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Whatever The Weather We Will Be Together!

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Today is D-day for me! My daughter is going to come and visit me, I am so beyond excited! So much to do. I dropped off some art at the frame shop. It will be ready later today! I cannot wait, plus that means all I have to do is take some pictures and them new stuff to show you and new stuff for the store! Hooray! The weather outside is frightful (bet you’ve heard that before), but as long as she is careful, I will be seeing her nice and early in the morning. I just can’t wait!

Got the bills paid, not much left to save for the move, but hoping that will all change soon. New roomie moving in next week and yard sales on the horizon. Save, save, save! Lots to do before the big move. Would love to trade some art for a better running car, not so thrilled about taking her up there, she is not very young and I think she is tired. Going uphill takes the wind out of her sails! Since, I am not moving to the plains (more hill country), this could be rough on her. So, I keep wishing and praying that something will break loose. Winning the lottery could really hep! I am still waiting. News is the check is in the mail. Seeing as it is God promising, who do you complain to, when there are delays! Big smile for all of you who just freaked a little, I am a silly girl and will remain so. He knows I am joking around, not about receiving the money I am not, just the part about the check being in the mail. It will arrive at the best time possible, for sure!

Picked up my numbers for the weekend, ready to win. It would be so wonderful to have the money to spend with my daughter here! I am happy no matter what, it has been a while since I have been able to spoil my girls, and I look forward to that day again, plus spoiling my grand-babies! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed! You do the same!

Quick note, I have a couple of friends, whose husbands a really ill right now. Would love it, if you could send some love and good wishes their way. I know they would appreciate it too! Both are wonderful women, and their husbands are really great guys. It seems age and illness are getting the better of both of them. It would be really nice if they could stick around a while longer.

So the weather man is apparently calling for rain (so I hear, need to watch the forecast to be sure). I am hoping whatever may come is gentle, so my sweetheart can make it safely to my door. On the other hand, I do know she would be thrilled to see snow again. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best of both scenarios. No matter what seeing the smile on her face, is all I dream of! In no time at all, it will be the reunion with my other daughter, that makes it a winning year, full of love and life and beauty! Can’t beat that with a stick! Hoping you are having a lovely day, sending joy and love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Sleepy Thursday!

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Today is a sleepy day for me. Just got in an hour ago, been out to pay bills and get groceries and gas. Last night was crazy though. I did not fall asleep until after three this morning, and got up at eight. I am so very ready for a nap! Got a lot done, and still have more to do, but I am sure some well deserved red eye would do me a world of good. The weather is making it easier, it is cloudy and rainy and cool. Perfect weather for a nap, even if I wasn’t already exhausted. When I am done here, a nice blanket and pillow are calling my name.

Per the lottery to prove how tired I am, I managed to discard my lottery ticket without checking the numbers from last night. Well, I am pretty sure it wasn’t a winner, not being negative, but I did look at them and it is very unlikely that my ticket was a winner of any kind. Mental note to self, try not to do things related to money when tired, it could be very costly!

As for working in the online shops, no sales yet, but I remain hopeful that as the year moves on that things will begin to move in the right direction. Even though sales have not been happening, it does appear that the amount of hits, or stops into the shops and certain items seems to be increasing, so that is a good sign. I did Google myself last night (while I fought for sleep), I noticed that I guess other people have posted things form my shop in different shops, not for sale, but in blogs or other information sites.  Not sure what it all means, I am hoping this is a good thing. If you know what this is, a note to give me the heads up would be greatly appreciated.

The phone has been crazy and I am back after much housework, cooking, a nap and several phone calls. It is finally time for me to get some work on my crocheting on the way, got to have it done by the 10th of March, so got to get it done. Lots more to do after that. I am getting so excited about seeing family again. It has been years, so it is well appreciated and deserved.

I hope you r week is closing with great and wonderful things. Lots of laughs and great memories that you can keep in your heart for years to come. If you feel like your life is empty, immerse yourself in the helping of some one you know or don’t know for that matter. Give what you can to them, even if it is simply a conversation. Those little things will truly bring such joy and connection into your life. I am on my own journey, very soon to depart, and I cannot wait to experience those things and so many more in my growth as a person! Sending out my love to you and all you love as well, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Happy Valentines Day!

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Today I am working on a drawing I started a couple of weeks ago(before I got the flu). Lots of tiny detail work. Although money is tight and my abilities to go celebrate the holiday in customary fashion are hindered. It is none the less my favorite holiday of the year, besides Christmas. These two holidays remain dear to me for one reason, they are so focused on love.  On this Valentine’s Day, I wish for you a happy one. If you have some one to share it with do it. It does not matter if you have money to spend on each other, what matters is just showing them you care. If you do not have that special some one, like a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, do not despair. Do something kind for a neighbor, friend, child, parent or anyone you feel drawn to share a little bit of love. A simple act of kindness is all, just to let that person (who may not have some one to get that from) feel loved or appreciated, just noticed on a day, when it is so easy to feel out of the loop!

