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The Winds Of Change!

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Well, sorry for the absence the last couple of days. Unseen developments, had popped up in my personal life, so I had business to do. Seems, that life once again has sent me a curve ball, or that I have been t-boned. Got to watch in all directions or things can sneak up on you. The my friends is what happened to me. I am happy, do not mistake this for a cry on your shoulder kind of experience. One thing I can say for sure is, all the work I have been doing on myself is really paying off. Even though for a little bit I had to fight off tears and fears of rejection. I am proud, I did not cry, I feel very upbeat, and truly cannot wait to see where this will all take me. Now, if that remains the case only the future can reveal, for now I am good. I reason for the break was because I was consoling him ( crazy, huh?), he was taking it harder than I was. He was feeling guilty and I dare say confused, normally breaking up is much more dramatic. Kind of mind blowing for both of us, now I am used to less bumpy breakups than the average Joe, but this was smooth sailing! Anyway, if you are going to do it, I hope you can work yours out amicably as well, well worth it!

Okay, so my plans for the weekend have changes. I was going to research a couple of possible business venues, but that has been bumped to next weekend. Now, things seem to be back to normal ( with a twist of course), so off to my shower, and really going to try to work on some art and housework. My friend came by the other day and brought me some Sylvia Brown, whom I just love! So, she is my new companion to help me grow spiritually and keep my focus on the positive. I believe life is a class, and on this last exam, let’s just say I Rule! Feeling like the answers are coming, and that I am paying attention to them as well. Feeling less like a leaf tossed in the wind, and more like a a kite flying free ( but with the ever trusty string and guide to keep me safe)!  Just wondering how your week is going? I do hope life is being good and kind, and if you have reached a bump, how are you handling it? Please drop a note, if you feel the urge, would love to hear your thoughts.

Now for a quick update, I just checked my lottery numbers, and I did not win the big jackpot yet. I do hope some one won something. Not sure anyone on the whole thing, I think not, I do still hope some lucky folks out there are having a nice weekend, due to the lottery! Life is good! Wishing you my love as always, from the heart, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Cool Cats, Working Kitties!

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Well, just got done loading a bunch of artwork into my various shops! Whew! I  am over the computer scene for a while. Now it is off to make more artwork to load into this hungry beast! Lots of kitties today, I will post them on this blog so you can see them. It is all part of my cat collection! But, if you can take a minute and check out any one of my shops, feedback is always good! The kiddies need to be working hard to make Mama proud! Well, enough of that silliness. Still have lots of work ahead to load  all my art into the various shops I have online. But, steady as she goes, today I got a lot done, and still have goals to accomplish so much more!

Hoping your hump-day is going well, I was thinking earlier, I would love to make a bucket list. It would be huge, feet long, like a seasoned criminal’s rap sheet! But, it would be a good thing to do none the less. Probably wait till I move, so it does not get lost in all the packing. I want a bucket list and goal board (future board, not really sure what they call them), but something visual to keep me on my future track, goals I want to reach and such. I totally forgot what those are called. I know one thing if I had it right, it would show up in the tags! Well, if you read this and know what I am talking about (proper term and all), I would love to hear from you as well!

As for the lottery, no big win for me yet. Last night was Megs ball, if anyone won, I am here to say Good For You! You give me hope for my win as well. I hope some one will be happy for me when I win, some one besides the IRS, I mean. Speaking of which, don’t forget to get your taxes together. It is that time of the year, and before you know it the deadline will be here, and many of you will be scrambling for the post office or tax preparer. So, get em done soon! Anyway, got to run, before my neck really hates me and I end up sofa bound! Hoping you have a great day, sending all my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Aging Gracefully!

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Wow, got a look at Susan Lucci today, did you know she is 64!? I am mean wow, she looks awesome! There seem to be so many women these days who seem to be aging with such grace and beauty, it is hard to believe. I can only walk away from those glances with the sincerest hopes, that I will be so lucky. I will say this, I know diet plays a part in it, and exercise, but I am beginning to believe there is more to it than that! The more I watch and see these women, i am convinced more and more it is about attitude than anything else. What I mean to say is that it seems the ones that look the best seem to be the most at peace with themselves, their lives and just full of love in their souls. There has to be something to that, the stressed out people we see on TV, really do show their age more, even when they have plastic surgery. Just a thought I wanted to share. I am really going to focus and bringing that peace and serenity into my life in a big way. I already do work everyday on being more loving in spirit, but I need to step it up a notch!

