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A New Chapter!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on October 26, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

It has been a while. I have been relentlessly busy and have had no time to much of anything but work. The good news is I have a job, sales, in a gallery! This is great news, because, even though I am only commission (business is slow), I am finally able to have a platform for my artwork! I am excited, so I work there during the day, and in the evening it is all about housework, artwork, laundry, cooking, baking, shopping and paying bills. Tonight will be more of the same, with a quick peek in, on my blogs to update and add a post. I am working hard on getting some art together that will fill the needs of the clientele in this area. Everyday, I work on one thing after another, and with any luck at all, I will find my niche. People seem to like landscapes of the area, and flowers, or wildlife,. Flowers I can do, so I need to build an inventory of that, while also, working on learning landscapes, and going back to my roots as a child and making some wildlife themed works as well.

Things have been really hectic, but I am happy and excited about the prospects ahead of me. I am hoping this is finally the break I am looking for. Recently, one of the ladies I met at the craft show also opened up a craft shop in town. So, on top of everything else, I am building some jewelry displays for her shop as well. Once the displays are ready, I will be able to set up my jewelry in her shop to sell. Lots of things going on, and I am tired a lot, but really exhilarated as well. In essence, I am apologizing for anyone, who really does follow me for the delay in postings, and asking for some more time to get things in order. With any luck after this week, things should calm down a bit. Once the jewelry has a home, and I have some works to display in the gallery, things should slow a little bit. I will continue to be busy of course, trying to keep up with things. Crazy as it sounds, I hope really busy, because that will mean I am getting sales and finally making an income of my own. All dreams of mine in the works, if you do follow you know this already.

Now, as per my lottery winnings, there is nothing new to report as of late. Things have been quiet for a while now. Probably, because so much else is happening right now. My goal to win has not abated, however. Wishing every one of you the best of luck in your own lives. I miss doing the blog, and will pop in as much as possible to keep you updated and to just send my love. One more great update to share, about the car problems from a couple of months ago. She is running great, and the auto repair shop owner, ended up not charging me at all for their time and effort! Great shop and wonderful man, I hope that his business continues to grow and prosper! He is well deserving of it! Sending you my love, time to run and work until my eyes droop, as always wishing you the best, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Hope Is On The Horizon!

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Another day draws to a close, and the dawn of a new day will begin. Today, some good news,I can only hope this is the news I have long been waiting for. Only time will tell, if this is the beginning of my dreams, or just another bite to keep me going until that day. Today was a busy day, still sore from my two hard days at banqueting. My right shoulder is still causing me a lot of pain, muscle spasms haunt me and stiffness. All in all, it is to be expected, considering this is work I should not be doing. However, bills call out and money is the only thing that will quell them.

My errands today, were to deliver a book to a friend and check on shop to put my stone jewelry in. All in the hopes to start driving some income my way. I picked up the jewelry from the shop I had it stored at, and have brought it home. The next few days will be going through it all, pricing it and getting some sort of display made to set it all up in a craft store. While delivering the book, my friend asked me to get with her soon and see about putting my sunflower painting in a gallery she knows. She is friends with the curator, and thinks he would like to have it as well as any other flower paintings I can make. So, wish me luck, I would love to have a gallery to call home. I would love more to be able to make money through my art, and give my body a much needed break. It isn’t so much the damage in my neck, it is more about my inability to give less then 100% no matter the job. My body is not able to do one thing 100%, for extended periods of time. Doing art, I can break it up doing some housework, take a walk, go to the store, just mix it up. An employer expects all of you, every minute they pay you, as it should be. No whining, just good old fashioned hard work.

Yes, a couple of my friends have seen the painting, but do not feel left out. It is not finished just yet, today and tonight I hope to complete it. Artwork is funny that way, hard to put a time on it. Some pieces I breeze through in minutes or hours, others take days or even weeks. The canvas will tell you when it is done. So, I hope for tonight, but maybe she is not going to be ready. Kind of like a girl getting ready for a date. She will tell you when it is time to go!

In other news, I do have an appointment to see a dentist on Thursday morning. It will be cheaper, because I am going through a clinic, but at least the tooth will be removed. Hopefully if I have any cavities they will be taken care of as well. All depends on the cash I have, which at this point is not much. But at least I have a check coming to me on Friday. No news on a job as yet, and no jack pot from the lottery either. One day soon, all will be well, I am sure. I just have to hang in there a little longer. For the moment the clouds seem to be clearing, and I have a chance to breath, and reflect and more importantly, feel HOPE! Sending you my love, as aways, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Let’s Play Catch The Clock!

