love and a sense of belonging, this is a normal part of being human. What is not okay, is for some one else in helping you and guiding you to tell you that when something feels wrong to you, that you are wrong or some kind of a failure. What is good for you, may not be good for them and visa-verse. It breaks my heart that anyone person can feel so lost in themselves to basically be pulled on a leash by some one else, who really has no concept of who that person is. No one can know you better than yourself, growing and healing is personal only to you, and only you can know what kinds of things are good for you and work for you. There is no one size fits all spiritual experience, and even with so many religious and spiritual options available, you have to decide if any of them fit, or none of them fit, or if pieces and parts of many different things fits you. Honestly, spiritual growth does not require a check book, credit card or a purchase. If any one really wants to know what to look out for, leave your check book at home. Going to a retreat is fine and dandy, but even if you are in the middle of no where, you have the power to say, I am done! I paid for the privilege to see what you are about and what this is about and I am not buying it. I am not okay with it, you can walk out of the sweat lodge, encampment or the state for that matter, that is what free will is about!

Anyway, if you have any thoughts about this or anything else I post, please let me hear from you. Honestly I could go on and on. In closing remember when you were two, and some one took a toy from you, or even a cookie, you stomped your feet and demanded it back. We train our children not to be selfish, but that does not mean we should be selfless. If you don’t like something, just say no, no tantrum required, in civil way possible, be you and stick to your guns. Hoping your week is starting off wonderfully, sending my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Dental Blues!

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Well, today I went to the dentist as planned. It being a clinic it was very time consuming, especially since I had an x-ray done and only a short consultation. I went to my appointment at the time given 9:00 am, unfortunately when they gave me the appointment they did not mention that they book everyone at 9 am. I arrived at ten minuted till nine and found I was the last of the morning appointments to arrive. The dentist does not show up until nine thirty am, and they don’t even start taking people back there until ten fifteen. That is one thing I will never understand about clinics, why have people come in at a certain time, and the doctors don’t sow up until later. I mean really, I may not have a doctorate degree, but does that mean my time is less valuable than a person who does?

Anyway, not only is he late, but we further have to wait when he does get there, which is even more ridicules! Anyway, at eleven fifteen am I finally get to go back there to see the dentist. At ten forty-five I had to get my x-ray of my tooth in question. I am explaining it this way because I do have a point. When I get back there, last as I explained, he tells me he does not feel comfortable taking the tooth. Now, to me, if he was that uncomfortable with it, couldn’t he have taken me back earlier, to let me know. The deal is, my tooth had a root canal years ago, and luckily for me this dentist said, my old dentist did an exceptional job on it. What I did not know is that when the root is taken the tooth dies. Now, a dead tooth becomes extremely brittle and like a twig can and will snap when you put pressure on it, ex: putting pliers on it to pull it. What will happen is when you try to pull the tooth, generally the piece they are holding onto, to pull it out, well it will break off. So, in other words he said he would do it if I wanted too, be it would be painful, and tie intensive, and at some point would require him to be digging the tooth out of my gums! Now, raise your hand if this sounds like a good plan! I am assuming you did not raise your hand, unless you are very much into masochism.

Okay, so the good news is that the tooth is not infected, because the previous dentist did sure a stand up job. Also, good news, this dentist said that my gums were very healthy and I did not need to take it out, immediately. He recommended, I go to an oral surgeon to have the work done, when I was indeed ready to have it done. I am so very pleased that my day did not end with me babying a hole in my gum. Just a little miffed that my time was so stupidly wasted. I think it would have been appropriate, to pull me back for this five minute consultation, and let me on my merry way. It does not seem to me, that this would have insulted the other patients in any way, and it would have allowed me to go on with my day, doing something productive. By, the look of stress on his face, it could have gotten him off the hook sooner as well.

Enough of the fun for today, hope your day is going great. Sending out my love to you and yours, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Job Ettiquette, Is It Dead?

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Well, it really has been a minute. I did work on Friday and Saturday, and yesterday, it was all about recuperating. I could barely walk, blisters on the bottoms of my feet and hands swollen, it was a pampering day for me. Not a complaint, just an explanation for my absence. Hoping you had a great weekend! Anyway back to the title of this page. Just another little anecdote from my life. I was working at a banquet on Friday and Saturday, busy days for sure. If you have ever done banquets it is a busy job. All your costumers get seated at the same time, pretty much. And it is none stop running to take care of everyone! It is fun, time flies and for me it is work! In between meals, we were responsible for things like rolling silverware for the guests and cleaning tables and making iced tea, or coffee, or what ever the suitable beverage for the meal was. My story taks place while we were rolling silverware on Friday.