Got to make the best of the body and face I have! I do not mean it in a vain way, but there is something to be said about a healthy glow that goes far in others perception of who you are.  First impressions are al;ways on the way a person looks and carries themselves, and being business minded, if you want to make money, you have to look like you care about yourself as much as you do about your business. In this tight economy, if you want to stay in the game of business, you really have to look at how you are perceived.  This is not to say, you have to be twiggy, or that you should buy ridiculously expensive clothes, or even wear a ton of make up. It is to say, that no matter what you think you look like, maybe it would be good to get some one else to help you with what other people see. Just a note. I am going to look long and hard in the mirror today, see what I can do inexpensively to improve my impact on the world around me!

Lottery update, is that I have not won yet, or I would be paying someone to help me with my image, and getting my business out in a big way. Like a new gallery, with my name on it, and really looking hard into doing some really serious charity work and environmental work too! Hoping you are having a wonderful week, I am feeling very good these days. But for you and yours, I send my love and wishes, that today is the best day you have had so far! All my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Who’s That Girl?

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Well, off I go to the land of art. Been a while really, not for lack of trying, just been trying to get to feeling better. Since the last flu bout, and other personal stuff, it just seems like I am more tired than usual. So, every night I go to bed determined to shake it off, and do some work, but before I know it, morning has arrived and got to do this and that, before I know it it is the afternoon, and I haven’t had a chance to do any artwork. today it appears is no different, except, I am dragging out my art tools, if I have to stare at them all day or not! I will push myself, maybe it is just about having been sick and not playing with my markers and paints, that has me out of focus. Anyway, once I leave this blog, it is off to work I go. With any luck artists’ block will not be an issue. Who knows, once I get going, I may just unclog the damn and the creative juices will overwhelm me, it won’t be the first time.

I feel like I do not recognize this new person, I am. It is good though, almost wish I could have figured it out sooner, maybe it is just age. It could be the new found interest in my soul too, or the new determination to get my art career going. It could be just the acceptance of my spiritual gifts, and my ability to give those a chance to grow as well. I look into the mirror and wonder who is this girl?  Truthfully, it doesn’t matter who she is, I have determined that I like her very much! She can stay as long as she likes, I welcome her. As it is, no ideas in my brain, but that does not mean a blank piece of paper or a blank canvas won’t inspire me. I am feeling much more at peace with myself no matter what. I am convincing myself, that because I worked so crazy for so long, my body just needs some rest to catch up. Since, I don’t feel depressed or sad, I actually feel good, happy, and just quiet inside, that is really new to me! It seems to work nicely though, it is a change, so used to my mind reeling, but now the quiet seems to feel like a warm blanket. It is good! Hoping you had a wonderful weekend, not matter where you call home. Wishing you lots of smiles and laughter, sending out my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Car Shopping Anyone?

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Well, still staying busy. Worked at the gallery today, pretty quiet, made a couple of small sales, hoping for more this week for sure. Anyway, just a note to you all out there with online shops. The scammers are at it again. I got an e-mail from some one on my Zibbet store, he was inquiring about one of my paintings. He requested I send him a money request and from there it got crazy. The good news is I learned how to do that. I had never done a request for payment in Paypal, so I learned something that will most certainly come in handy in the future! Very cool, guess that is how people sell on Facebook and other such sites, good to know. Anyway, back to my buddy, he starts with how much he loves the painting. Then how he is a collector, and is a sailor. From there, it is how he is at sea, and if he sends me extra money, will I pay for the storage for this painting. I check out the address for shipping, it is UCLA, yeah, the university. Whatever, I took back the money request and sent him an e-mail declining his offer to purchase. So, just a note to be wary, they are up to getting money from every venue possible. Spread the word, and keep your heads clear.

