I am the newest version of me to date. As I approach the later years of my life, the calling to pour out my artistic talents has become like a waterfall so big, vast and powerful, that even I cannot hold it back. My body is broken in so many ways and my ability to make a conventional income is no longer a viable option. So I am now forced to use the gifts that have cradled me and comforted me through the years. My hope is that you will fall in love with my art, or at least in some way find a connection to my perilous predicament and reach out and help by giving what you can afford to help me on my journey, through purchasing my art.

The worst thing I can imagine for myself is to become another victim of society and have to rely on a system that we all know is not able to provide a decent life for anyone forced to live on beggars scraps. I hope to avoid this fate, and be a light in the darkness for so many who are also trapped by the system. Maybe guiding them to an opportunity to find their worth in something they have a heart for, and pursue it to give them the freedom to enjoy their latter years as well!

Blessings to all, and looking forward to making contact. Here are some links to my online shops, if you have questions, or just want to bargain a little, please do let me know.

One Response to “About”

  1. Well, this is my first post and I am excited to see where this adventure takes me. I have a lot to learn about making this page pretty, but I am going to work it all out. If anyone has any helpful pointers,please let me know. I am a newbie!
    Beyond that, I am a very happy and upbeat person, with angelic qualities. People generally like me and enjoy my company. I love to make new friends and love catching up with old ones too! If you love the arts in any form, I would love to hear from you and share our experiences. Life is short and business requires networking, I am all about making the best of both.Let’s help each other reach our goals, I am very good at business, this will be my fourth and the others did well. This is just a new venue for me, so maybe we can lean on each other and learn from each other.

    I can’t wait to talk to you! Hope you are having a happy day, I am. This whole journey is about me finally getting the fact that, I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE! If some one already get6s this a mentor is always appreciated. If you are new to this awakening, I hope this blog can help us all.

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