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The Shining Light!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on December 9, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

Happy days and peaceful nights. I am happy to report that my journey into enlightenment, or higher spiritual thought or whatever you want to call it, is off to a good start. I really believe it started with the original blog to win the lottery, and it has already progressed so much farther than I expected. I feel so much lighter, so many burdens dissolving in the mists of my mind. I feel so up lifted, or brighter, if that makes any sense at all. It seems like every day another door or window opens to me. Everything from physical doors to spiritual doors, mental doors or windows, whatever the case may be. Slowly the past is disappearing in a real sense anyway. I am continuing to acknowledge its existence and pertinence in my life now, but in such a different light! The past is very relevant to my life right now, and not all of it is good. The more I read, and look into myself, I am beginning to realize that the only thing I am a victim of is myself. Bad things happen to everyone, but it does not have to be a snowball effect, unless that is, you decide it should be. I am working on taking those snowballs that come my way, and instead of creating an avalanche, making hot chocolate instead. I like that much better on a cold day. It seems that I have known it all along, but was unwilling to accept responsibility for my own actions. It was way to easy to blame some one else.

New days are dawning and a new horizon is fast approaching and I am really liking what I see so far. I feel so much lighter and brighter. Like a heavy burden has disappeared, and it has been replaced by a beacon. The light is so strong it is blinding, and the loss of weight is invigorating! I feel truly blessed and know in my heart that financial, mental, spiritual and physical freedom are just a blink away! Strange, how a simple thought or smile can really turn a world around! everything I read and educate myself with, also seems to be duplicated in my angel cards and tarot cards as well. It is really quite mind blowing!

On to other things, I have not received that big win just yet in the lottery, just waiting for the right number. I am thinking 36 mil is a good number! Have not painted in a few days, giving myself a break for a minute and doing some jewelry. It is something new to me, and it includes a passion of mine, which is recycling. As soon as I get some done I will share. Do not be discouraged however, more paintings are on the way. I just need to mix things up sometimes, it keeps me from getting stagnant. I have many more paintings in my mind, it seems that I must divide my other priorities and interests as well. All in the name of balance and self development. My physical self and spiritual self must also grow with me. My wish is to grow in all ways possible and to keep myself on track! Sending out my love to you all and those whom you love as well, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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More New Art!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on December 5, 2010 by dianaswonderworks

Well, let’s try this again. Was almost finished with this post when the internet went bust! Not even sure if I can really replicate it, but I will do my best, lost everything I was writing. Anyway, as promised I am posting some of the new art I have been working on lately. I hope you love it. It has been hectic at times, but it is so energizing and exciting to be able to work on some thing I love l=so much. In the pictures of art, I am also enclosing some pictures of the wall I am trying to fill at the gallery. It has been a challenge, putting it up and selling it as I go along. I haven’t had tons of sales, but it has been promising. There have been four small sales of tiny canvases, plus one bigger canvas, a couple of prints. It has been a lot of fun, and very uplifting and exhilarating to see them go out the door. It has also made my schedule really busy trying to fill the empty spaces in the gallery, and in double because as I fill them, they seem to to be leaving too! It has been such a precious opportunity to be in a gallery and to see my artwork appreciated. For those of you interested in purchasing anything from the items I post, please fell free to contact me here or through and of my stores. As yet, there has not been time to post these items yet or update my shops. With any luck today or tomorrow, I will try to make time to do so. If not do not be disappointed, I will be happy to give you any information on these items, such as size, media, prices and shipping availability and costs.

Now, also, I was contacted yesterday from Baobao bags about the new artist contest. It is finally my turn to have my art posted on their site. If you could it would be great to have you go to the link and vote for me. It would be an honor and a wonderful opportunity to have the exposure. As soon as I find out it is up, I will post the link here for you. It is a simple process, and will only take maybe a minute or two of your time, literally. They have a wonderful, quick and efficient process. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, mine has just begun, since we are open on Saturday. So much to do today.

Another small win on the lottery yesterday, hoping for the big deal soon. I am ready to explode, so many good things around me now. Money is starting to flow. Hope is surrounding me, prospects of a wonderful future and new beginnings! Well, time to get busy working, still have to go to the store, and finish laundry, dishes, and finally work on some art to take to work on Tuesday! Wishing you the best for the weekend, and as always sending out my love to you and the ones you love, be blessed, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Sunday Break!