Several of us are sitting at these tables, and this young man starts to talk about tripping on acid, smoking weed, popping pills and getting drunk ( you know what I mean a very young man, early twenties). So, he gathers a few followers to the conversation, and they are all basically comparing notes and laughing it up about the drugs they take and things they have done when they are high. Finally, he tries to get me involved in the conversation, with a “What about you? What do you do for fun?” I replied that I have an occasional drink and I smoke cigarettes, which I need to quit smoking for sure. He cracks up, and says, “I bet you do more than that!” I smiled back at him and said “I have had my moments, but they are not to be shared here, there is a place and a time.” He says back to me that he has had this conversation with the server in charge . I explained to him, that I was brought up differently, I liked this job and was not going to risk not getting to come back over a silly conversation, a conversation that was inappropriate for being at work, especially at a temporary job. This is an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light, a chance to show this particular employer and the temporary service, what kind of an employee you really are. He looked at me like I just spanked him, and gave me some kind of snotty answer back. I said, look, do what you want, I just don’t want in it. The head server pops up at this point and takes this young man and a few others at the table to do something else. As soon as he walks away, the young girl sitting next to me, lets out a big sigh and says to me ” I am so glad you said something, thanks.” I aid sure, I wasn’t trying to be rude to him, but I wanted to be clear, that I was not going to be party in this conversation and why. She replied, “This is awkward for me, I work at the temporary service, I just came out to make some extra hours on my check. Now, I have to figure out if I should say something at the office or just let it go, like I am not the one that recruits. I just wanted to tell you appreciated you saying something to stop it!” To which I laughed, ironic,huh? I never said anything more to him, not my place and she wanted to be annonymo9us anyway. But, it just goes to show you, watch what you say and do, you never know who is watching or listening!

All my love to you all, have a great day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Art Is Food For The Soul!

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I am still working on the sunflower painting, hopefully I will be done today or tomorrow. It should be obvious that I did not make it to the art show today. My tooth is killing me again, so I am trying to heal up, in the hopes that I can avoid another bill, and save the tooth. We shall see. So many things on my mind right now, so many choices before me, and not clear answers  on which way to turn. Time is running out and choices will have to be made. The crazier it gets the more I immerse myself in my art. Both to keep myself calm and feel the happiness art brings me and to trigger those problem solving skills that are definitely right brain activities. Like art which is right brain, problem solving skills are also right brain. I can honestly say that my biggest obstacle is fear. I do not trust myself to make the right decision, it seems so many of my choices have led to more problems. I am tired now and am seeking relief. Unfortunately, that does not mean my struggles are over, wanting something and getting it are generally two different beasts!

At this point in my life caution is definitely the rule of the day. Impulsiveness, which has always been my way, is now retired, and that worries me as well. Because, the truth of it is that sometimes being impulsive can lead to good things. I feel like I am taking a huge exam, and this one could change my life forever, for good or ill. It is a timed test and time is running out, so a choice has to be made, and I do not know the right answer. Today I will paint, and hope, and pray that somehow in all of this I can find my answer, and that the answer I choose is the right one! Searching my soul, my heart and my mind, while I work to complete my newest artwork. I will work also to find the answer to the next path I choose in life. Wish me luck ( the good kind), I need it!

Time is ticking away at me, and I have lots to do before the sun sets for the day. The lottery jack pot is not mine as of yet, and I have been working on a thought to do some good in this world, while I can. I truly want to give back in some way, since money has ever been a hardship for me, I must find another way. A plan has been formulating in my mind for quite sometime, and I must fix on it and make it happen. As I work out the smaller details and move forward I will be sharing with you, it does have to do with charity, and there are several that are dear to my heart.  I believe my choices are at hand, and my wishes for my destiny in art are not about me, but to help others with the gift I have been given. Send me your good will, and I will work hard on making you proud to know me. That I can promise! Sending you all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Smiling On The Inside!

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Well, today I actually have a job to do. The Temp Service I signed up with is sending me to do banquet work today and tomorrow. Oh and on Monday I went to meet a man about a job as well, that one is sales, no pay commission only, better get my game on for that one if he calls. He did call yesterday to let me know I would not be hearing from him till Monday. Anyway, in the mean time, I have this banquet to serve at the next two days, and to make things just the right amount of fun, the Cosmos has decided that now would be a great time to have an abscessed tooth! It started last night, and I found a few penicillin to take, which helped me get some sleep last night, the joke is this morning, my face is swollen! The left side of my face and jaw is all puffy and it is making it hard to move my face, you know, like to smile and talk.

I actually find this hysterical, and only have two choices to laugh like a mad woman or cry. I have been trying to find a job so long, and finally get a little nibble and this is what I have to go through. It is crazy. Wish me luck, I can’t call in or they won’t send me to other work, and I can’t go to the dentist, too broke for that. I have to hope beyond hope that I can get this tooth under control, until I can find some gainful employment. I hope that some how I can relay a smile at this job so that they think I am friendly, how much does that stink! Having a server who looks like she would rather be some where else! Which I do even now, and I am at home still! If I knew some one with pliers, I would let them rip it out for me, it hurts so bad right now!

So, the goal for my day is paint a smile on, if I can’t make my mouth make on naturally and hope for the best. My eyes are smiling, but most people are not observant enough for that. They tend to go the obvious route and look at your smile, hopefully I can pull it off!

If I have enough energy and anything exciting to share I will update you later today, otherwise my goals after work will be simple. Probably more brushing of the teeth, mouthwash and maybe a nap to get myself rested to deal with this infection. If I am lucky I will be able to do some artwork, that was my goal yesterday and I got nothing done, my face hurt too much to concentrate on anything! Hopefully today will be better, pray hard if you do, or wish my happy thoughts if you don’t I need it! Lots of love to you all, hoping you are having a good day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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