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Giving Back!

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We today I went down to the food bank. Needed groceries and some toiletries. I have not been able to get a ride to the food stamp office, and so I walked to the food bank, hoping to get some assistance, I had no idea how I was going to get it all home, it is about a mile walk, and not a big deal empty handed, but carrying, dish soap, laundry soap and groceries was going to be a tough challenge. Stepping out in faith that somehow I would make it home without difficulty and letting that supreme power handle my light work. Great news, I made it home with a ride from some one I knew up there and arrived without incident at my home. Even got help carrying it all in! What a great day!

Well, this all lead to something else. On occasion, I have walked up to the church next door to that office for dinner on Thursday nights. It is usually good food and a chance to meet people from around town. I asked my friend who helped me get home today, if she could use some help tomorrow. Yes, she is the one who does the cooking for this dinner every week. She said yes. I mean hey, what else am I doing right now? I am currently unemployed and count on these little things myself to stay fed and keep a roof over my head. So I thought I am not doing anything like work at this time, other than working on my art. So I have time to give back in a simple way to those who have been helping me. I can offer my arms and legs and help them to continue to provide these services. In my own little way helping to contribute to my own needs as well as giving me an opportunity to help people who are in my situation or even worse off. So,  tomorrow I will be working. It may not be a paying gig, but it is working. This is my way of saying to those powers that be, I am ready to give my time. With any luck, it will expedite my chances of making some real cash! keep your fingers crossed, I really need a break, and am willing to do what I have to do to make it happen.

Well, I have about $2.00 in chance on me, just enough to get one last lottery ticket. I just got home, and not sure if I am going to splurge it today or wait for Saturday night’s drawing. I will see what my gut tells me. For now I am happy to be home again and looking forward to working on some painting. It is my stress release. Since tomorrow I will not be home all day, this is my day to do what brings me joy! I am going to work, smile and dream of the things I want in my life. Wishing for all the blessings and dreams I wait to happen everyday. Wish me lots of luck, I am sending it your way too! If you have anything to share, I will gladly respond and if you want an extra happy wish, let me know what you are hoping for and I will send some extra love and good wishes your way. Sending out my love to you and yours as always, diana*!/profile.php?id=100000810145663


Holding On!

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What are you holding on to? Something occurred to me the other day. I have heard it before, but never really took it to heart. It is that, you can’t move forward without leaving the past (or present, whatever the case may be). I never realized how true this is and how it can impact your life. One thing I learned is that by letting go of the old, you clear room for the new. Your life is like a big closet, and it can hold a lot! But we fill those closets fast, believe it or not. Once that space is full, there is no more room, unless you clean it all out.

What I mean to say is that, if you want new clothes, when the opportunity to get rid of some old things, do not hesitate. Give it away, throw it away, lend it out. When you let go of all the old stuff, it will make room for new stuff. You will be surprised and amazed, how quickly new things will come into your life, when you are willing to let go of the old. The more new things you receive, the more happiness you have in receiving it, the more likely more new tings will come your way, and even more likely you will be to let go of things that you do not need anymore.It works for stuff, relationships, jobs, work, money or whatever you need to bring into your life! I am not recommending you give away your last shirt or pants, or even your last dollar. I am not saying you should be haphazard about how you live your life. I am saying, quit being afraid of letting go!

A new chapter in your life could be on the brink. You stand at a precipice and look over your life ahead of you, and sometimes the things we cling to are like an anchor. It keeps us rooted in the same place we have been for days, months or even years. If you want to bring about change in your life, you have to be willing to let go of those chains. it takes the  weight off your heart and the pull off of the tow, moving you forward into a brave new world. Have faith, all is not as it appears sometimes. It may seem like you are losing more and more, you feel like the world has turned against you. However, once you let go, you will be surprised to see all those things come back to you, bigger and better than ever!

For example.,. water will stagnate when no current is there. No movement, causes it to sour and become dead and lifeless. All life in that pool of water will eventually die as well. But, if you clear out the waterways to and from this body of water, before you can imagine it, life will return! New plants will grow, species will return and the water will become clear and healthy again. We are no different, we need growth and constant new creations to keep us happy and interested in this life. But, we must do the work, and be willing to let the old things fall away, return to a place in childhood. Return to a place where all is new and wondrous, where standing still is not some sense of false security. Go to a place where all things are of value, and be willing to share those things and move on to greater things!

Anyway, off my soap box I go. I haven’t got the winning ticket, just yet. But, it is close I am sure. I am ready to embrace a new chapter in my life! This time I am going to do it different. I want to see what it is like to be worry free when it comes to money, and further see what I will do with this opportunity when it is my turn! Wishing you lots of love and health, as always sending it to you and yours, have a great day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

All That Remains Is Love!

