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Love Lives On!

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Well, hello to you all today! Was just thinking today about cliches and sayings we are all familiar with. It is funny how we constantly say things we don’t live up to or even really understand the real depth of those quotes. “You never lose the ones you love.”, for example, “The ones we love are always with us”, “They live on in our hearts.”,  or “They are always in our thoughts.”. So as I was thinking of loves gone by and all those people I have lost through death and circumstance today, it occurred to me that they really are always with us. All we have to do is allow ourselves to believe it and look for them in our hearts and thoughts. It all started well a long time ago. One person in particular haunts me, not in some dark and sad way. He always seems to show up in those moments of confusion or despair that follow us all. He always brings love and a smile to me, but mostly he brings words, to calm the soul. hope for my future and things like that. I have allowed myself to being open to his help, and in the process have learned something else. He is not the only one who still loves me and thinks of me. Lately, and in particular another has been haunting me in my dreams, but again not to hurt me or confuse me. They all seem to be coming just to hold my hand and bring reassurance about our roles in each other lives. They also come to remind me that no matter how life has separated us, they are always with me and continue to love me. It is a very comforting thought. I am realizing that no matter how alone I may feel sometimes, they are always only a blink away. All I have to do is think of them and be willing to hear what they will bring, then the answers come.

It is strange how life can bring us full circle to things we understood as children, but have been twisted and taught out of us. Then as grown ups we find ourselves needing this love and help more than ever and have lost the keys to that help. Some may think it is futile and silly, or maybe even obsessive, but from where I see it, that is not the case. We were all meant to touch each others lives for a reason, and I am happy to continue to learn from what they bring to me. I do not love my life dwelling on the past, but I do find myself thinking about my life now. In those moments when I am searching for the next step in the journey, sometimes they come with words of advice and guidance. I am realizing how helpful and thankful I am for it. For those of you who understand this, you know what a blessing it is. For those of you who do not or have never tried, I suggest you give in to it. Not in a way to look back and dwell on what was, that will not help you go forward. Just remember a smile or a loving gesture and know that it is always there with you and that even though life may change things around you the love that was shared was real, for that moment and like a deck of cards, you can always use it to serve you at any given moment.

We have all been given the same tools to reach out and help each other, but more so, the tools to help ourselves. Never doubt your ability to bring all the good things in this world right to your doorstep. All you have to do is be brave enough to open the door and except what lies there waiting for you. We make things fearful by our own lack of understanding of something. Just look and see for yourself what wondrous things await inside yourself, great things and small things all lying there for you to pick up and bring love to yourself. Hoping you are having a wonderful day. Sending love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Black And White Sun Life!

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Well, welcome to a new day, full of fun and surprises.I finished my black and white sun. It is now posted on all my links, so here it is for you to see. I will be sure to post my links on here if it is something you are interested in. Hoping your hump day hasn’t got the best of you. Remember Friday is only two days away! Ironically my life is mirroring my print of the day. By so many, for so many years I have been referred to as sunshine! This could be part of my liking for suns, don’t really know for sure, never really thought about it. I do love the sun, it’s beauty, ability to enable life and death, it’s use to mean a happy upbeat personality and many more reasons. I do relate to the sun, because of my personality and spiritual beliefs as well, and it’s awesome power. Today, this particular one relates to my life being black or white and how the combination of the two can create outstanding beauty.

It appears that my life as I know it, is going through yet another big change. I felt it coming and even suspected the out come. Yet, the change I was expecting at this time was not the one that came. The change that did come, I had expected not to arrive for some time to come. SO there you are and there you have it! I had hoped that my art would start to flourish, and that the relationships in my life would be stable for a while. How ever, it seems that the art is still slow moving and relationships in my world have spun out of control. This is a disappointment to say the least. It seems no matter how hard I try to connect with people, they either want too much, or want to give so little. In either case it seems I am always the one having to give. The few long term friends I do have, I cherish with my life for sure. Good friends truly are hard to find! So, to me this means, it is once again time to move on to the next phase of connections in my world, say goodbye to some, hang on to a few and meet many more possible prospects. It is funny, so today I will work on some art, and if I can muster the energy, I will call my oldest friends and get some good advice on the best strategy and some good old fashioned heart felt prayers, to help me get to the next goal.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will work on a few more t-shirt prints and see how that goes. I have a few ideas, not sure if I have enough time to do all I see in my head. I will as usual do all I can, even if I have to lose some sleep to reach my goal and get them all done! Hope you like the print today, I really do. It is very eye popping (the way I like my art). Hoping your week is going great! Sending out all my love to you again, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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