As an example, I remember that for my daughters, every year on Valentine’s Day, we had out own little ritual. I would get up early and make thin German pancakes(chocolate flavor), and fill them with fruit filling(usually strawberry or cherry) and then top them with whipped cream. To go with it a nice mug of home made hot cocoa with whipped cream or marshmallows. With their breakfast, I would lay out a card, heart shaped box of chocolates for them to share with friends, and any other gift for that day. Since it is not a school holiday, I wanted to make sure they were able to get that special love from me to carry with them through out the day. No matter who got something from this boy or other, they had that special time with me in the morning, and it made their day! They still talk about it, and yesterday my youngest called for the recipes, so she could do that for her room mates. I know they had a wonderful day!

So as I head back to work on my artwork, just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Just a little extra love today, since today is a holiday of love. After all, we all need to feel special and what better day to feel special than today! Extra love to you and yours, wishing you love of happiness today, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Monday Virus Scare, Just In Time For Halloween!

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Well this morning I woke up to an e-mail from  a special friend notifying me I had a virus in my e-mail. I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently, my Yahoo sent out a spam notice to several people I know, if you are one of them, it is fixed! So, I wrote him back, lucky for me, he knows a lot about computers, it is his job to do so. He has the Degrees and experience to back it up. Anyway, he asked if we could check on my Yahoo mail first since that seemed to be the first thing he noticed. So we logged in to the account and he recommended that I change my password. Well, we tried several times and it would not let me change it! A huge surprise, since I have done it several times through the years and never had a problem with it. I ended up having to send an e-mail to my other mail box saying I had lost my password, so that it would prompt me to change it and I finally got it fixed.

While we were working on it, I asked him how that could have happened and he asked me if I had used a library computer at all. I replied that I had in the past, but it had been over a year since I had done so. He said that is probably how it had happened. The library computers, save all your information when you log into your sites,and some one can come along afterwords and steal that information. This was news to me, I did not know this was possible. I assumed (bad word), that the library would have some kind of a safety net in tacked to avoid such thievery. I guess not as good as I had expected. So, if you knew that, I am so happy you know better. If you did not know that, please be very careful, not to go to personal sites on a public computer. I ended up with viruses and a huge mess out of it. Lucky for me some on was looking out for me, and I am so thankful for that! The reason, I was unable to get into my account and change my password, as good as we could guess, was that the other person became alarmed that I was changing it and was trying to safeguard his or her access to that account.  Any way problem solved.

I will share with you things, obviously in hindsight, that I was noticing the last week or so. For several days last week, every time I went to check my mail, I was prompted to re-enter my password, that is highly unusual. I was going to send out an e-mail to yahoo after about 3 days of this, but it just stopped. Also, my friend did let me know that I had sent out an e-mail, spamming other friends of mine. Which I can honestly say I did not do. If you notice any strange behavior with your mail, please take the time to find out. Like I said, I found 27 viruses in my computer after this whole episode. So take care!

Off to painting again, got to finish my painting. As usual, I gave myself way too much to do yesterday, and did not complete my tasks, so today I must catch up. I still have to get picks of several works and also, start a contest of my own to choose a piece of art for the contest I would like to enter. Hoping you had a great weekend, and that today is a great start to a new week! All my love to you, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Missing Piece Of The Puzzle!

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Well, today was a hot one. Thunderstorms, came by in the afternoon, but they did last long. It helped keep the heat down, I guess, but it definitely increased the humidity. It was a no sale day, Sherry bought a couple of bracelets from me, so that helped a little, but no other costumers. Her shop did pretty good today though, so I am happy for her.

Today I came to a realization, my mind has been racing 240 directions or more lately. It seems so much is happening so fast. On the other hand it seems like nothing is moving as fast as it should be, bit of a quandary. I kept trying to piece it all together and I suddenly thought  , it feels like something is tickling at the edge of my brain and I can’t see it. Like there is a piece of the puzzle missing and it is right in front of me, and I can’t find it. Like not seeing the forest for the trees. That is a maddening feeling, I am sure if I can distract myself long enough, it will jump right in front of me. So, my mission for the evening is to keep myself distracted and hope for the answer to appear.

The main point is I need money asap, and a lot of it. With all the problems I have with my neck, back, arms and hands that is tough. On the other hand, i am over qualified to do menial work,, so I get bypassed. I feel like the answer to this is so close I can touch it, and yet it is completely invisible to me at this time. The problem is not that there are no ideas, it is more like there are thousands hitting me at once. So, one by one, I have to dig through them some are not feasible at this time due to time required or monetary investment. I have many talents, so I have to sort through it all and figure out which ones I can do, how quickly and at the lowest investment cost, but biggest return. That is how I plan to spend the rest of the weekend, doing housework, painting, crafts, and keeping a notepad close by to keep notes of everything hitting me. Researching all possibilities, and doing a realistic list of good options.

First things first, a cold bubble bath to cool off and clean off all the sweat and grime from being in the heat today. Next, get to work and see how much I can get done. Come Monday, the job search will begin, along with doing the art show. A small amount of time to do a lot of work. This is no time for me to be lackadaisical, hopefully one day that will be an option (preferably sooner than later). Wishing you and your a joyous weekend, sending you my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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