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Well, today I am off. Totally ready for a break from work at the gallery and overwhelmed at all the work I face the next two days at home. i have a lot of painting to do, lots of laundry, grocery shopping, bills to pay, prints to be made and a trip to the frame shop to frame everything and to get other things matted and covered for sale at the gallery. So much to do in such a short time. Tuesday is only a breath or two away! I feel like I have to get ahead as much as possible today and tomorrow, because Christmas shopping will peak in a week, if we actually see any of that peak at an art gallery remains to be seen. I am sure it is not like regular retail  sales, most people do not have art on their Christmas lists, but hopefully enough of them do to make a buck or two, before the winter slump in sales arrives!

I forgot, I need to get some blood work done as well, that should have been done weeks ago, time just got away from me. I hope the hospital will still honor the prescription, I am sure it is over a month old now. Been s busy I forgot all about it. One way or another it has to be dealt with, oh well. So, I am hoping you all are getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend, I am ready for the extra day off. I do not think I can afford to go out to eat, and doubt I will use that extra day off to cook and bake all day, not that I have the cash to buy the food to do it with. It will probably be just a quiet day at home, watching movies and working on more art. Maybe even some time on the computer, been missing blogging and tweeting and updating my shops. Once winter gets here I should be able to balance it all, I wish I had been better prepared for an art gallery opportunity, I feel like it has really cut into all my work online, and the holidays is the time to make the money. I wish I could clone myself, I am working very hard on letting myself feel overwhelmed. I just stay focused on one thing at a time, otherwise, I may feel anxious and not get anything done!

Other updates, no big news on the lottery, a small win on Friday like $40. I did go to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on Friday night. It was really good, but as always, I walked away wishing I could have seen the whole thing. Not sure when the second half is coming out, but can’t wait to see it or to own the video. I sold one of my small pieces of art this week, have to run now and delete it from my stores online. Love you all, hoping your day is blessed and that you have a warm holiday weekend planned, love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Chapter “Madness”

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Well, I told you it was the start of a new chapter, and boy was I right on. It has been crazy. I started my new job. I am working for commission in a Gallery in Gatlinburg, The Apple Tree Gallery. It is fun, sales have been horrendous, not good for starting out. I can only hope it improves.¬† I am thrilled to have a job, and the opportunity to display my art as well. It has been a long road to get to this point. Beggars can’t be choosers, and I have been begging for work and an Art Gallery to put my art in for a very long time! I am hoping that soon I will get my schedule acclimated so that I may finally get to blogging more often. I really miss it! Hoping life has been very kind to you as well. My new boss, the owner of the gallery is a story teller, and I will have to share some of them with you. But, the problem is they are always in parts, he gets distracted quite easily. Once I get a full one, I will share I promise, most of them are informative and some are quite funny!

As for my temporary disappearance, I have been overwhelmed with work to do. I only hope that some of it will pay off. For now it is still costing me time and money. Keep your fingers crossed, this has been a lucky break for me, I am doing my best to make it work and work well! I leave the house around 9:30 am and do not return till 5:30 at the earliest. The rest of my time is filled with laundry, grocery shopping, house work, cooking, painting ( to put in the gallery), and jewelry making and pricing to leave in the gallery or put in the craft store ( an acquaintance of mine opened recently). Not much time for anything else, except a few hours of sleep. But, I think I am finally getting close to freeing up some time, finally! I will say that, as exhausting as it has been, it has also been quite exhilarating as well. I am really happy to be doing something that I hope will help me fulfill my childhood dreams!

Now, as for the lottery, I am afraid that has been a dry period. Like a desert, no rain to quench the thirst of all those hungry bill collectors, who haunt many of us. I only hope that one day soon, I will be able to pay them off and feel free from debt and obligation for a while. Just some time to breath in the fresh air, with no one tugging on those purse strings. I have done some more works of art and will continue to post them as I have time. I can only say I am very excited, and can’t wait for things to continue to move in a positive direction. They say hope floats, but I am water logged, from floating so long! Someone Reel Me In! Well, enough for now I think, so much to do. With any luck at all, I will have something way more interesting to share tomorrow! As always, sending my love and now some good luck to you and yours, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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