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Well this should have been done hours ago. It seems that my computer or Firefox has been having difficulty this morning. And a simple task like writing a sentence is taking minutes to load! So, I rebooted and am hoping that solves the problem. Happy Monday to you and hope your week started out as great as you wished it would be, really hope it was better. I know most people do not look forward to Mondays. Well for me today is beat the clock Monday and only the beginning of beat the clock week. I have been so busy trying to do so many things since I got my car out of the shop, that now I am severely behind on catching up on my art, my shops, my blogs and my job search. So, this week I intend on doing my all to make up for lost time. Funny how my computer had an entirely different agenda than me! I was doing some searching this morning and found a site called eHow, pretty cool. It seems you can put a profile on there and watch videos and read how to’s on all kinds of things.

Now, if you are more computer savvy than I bear with me. I was really excited about it. The diversity of things you can get information about is staggering. It will take me a minute to absorb it all. So, technically now I have even more things to do than first anticipated. I wonder how long I can go without sleep? I need those hours to catch up. For those of you unfamiliar with this site, check it out, really amazing how many things you can learn about. They have everything from how to keep getting bitten by mosquitoes to digital filming techniques and a whole gamut of subjects in between and all around. So, if you have an interest or several interests that you are curious about, check them out. You can build a profile and make friends and I am hoping they will also, help me figure out more about it. For me other than a great way to fill my head with trivia that interests me, I think it will be a great way to network as well. The first person to add me has over 2000 friends on her page. I am thinking it is a pretty big site.

Now that I have that off my chest it is off to the drawing board for me. Yesterday was all about doing housework and cooking and baking. Today is all about doing artwork, blogging and tweeting and all the stuff required for me to maintain and grow my online business. I added some new prints to my shops yesterday and will be adding some more today, for anyone interested in checking it out. I also, added something new to my Zazzle store. So, eBay, ETSY, Artfire, Zibbet and Zazzle have new items for you to see. Hoping you enjoy them and your day, all my love to you, diana

PS: I am adding my eHow link, if you would like to check it out too!!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Almost Friday, A Sale Plus Updates On A Few Other Things!

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Well, I am so very happy it is almost Friday. Thrilled that the weekend is finally right at the door and ready to enjoy it. I am sure that seems weird, since I am not working outside the home. But, even with staying home the weekends always feel different than the other days. Not sure what it is, I don’t go out, nothing like that, but the days feel more fun to me. Must be a psychological thing, but it is true. Checked on the lottery last night now winner yet. So, tomorrow, I will be getting my picks for the next week, wish me lots of luck, need it ( not that you don’t, but I would do it for you)!Wishing you happy thoughts now, just for topping in.

I am working on a painting right now, no clues it will have to be a surprise this time. It just feels good to be playing with my paints again. I am feeling the crochet or sewing bug though, just not sure what I want to make. Maybe, I should replace the black lace vintage style gloves I sold earlier this week! That could be a good idea. Oh, and guess what, had another sale last night, but the best news is this one was on my Artfire account! This is the first sale in that store, all the others so far have been in ETSY. Now, if that will only get that account jump started I would be so very happy! Then, I just need to get my Zibbet account going, that is the store with the most hits, and I would be thrilled to see it take off as well. Wow, so keep your fingers crossed for me the weekend is here! I have high hopes for a profitable weekend!

Well, that is the latest on the most exciting news. I did get an e-mail back from AskDoctors about my little experience. Their advice to take a pregnancy test and get an appointment with a doctor. So, being broke really is the worst part about me. I do not have money for a pregnancy test and definitely do I have hundreds of dollars to spend at a doctor. So, for now, I will grin and bear it. Pray hard, and hope with a hope beyond hope, that I will stay healthy and all will be good! Love to you all, hoping your Thursday is as happy as you are, diana

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Strange New Terms Makes A Curious Brain

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Well, I was watching something new to me on TV last night. It is a show about sex. There were several new terms for totally new diagnoses on there the one that stands out is sexual anorexic. Now according to this program a sexual anorexic is some one who denies themselves and their partner sex, partly out of controlling and partly because of child issues with the parent of the opposite sex. It was a fascinating show for me, just because I learned so many new things. For those of you who don’t follow, I do love to learn all the time. I crave  educating myself. Any way enough of that, I did finish the final bull dog picture I was working on yesterday, and as promised it is posted here for you to see. Tomorrow I will post all three together and you can vote for your favorite. This is more serious bull dog than the earlier ones, just trying to mix them up a little bit.

