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The Winds Of Change!

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Well, sorry for the absence the last couple of days. Unseen developments, had popped up in my personal life, so I had business to do. Seems, that life once again has sent me a curve ball, or that I have been t-boned. Got to watch in all directions or things can sneak up on you. The my friends is what happened to me. I am happy, do not mistake this for a cry on your shoulder kind of experience. One thing I can say for sure is, all the work I have been doing on myself is really paying off. Even though for a little bit I had to fight off tears and fears of rejection. I am proud, I did not cry, I feel very upbeat, and truly cannot wait to see where this will all take me. Now, if that remains the case only the future can reveal, for now I am good. I reason for the break was because I was consoling him ( crazy, huh?), he was taking it harder than I was. He was feeling guilty and I dare say confused, normally breaking up is much more dramatic. Kind of mind blowing for both of us, now I am used to less bumpy breakups than the average Joe, but this was smooth sailing! Anyway, if you are going to do it, I hope you can work yours out amicably as well, well worth it!

Okay, so my plans for the weekend have changes. I was going to research a couple of possible business venues, but that has been bumped to next weekend. Now, things seem to be back to normal ( with a twist of course), so off to my shower, and really going to try to work on some art and housework. My friend came by the other day and brought me some Sylvia Brown, whom I just love! So, she is my new companion to help me grow spiritually and keep my focus on the positive. I believe life is a class, and on this last exam, let’s just say I Rule! Feeling like the answers are coming, and that I am paying attention to them as well. Feeling less like a leaf tossed in the wind, and more like a a kite flying free ( but with the ever trusty string and guide to keep me safe)!  Just wondering how your week is going? I do hope life is being good and kind, and if you have reached a bump, how are you handling it? Please drop a note, if you feel the urge, would love to hear your thoughts.

Now for a quick update, I just checked my lottery numbers, and I did not win the big jackpot yet. I do hope some one won something. Not sure anyone on the whole thing, I think not, I do still hope some lucky folks out there are having a nice weekend, due to the lottery! Life is good! Wishing you my love as always, from the heart, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Cool Cats, Working Kitties!

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Well, just got done loading a bunch of artwork into my various shops! Whew! I  am over the computer scene for a while. Now it is off to make more artwork to load into this hungry beast! Lots of kitties today, I will post them on this blog so you can see them. It is all part of my cat collection! But, if you can take a minute and check out any one of my shops, feedback is always good! The kiddies need to be working hard to make Mama proud! Well, enough of that silliness. Still have lots of work ahead to load  all my art into the various shops I have online. But, steady as she goes, today I got a lot done, and still have goals to accomplish so much more!

Hoping your hump-day is going well, I was thinking earlier, I would love to make a bucket list. It would be huge, feet long, like a seasoned criminal’s rap sheet! But, it would be a good thing to do none the less. Probably wait till I move, so it does not get lost in all the packing. I want a bucket list and goal board (future board, not really sure what they call them), but something visual to keep me on my future track, goals I want to reach and such. I totally forgot what those are called. I know one thing if I had it right, it would show up in the tags! Well, if you read this and know what I am talking about (proper term and all), I would love to hear from you as well!

As for the lottery, no big win for me yet. Last night was Megs ball, if anyone won, I am here to say Good For You! You give me hope for my win as well. I hope some one will be happy for me when I win, some one besides the IRS, I mean. Speaking of which, don’t forget to get your taxes together. It is that time of the year, and before you know it the deadline will be here, and many of you will be scrambling for the post office or tax preparer. So, get em done soon! Anyway, got to run, before my neck really hates me and I end up sofa bound! Hoping you have a great day, sending all my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Gold Rush!

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Just got done watching the episode of Gold Rush from last night. Wow, that is an adventure for sure. The guys working so hard and persevering through so many hurdles and hardships! More power to them, since I know they are somewhere else at this point, or with any luck getting prepared to go back for another summer, I am hoping this all works out for them. It is really exciting to see people reaching for dreams(ones most people would say are to risky), and swallowing all the nay sayers and following what they believe in! That is admirable to me, as an artist I can relate to spending too much time, listening to people who did not believe in me or my dreams. The way I see it is this, if you love something you should do that. No matter what others say, if you love singing and it turns out you really can’t sing, you may find you are good at writing music, lyrics, producing, scouting, giving music lessons, teaching piano, follow what you love and you will always find a way to live, and live happily. No one else can live in your heart, when you are happy all else in your life will be fulfilling! I think these guys are great, they took what they always dreamed of and in their moment of most need dove in. I wish them a lot of success! They really do deserve it.

Life is not forever, and nothing on this planet is forever. The whole set up is about perpetual change. Those most able to be versatile, and most resilient will be the most successful. just ask a cockroach or an alligator. Times may be tough, and can get tougher, look through history you will see times way tougher than we have seen. but, human beings so far, have survived because we are able to transform ourselves, our life styles and our habits to continue on. Right now our greatest challenges are to change our thinking from being so greedy and focusing on giving back to a planet that has kept us alive for thousands of years! What good is all this technology and wisdom, if we do not use in to not only help us survive, but help all survive? The truth is that without all the species of plants, animals and climates, we will be gone too. We are all completely dependent on each other, not matter how hard we would like to believe it does not matter. Just because you don’t look out your window every day and not see the whale population dwindling, or the lack of rainforests in your backyard, does not mean it will not have a direct effect on your life. It may take a minute, but eventually you will feel the impact, and the day you do, it will probably be too late to fix it. We have a bad habit of seeing the obvious, only when it causes us direct pain or loss. We are smarter than that and should act like it too!

Hoping you are having a great day today! I am spending my last dollar on getting my car running again, she has lost her alternator. Hopefully soon, things will improve and I can retire her and get a more environmentally conscious vehicle. No word on the lottery, no big win yet, but I can still feel it, the time is near! Sending my love to you and yours, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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