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New Beginnings And Endings!

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Well, today still working on the butterfly drawing. Such a big picture with small details, big job for sure. But, I am hoping the end result is way worth it! So far it is really pretty, just tedious. As for my car, the news is for this fuel line, the manufacturer wanted over $300 to make one, since it is an older car and apparently, I am the only person on the planet still driving one. It is a 91 Ford Explorer, I find it hard to believe that little old me is the only¬† one requiring parts for an older car. Ford is full of it, they should still be making some older parts, not everyone can afford a new car. So, the auto repair shop owner, has located a similar one and is going to try to make it work on my car, thank God for that, I don’t have $300 to fix her, let alone $300 for just a part. Boy, I hope I do win the lottery soon, I am getting a new car, and for spite, it will not be a Ford. So, hopefully I will be getting a call soon and be able to get my car back in working order. Even better news, if it is not too expensive, rent is due this week, probably my last o9nth here. I will have to call the office and put in my 30 notice to break my lease.

On another note, I was watching a program called Weird Or What today. Fascinating snippet on a women who had a DNA anomaly called Chimera. She had gone to try to collect welfare for her children and according to the state legislation where she lived, if I recollect it was California, she had to have DNA done on her family to prove in fact that they were her and her husband’s children. When the results came back it should him as the father of all, and that she was not the mother ( how is that for a Muary episode?). The state contacted her and began to press charges of fraud against her, for trying to swindle the state. So, with the help of her attorney and all of the research done by the department of child welfare and state attorney’s office. They started to test and re-test, even to make sure that she had not surrogated the children for some one else.¬† In the end it turns out that she has two sets of DNA, how is this possible? Well, as twins form at conception, separate fertilization happens, in her case the twins then rejoined, combining two separate DNA signatures into one whole person. What they found was that her whole body had one DNA, but her uterus and reproductive organs were of a completely separate DNA. In the end, charges were dropped, she was proven to be the mother, and case closed, right? However, I do believe this case opens up a whole new question about the absolute reliability of DNA, and also, whether this and other conditions may affect DNA results. Thought is was fascinating and that I wold share, food for thought today.

Hoping you are having a wonderful day today! All my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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All That Remains Is Love!

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Well, for starters, I did go to the craft and art fair yesterday. It was a bust, nothing, nobody, and so very hot! I had an opportunity to talk to one of the ladies in charge, and we hit it off well. Even though, it was a bad day, I will continue on, with the hope, that as word gets out it will improve. I plan to talk to her tomorrow and make plans to do a Grand Opening event soon, that way we can get the word out to the locals for buyers and more sellers. Hopefully a big jump start will bring things together for us. I also have a couple of ideas for the kids, and am hoping to get enough funds together to get that going as well. Business online is still at a dead spot, but I continue to learn new techniques and push forward every day. In time it will grow, and hopefully it will be sooner than later. Work, work, work and stay determined, do not let the bad days ruin you, faith must prevail! Anyway, that is what I keep beating into my head. So far this week I have been unlucky in Love, but with any luck with will open a door to Lucky In Finances!

I am going to continue on, and not let my love life interfere with my work, that has been and will be the one thing I will focus on. I am meeting new people everyday, and making new bonds. These will be the bonds that help me make it through the tough time I am having now. As one door closes another always opens, and I do believe this and that fact that it will lead to newer and better things ahead. I can’t let a speed bump in life deter me from continuing down the road. There are many kinds of love in this life, and as I get older, I am realizing that the love I have for myself is greatest of all. it can and will sustain me, and bring me to higher places in my soul and in my heart!I have the love and support of my children and my friends and these too, will bring me to the place I dream of in my mind. It is the place that brings me peace in all this ciaos. It is only a small minute in the expanse of time, and I cannot let that be the minute that destroys all my hopes and dreams for a better and brilliant future!

No big wins in the lottery drawing, so it will be another day. I think maybe it is time for me to focus on my dreams, and that would only distract me at this time. Completing the life I dreamed of as a child is what I must create, that will be the solace that soothes my soul. I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend, today no one is at the fair, so for me a day off. Tomorrow, will be another day to move forward. Anyone interested in any of my items online, be waned, I do take them with me to the show, so if it sells, it will be removed from my shops. Also, today a friend of mine is coming by to do a custom order for her, so hopefully at least that will be one small job to get me by. It will be nice to have some work! With any luck I will be able to work on it at the craft show the next day or so, not sure yet how big it is, may take a few days. I am looking forward to finding out. All for now, sending you and yours my love, hoping your Sunday is filled with it, and that you start out your week full of joy! Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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