As for the lottery, tonight is a drawing, and I am certain to be winning soon. So this evening, I spent going online and picking out the cars, yes plural, I am going to buy, and shopped for one for my youngest as well. The oldest child of mine I think is good for vehicles, she may need some down payment for a home or business. Anyway, the cars are picked, down to the colors and extras. Now it is time for me to decide where I want to live, coastal, I am pretty sure, and need to be close to a good gallery for me as well. If anyone has any pointers, would love to hear them. Give me an idea, where you think my art would do well. I mean it is selling here, and this is no big city! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Been working on some new art, hopefully this weekend while I am off, I can spend some time downloading everything to give you some more good art. Hoping your New Year is off to a great start. I think this is going to be a great year, for me for sure. I do hope it is even greater for you! Sending out my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Hope Is On The Horizon!

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Another day draws to a close, and the dawn of a new day will begin. Today, some good news,I can only hope this is the news I have long been waiting for. Only time will tell, if this is the beginning of my dreams, or just another bite to keep me going until that day. Today was a busy day, still sore from my two hard days at banqueting. My right shoulder is still causing me a lot of pain, muscle spasms haunt me and stiffness. All in all, it is to be expected, considering this is work I should not be doing. However, bills call out and money is the only thing that will quell them.

My errands today, were to deliver a book to a friend and check on shop to put my stone jewelry in. All in the hopes to start driving some income my way. I picked up the jewelry from the shop I had it stored at, and have brought it home. The next few days will be going through it all, pricing it and getting some sort of display made to set it all up in a craft store. While delivering the book, my friend asked me to get with her soon and see about putting my sunflower painting in a gallery she knows. She is friends with the curator, and thinks he would like to have it as well as any other flower paintings I can make. So, wish me luck, I would love to have a gallery to call home. I would love more to be able to make money through my art, and give my body a much needed break. It isn’t so much the damage in my neck, it is more about my inability to give less then 100% no matter the job. My body is not able to do one thing 100%, for extended periods of time. Doing art, I can break it up doing some housework, take a walk, go to the store, just mix it up. An employer expects all of you, every minute they pay you, as it should be. No whining, just good old fashioned hard work.

Yes, a couple of my friends have seen the painting, but do not feel left out. It is not finished just yet, today and tonight I hope to complete it. Artwork is funny that way, hard to put a time on it. Some pieces I breeze through in minutes or hours, others take days or even weeks. The canvas will tell you when it is done. So, I hope for tonight, but maybe she is not going to be ready. Kind of like a girl getting ready for a date. She will tell you when it is time to go!

In other news, I do have an appointment to see a dentist on Thursday morning. It will be cheaper, because I am going through a clinic, but at least the tooth will be removed. Hopefully if I have any cavities they will be taken care of as well. All depends on the cash I have, which at this point is not much. But at least I have a check coming to me on Friday. No news on a job as yet, and no jack pot from the lottery either. One day soon, all will be well, I am sure. I just have to hang in there a little longer. For the moment the clouds seem to be clearing, and I have a chance to breath, and reflect and more importantly, feel HOPE! Sending you my love, as aways, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Untarnished Bliss!

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Today was a busy day. So much to do and so little time. I have been neglecting my artwork a lot lately, and I miss it very much. Once done here, I am determined to get busy. None the less, had to go into downtown Knoxville today. Last night I received two calls about work. The first call was to do two shifts, one on Friday and another on Saturday, for banquets. Guess this means, I get to make a couple of dollars this week! That is good news, the second was for me to finish in person, my online application at a temporary service. My appointment was today at 11:15 am, just got home a few minutes ago. My story for this blog will be focused on an event that transpired on the way to that interview.