Well, internet sales is slowing starting to move. NOthing crazy or rapid, but there have been a couple of orders in the last week or two. So far the sales have been on my ETSY account, nothing yet on my Artfire or my Zibbet account. I am hoping they start moving as well. The book I told you about is going well, in chapter four now, this is when it is required of me to start taking action. Since that has already been going on, I am waiting to read something that I have not done yet. Very good. Today is filled with some house work, putting away the pencils and markers and dragging out whatever project makes me happy. I do have some cabbage to cook and a few other things. But, right now I want some breakfast and a shower, just in reverse!

My therapy loving friends are giving me  a break right now. The peace and quiet has been wonderful! It has also been nice to be able to catch up with other friends, very nice. Hoping your week is off to a smooth, if not fun start, mine is going well. Hoping to end the week with a bunch of sales, Yay! A girl has to have her dreams you know. It is a good dream and I am thinking, it is a premonition! Wink! So go and have a great day, hope you love the picture or pictures the last couple of days. All my love as always, diana


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Bull Dog Picture And Today’s Update!

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Well good day to you! I finished a second drawing of a bull dog, posted here. Hope you like it, would love to hear back from you. I made a sale last night on my ETSY account. Some black lacy fingerless vintage style gloves. They are so adorable! Any way no new sales on my Christmas in July promo on my Artfire and ZIbbet accounts. But lots of hits on Zibbet for sure, haven’t figured how to track it yet on the other two sites. But, I will keep trying to figure it out. The book I am reading about marketing on Facebook, is very helpful in finding some of these things. I am really starting to enjoy it. Today I am finally starting chapter four, where it gets in depth into focusing on sales and promotion. I am very excited.

Helped a friend find a baby sitter last night and another start her baby sitting business at home. So last night was a busy night for me. I am happy. Let me know what you think of the two  bull dog pictures already posted. Would love to get feedback from you. It seems that between reading, drawing and creating and setting up all these internet connections, my days are flying by for sure. I can’t believe it is so late already.Some days just seem to fly. Got a question for you. Why is it time seems so far away looking forward, but when you look back it seems like 5 minutes ago? Time is definitely relative. If you get a chance check out my Christmas sales on Artfire and Zibbet, let me know what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts. My Monday started out just as busy and I am hoping the week is too, or even busier. Haven’t decided whether the next bull dog picture will be a drawing or a painting. I am sure you will be just as surprised as me when it is done.

Hope your week started out with a bang as well, in a good way of course. Have lots to do, so I got to run. Have a wink and a smile on me. All my love as usual, diana

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Virtual Sale! Fun Bulldog, And Other Updates!

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Well, the weekend is almost over. I have been busy this morning getting sales set up in a couple of my stores. I am unable to set up a coupon on my ETSY, so if you have an account there, I will post my site, just e-mail me and I will adjust any p[rices to any items you wish to order and you can get the same deals there as in my Artfire, and Zibbet account. Everyone is busy doing their Christmas in July sales events and I am definitely not going to do my best. It is my first time, so wish me luck and please check out any one of my shops, I would really love to get any feedback I can. Hoping your weekend has been as exciting and exhilarating as mine! If not get busy, time is short!

I did finish one bulldog pup picture for the calender one of my business groups is doing I will post it with this blog. I do plan to make at least one more, maybe two, in different styles as well, just to add variety to their choices. When I am done, I might give you all a vote to see which one you would prefer in a calender so I can add that to my partners, and let them know what you think. It is a promo for a charity and we really want it to do well. Once I am finished with the work I will also post you any information on the charity in case you wish to participate, We welcome any help you can offer! I did check my lottery last night and no wins yet, but there is still Tuesday and Wednesday coming up. I know this week, the money would be so helpful. This is one of those weeks or months really, where there just isn’t enough money to make the bills, and not even groceries or gas! Big smile, love to see the way this works out! It will definitely be interesting, I will be sure to let you know how that works out too! Faith is a real bugger, you know?

If at all possible with all I have going on, thinking about running a yard sale of sorts maybe next weekend. More like an art and crafts sale with a small amount of used stuff, just for good measure! We will see, money is all around, I just have to grab at the right time! Well, enough of my silliness for now, got to get back to work. You never know, I might be really busy this week and I need to be ready, have a lot of work to finish off so I can be ready! All my love to you, and truly hope you have a spectacular Sunday afternoon and evening, diana

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