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Dental Blues!

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Well, today I went to the dentist as planned. It being a clinic it was very time consuming, especially since I had an x-ray done and only a short consultation. I went to my appointment at the time given 9:00 am, unfortunately when they gave me the appointment they did not mention that they book everyone at 9 am. I arrived at ten minuted till nine and found I was the last of the morning appointments to arrive. The dentist does not show up until nine thirty am, and they don’t even start taking people back there until ten fifteen. That is one thing I will never understand about clinics, why have people come in at a certain time, and the doctors don’t sow up until later. I mean really, I may not have a doctorate degree, but does that mean my time is less valuable than a person who does?

Anyway, not only is he late, but we further have to wait when he does get there, which is even more ridicules! Anyway, at eleven fifteen am I finally get to go back there to see the dentist. At ten forty-five I had to get my x-ray of my tooth in question. I am explaining it this way because I do have a point. When I get back there, last as I explained, he tells me he does not feel comfortable taking the tooth. Now, to me, if he was that uncomfortable with it, couldn’t he have taken me back earlier, to let me know. The deal is, my tooth had a root canal years ago, and luckily for me this dentist said, my old dentist did an exceptional job on it. What I did not know is that when the root is taken the tooth dies. Now, a dead tooth becomes extremely brittle and like a twig can and will snap when you put pressure on it, ex: putting pliers on it to pull it. What will happen is when you try to pull the tooth, generally the piece they are holding onto, to pull it out, well it will break off. So, in other words he said he would do it if I wanted too, be it would be painful, and tie intensive, and at some point would require him to be digging the tooth out of my gums! Now, raise your hand if this sounds like a good plan! I am assuming you did not raise your hand, unless you are very much into masochism.

Okay, so the good news is that the tooth is not infected, because the previous dentist did sure a stand up job. Also, good news, this dentist said that my gums were very healthy and I did not need to take it out, immediately. He recommended, I go to an oral surgeon to have the work done, when I was indeed ready to have it done. I am so very pleased that my day did not end with me babying a hole in my gum. Just a little miffed that my time was so stupidly wasted. I think it would have been appropriate, to pull me back for this five minute consultation, and let me on my merry way. It does not seem to me, that this would have insulted the other patients in any way, and it would have allowed me to go on with my day, doing something productive. By, the look of stress on his face, it could have gotten him off the hook sooner as well.

Enough of the fun for today, hope your day is going great. Sending out my love to you and yours, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Another WOW Moment!

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Guess you have noticed a slip in my blogging lately. For the record, the abscess tooth is getting worse and I have been so very tired. I do apologize for those who do follow, for these lapses. Yesterday the pain spread far enough and got tough enough to cause me to have difficulty swallowing. By 4:30 I was getting very concerned since my liquid intake had been about one cup of fluids for the day. Not good, and is was not for lack of trying, the pain was so bad, I just found it almost impossible to swallow. So, here I am jobless and broke and just hoping some one can work with me, so I don’t have to die from blood poisoning.

Phone call, after phone call, and to my shock apparently dentists, do better than the banks, they open at 8:30 am or later and are closed by 4:oo pm or 4:30 pm, must be nice to make lots of cash and have such sweet hours! Any way, the few I was able to reach could not fit me in for almost two weeks, and recommended I go to the emergency room. Now, I am no genius, but emergency room visits are really expensive ( all I need right now is a huge hospital bill), and I do not recall going to one that does extractions. All a hospital would be able to do is bill me a bunch of money, to give me anti-biotics, and then I would still have the dental visits and billing to deal with. So, in the same breath they were telling me I needed to get treatment right away, they had no room at the Inn. Also, if I did go to the hospital, they could no get me in for weeks, the infection would be back by then and I would be in the same boat all over again, except this time I would be hundreds in the hole and still have the tooth to deal with. Crazy right? But wait, it does get better.

I finally reach some one who can deal with it, on a sliding scale, but I had to get in line early in the morning to wait. So crappy as I felt at 6:30 am, off I go to wait in line. Just my luck, no line, got in first at 8:00 am when they opened. The catch however is, they had no appointments available today and I had to book for Monday, not good, but better than two weeks, right? The receptionist then proceeds to tell me that I have to bring my Social Security card and License, and a current pay check. Now, that is a joke, I do not have a job. SO, I explain to this lady that I do not have a job and therefore no check stub. She then proceeds to tell me that since I cannot provide proof of income I will have to pay full price! Now, as you may guess I am a little irritated at this, not only is my face hurting, now you are going to talk stupid. I mean, how much sense does that make? So, I say to her, so basically what you are saying is, is that because I am unemployed, I have to pay more than some one working a minimum wage job, working part time. All because, I don’t get a check stub that says I make nothing, right!? Now if some one out there can rationalize this for me, I would love to hear it. As it is, I am basically disgusted. Now, I get why the poor get poorer!

All my love to you, hope you had a great Friday, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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