We were driving along a stretch of road, nicknamed Death Highway. So named, because it is a a four lane road, with no lights for night driving, and countless blind spots. These blind spots created by the constant winding road. Closer to the city, traffic lights and street lights do appear, but the speed limit is still 45 mph or higher. As we come around the bend,a sight I have never seen before, a true shock! In the middle of the road, no median in sight, just two solid yellow lines for protection, is a sight that made me gasp and want to cry all at the same time. Here in the middle of massive traffic from both directions, with only a yellow line for protection, is an elderly gentleman, with a walker. He is walking in the center, and obviously should be wearing a wide load sigh, because he is definitely over the width of that yellow line.  I slow down the truck and gasp, looking at the traffic, I realize that a women, following him, is keeping traffic at bay. She is driving (or rolling) at a slow speed to shield this man as he walks along the center of the road. I say call 911, and realize, that she has probably done so, since she seems to be keeping an eye on him till reinforcements arrive. Now, I look at this man, surely he must be terrified beyond belief, shaken with tears confused and lost. I have seen patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, once they find themselves in an unfamiliar place they pretty much lose it. I look at him walking, with vigor in his step and a HUGE smile on his face. Not sure if in his old age, he just wanted to do something he could have never gotten away with in his youth (some can be quite feisty at this point in this part of life). Or, if he was truly just out of it, and had a completely altered perception of his place and time. All I do know, is that whether he was just trying to get away with something, or if he had lost the cheese off his cracker, he was happy! The look on his face was like the look on a college boys face at the beach during College Week! He was walking with pep in his step, big smile spread on his face and looking at the sites around, like he was at an amusement park! At this I started laughing, it was the cutest and funniest thing I had ever seen. I know he was in danger, but not really all traffic was slowing down, to accommodate, but I swear he looked like he was having the time of his life. So, I say GO YOU! He was happy no matter what planet his brain was on, and I am sure he has been taken to his rightful place of living for now. At this point, I feel worse for the folks who had to retrieve him, I am sure they are worried sick then and now. If they are reading, all I can say is this ” Wish you could have seen his face!” you would have worried less and smiled a whole lot more.

Okay, so now on to other things, I have not as yet, won the Power ball or the Mega ball. I continue to have faith however, the year is not up yet, and hey it could be next year. For now, I am hoping for it to be this year, and enough said about that. It was a glorious fall day today, not too hot and not too cold. There was a nice breeze and I enjoyed the weather immensely. I may get on here later with a blog about how the job interview went, that was exciting too. Enough for now, sending my love to you, have a wonderful evening, and if you wish to comment, please do.  diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Monday Blast!

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Well, it is the beginning of a new week, and a new season too! Fall has landed and no sign of summer since it began. Today it is in the 60’s and tonight high 30’s and low 40’s, in my neck of the woods. It is looking like winter will be on the cold side this year, maybe we can even hope for some snow! Around these parts, snow is slim to none. Good news in the clan, my daughter finally started a new job today, she has been looking for five months or more. So, congratulations to her! That is one stress off my mind, hopefully this is only the beginning for me and the ones I love. With any luck at all, may this week bring lots of good news to a lot of people. That would make it a great week, in my book.

Today, I am going to the docs to see about my tooth, supposedly full price, since I do not have a job. Not sure how that works, but I will go, need things checked out for sure. When I do get to go to work, I want this to be water under the bridge. Also, I need to finish my sunflower painting, sorry guys, I know it has been a while, I have been so tired. Hopefully today and tomorrow, I will be feeling better and be able to get some work done. I am looking forward to a new project too! Also, with all the transportation problems lately, it has cut into my sleeping time and so my energy is hot. Not to mention the time I lose everyday, running here and there, hours lost everyday, it makes it hard to get things done, when you are running the roads! Today, that is over as well, I am so relieved and can’t wait to get some sleep!

Loving the cool weather so much. It is really inspiring me to do some different work, just to get into the new season. It will be exciting to see, what will develop this fall. The changes of the seasons always excites me, feeling the change in weather, brings images and colors to my mind constantly. It will be fun to see the rewards. I did submit my pictures to the contest, I mentioned last week. The pictures on my post today reflect the choices I submitted. Technically the first  one s the submission, and the rest to show more of my body of work. I sent it out this morning. The good news is, that apparently they do this every four months. It is a great way to bring in fresh blood, and new styles. Plus great for the artists, it gives them some real advertisement and notoriety. Hope fully one day, I can call myself one of them!

Ready for a  nice day to rest and get my body back on track. Sick and tired of being sleepy all the time, and not getting anything done! Time to start humping! All my love to you all, maybe I will get back later with a special blog, dedicated to some one else. Oh, and when you are done, if you can, I would love feedback on which print you think should win the vote! Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Love And Calamity!

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What a week! Well, have been busy this week with many friends, all with problems with lovers. Some with husbands, others with boyfriends but all around a crazy week for love. It seems like some sent out the anti-cupid arrow and all who were struck are going through heated love battles this week. Now, it has been coming this way for a while, most of them were headed to disaster prior to this week, it is just funny how it all hit the fan this week! I feel lucky to have been missed by this arrow, because my tooth is in full flare up again, and I don’t really want anything else to fret about.