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Well, for starters, I did go to the craft and art fair yesterday. It was a bust, nothing, nobody, and so very hot! I had an opportunity to talk to one of the ladies in charge, and we hit it off well. Even though, it was a bad day, I will continue on, with the hope, that as word gets out it will improve. I plan to talk to her tomorrow and make plans to do a Grand Opening event soon, that way we can get the word out to the locals for buyers and more sellers. Hopefully a big jump start will bring things together for us. I also have a couple of ideas for the kids, and am hoping to get enough funds together to get that going as well. Business online is still at a dead spot, but I continue to learn new techniques and push forward every day. In time it will grow, and hopefully it will be sooner than later. Work, work, work and stay determined, do not let the bad days ruin you, faith must prevail! Anyway, that is what I keep beating into my head. So far this week I have been unlucky in Love, but with any luck with will open a door to Lucky In Finances!

I am going to continue on, and not let my love life interfere with my work, that has been and will be the one thing I will focus on. I am meeting new people everyday, and making new bonds. These will be the bonds that help me make it through the tough time I am having now. As one door closes another always opens, and I do believe this and that fact that it will lead to newer and better things ahead. I can’t let a speed bump in life deter me from continuing down the road. There are many kinds of love in this life, and as I get older, I am realizing that the love I have for myself is greatest of all. it can and will sustain me, and bring me to higher places in my soul and in my heart!I have the love and support of my children and my friends and these too, will bring me to the place I dream of in my mind. It is the place that brings me peace in all this ciaos. It is only a small minute in the expanse of time, and I cannot let that be the minute that destroys all my hopes and dreams for a better and brilliant future!

No big wins in the lottery drawing, so it will be another day. I think maybe it is time for me to focus on my dreams, and that would only distract me at this time. Completing the life I dreamed of as a child is what I must create, that will be the solace that soothes my soul. I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend, today no one is at the fair, so for me a day off. Tomorrow, will be another day to move forward. Anyone interested in any of my items online, be waned, I do take them with me to the show, so if it sells, it will be removed from my shops. Also, today a friend of mine is coming by to do a custom order for her, so hopefully at least that will be one small job to get me by. It will be nice to have some work! With any luck I will be able to work on it at the craft show the next day or so, not sure yet how big it is, may take a few days. I am looking forward to finding out. All for now, sending you and yours my love, hoping your Sunday is filled with it, and that you start out your week full of joy! Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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The Law, And A Few Other Things

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Just wanted to say, on the Dateline Show from last night about Billy Wayne Cope. It is sad, sickening and disheartening to know how poorly our legal system can be at times. Reality is that nothing is perfect, but when something is  so blatantly wrong with the whole process that some one who is forced into implicating themselves, is not given the right to freedom, I don’t know just rambling I guess. It hurt me as a fellow human being to see that some one who was very obviously railroaded, lose his wife, children and freedom, and the system not even trying a little bit to make it right. I am sick to my stomach about it.

Years ago, I found myself on the screwed side of our justice system, actually more than once. Never for a criminal offense, but in divorce and in property court. I learned the true meaning of bend over sweetie, and no lube involved if you know what I mean. I have really lost faith in our system, I did all the right things,I told the truth and had documentation to prove all I was trying to get across. But my opponents were better actors, and they were very good liars, and they all were connected with the system in some way. No one cared, when I lost my home of ten years, and because of that my daughter had to move in with her father. I was up to date with my mortgage by the way, and the judge gave me a 15 day notice to evict, apparently, I was never served it. My attorney called in concern 3 days before to see how I was handling everything, and I did not even know it. Great system! It breaks my heart, lost everything and now I am having to start my life over with nothing, my back is ruined from working so hard as a younger person, and I have not been able to find a job that does not put me in harms way. Now, I am struggling to get a business going for myself, online and it is hard, but I am persistent and can only have faith that one day karma will give back to me what was stolen and return that pain onto those who stole it. I don’t wish that kind of destruction on anyone, it hurt so very much. So much more was lost in that battle, my belief in honesty and truth did not prevail. I find myself very guarded around any one, including law enforcement, no one cared about my rights, or my daughter’s rights, they did not care if it was just, or legal or ethical, they cared only about protecting one of their own. To this day I don’t share this with people(this is way out of character for me), but when I see a case like this, it tears me to pieces. Pain always has a way of creeping back and reminding us, my heart goes out to this man.

Maybe I am just too innocent, but I feel we should all treat each other like we would like to be treated ourselves. You know, The Golden Rule, doesn’t anyone abide by this anymore. Has our greed taken away all sympathy, empathy and kindness from our hearts? It is a sad and scary thought. These kinds of things remind me of Mr. Cofie in The Green Mile. He says, they kill them with their love, ironic that love is used so often as a weapon against those who cherish it. This is not a thing we should be remembered for in history.

Off the soap box I go, back to my art, so I can try to purge this sadness from my soul. I haven’t had a chance to check out my lottery today, but I will be sure to update you as soon as I can. Have a beautiful weekend, all my love, diana

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