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New Days And New Ways!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 21, 2012 by dianaswonderworks

Hi, been a while since I have had internet. Miss sharing with you all the things that have been happening. Life has been busy for me since moving to New England. Some good, some not so, lol. But I am still plugging along and trying to keep things together as well as making them progress for the better. Life is very different here, and some of it is so wonderful and some of it, is still creating adjustments for me. I hope everyday that soon things will fall into place and this period of struggle will finally end.

I realize that many people out there have things much worse and some better than I do. It is all about going through each cycle with grace and happiness. I have always worked hard at being a happy l be able to enjoy the benefits of all my labors! A couple of things have been opened up to me in this past year. Part of the growth process is now about gratitude as I have mentioned before, still a work in progress there. Another thing I am learning is about spiritual grace. These are the biggest part of my growth for a while. No matter how crazy things seem sometimes, I am trying to keep up the smile, the faith, the appreciation and now handling it with the grace I should. Sounds like a lot to remember and sometimes it really is, sometimes I amaze myself!

So many things have changed, made new friends, lost some too, and still keep on going. My new motto is Just Keep Swimming, just like in Nemo! No matter what it will get better or maybe worse, either way it is just for a minute. Change is the most consistent thing about life! It creates the roller coaster we all are riding. If you know anything about roller coasters, you know that, the fun is in the twists, turns and oh yeah, the great highs and those incredible, take your breath away downs too! So strap yourself in and just go for it!

Haven’t won the lottery yet, but haven’t been playing for a bit. Will get back to it soon. Still trying to get work and my art out there. Still working on being the best possible version of me that I can be! Still working on loving all of you, no matter if you feel the same way back! So for now, sending my love to you all, as always wishing you all the best…..Love DianaImage

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