Since Monday I have been getting calls and visits from all those scorned lovers, and it has been a rough week for them. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering love’s big sting this week, or at all lately. It is very stressful and emotional, not to mention physically draining.With any luck, they will rise above it all, and find a solution to their problems. Love is a very powerful tool and like a sword it can cut both ways. It can cut in and heal and wound with deliberate and torturous pain. We must be careful how we use it.

Still working on the painting, but not enough to be done, between the advice line, I have unwittingly hooked up here at home, and the torment of this tooth. I am beyond distraction and finding it very difficult to work on the smallest of tasks right now. I bet you can guess what I would do if I had some money this week! Dentist! I don’t even like going to one, but if I could summon the cash I would be begging to go, right now! Got a coupon in the mail for Jerry’s Artorama this week, they are having a huge sale on paints, I think 70% off, which is a fabulous sale. If only I had a few dollars to rub together, this could be a great week, losing this painful tooth and gaining some much needed new paints, and art supplies!

Back to the love talk. I am more sad for the children who have to suffer while their parents duke it out, to fix the messes they are in. Been through two divorces in my life, and marriage no longer looks so romantically blissful to me. Not that I don’t think it is possible, but I am thinking the odds aren’t as good as I once thought. So, I have decided, that like craps, I am walking away from the table. I am not willing to chance another snake eyes roll! I personally think I have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding that heaven sent, dream man! My children are grown and no longer will be needing that father figure. I am also sure, they do not want to see me go through another sad break up. No one who loves you wants that for anyone! I do not want it for them! it is painful enough to watch friends go through it. The babies are the only ones who do not get a vote, there should be a camp, for kids to go to. When adults go through marital problems, or divorce, they should send their kids to camp until the fireworks are over. The shrapnel is reckless and painful. It can leave wounds for ever! So, I say lay down your weapons and work on a peace treaty, time to move forward.

Lots of love to you all, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Monday Virus Scare, Just In Time For Halloween!

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Well this morning I woke up to an e-mail from  a special friend notifying me I had a virus in my e-mail. I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently, my Yahoo sent out a spam notice to several people I know, if you are one of them, it is fixed! So, I wrote him back, lucky for me, he knows a lot about computers, it is his job to do so. He has the Degrees and experience to back it up. Anyway, he asked if we could check on my Yahoo mail first since that seemed to be the first thing he noticed. So we logged in to the account and he recommended that I change my password. Well, we tried several times and it would not let me change it! A huge surprise, since I have done it several times through the years and never had a problem with it. I ended up having to send an e-mail to my other mail box saying I had lost my password, so that it would prompt me to change it and I finally got it fixed.

While we were working on it, I asked him how that could have happened and he asked me if I had used a library computer at all. I replied that I had in the past, but it had been over a year since I had done so. He said that is probably how it had happened. The library computers, save all your information when you log into your sites,and some one can come along afterwords and steal that information. This was news to me, I did not know this was possible. I assumed (bad word), that the library would have some kind of a safety net in tacked to avoid such thievery. I guess not as good as I had expected. So, if you knew that, I am so happy you know better. If you did not know that, please be very careful, not to go to personal sites on a public computer. I ended up with viruses and a huge mess out of it. Lucky for me some on was looking out for me, and I am so thankful for that! The reason, I was unable to get into my account and change my password, as good as we could guess, was that the other person became alarmed that I was changing it and was trying to safeguard his or her access to that account.  Any way problem solved.

I will share with you things, obviously in hindsight, that I was noticing the last week or so. For several days last week, every time I went to check my mail, I was prompted to re-enter my password, that is highly unusual. I was going to send out an e-mail to yahoo after about 3 days of this, but it just stopped. Also, my friend did let me know that I had sent out an e-mail, spamming other friends of mine. Which I can honestly say I did not do. If you notice any strange behavior with your mail, please take the time to find out. Like I said, I found 27 viruses in my computer after this whole episode. So take care!

Off to painting again, got to finish my painting. As usual, I gave myself way too much to do yesterday, and did not complete my tasks, so today I must catch up. I still have to get picks of several works and also, start a contest of my own to choose a piece of art for the contest I would like to enter. Hoping you had a great weekend, and that today is a great start to a new week! All my love to you, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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