Back To Beginnings!

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Having a great day! Just got in from another sunset hike. No mountains to climb today, just mountains to photograph! Anyway, we went off to the White River Trail, in or around Ossippee, New Hampshire. We had a wonderful time, lots of really get stop offs from the trail to take photos, from many angles of the mountains. It was a perfect day in so many respects, the sky was generally clear a few patchy clouds, great for picking up some beautiful colors for the sunset. The temperature was in the forties, with only a hint of a breeze. So very comfortable to hike in, the ground in most areas was really dry and in some spots even frozen. Though there were a few spots, where the ground was wet and soggy, these areas were easy to get around or side step.

Wondering through the trees, and watching the sky change all around me was memorizing, I was walking along, feeling overwhelmed, by the colors of the sky and the lake, the more I walked the more at peace I felt. The one thing I got from this day, was a reassuring calm, brought on by the fact that my life in so many ways, has traveled around full circle. The last time I was this at peace with who I am and where I was going was before I head out to start my life in Florida. Just a teenager at the time, but spending all my free time, hiking through trails in the woods, talking to my friends, enjoying nature and the universe around me. Always aware the I was so small and insignificant, but at the same time the opposite, so important and necessary to the whole picture! I feel filled with awe and peace, joy and contentment, love and wonder, and a surety that I am exactly where I am meant to be, right now.

So many new ideas, and so many old ones, all merging and converging into a hazy, but definite picture. From where I sit, it is looking good too! I feel like, I am waking from a long dream, some of it glorious, and some of it treacherous, but all of it brought me right back to the beginning. A little older, definitely wiser and happier than ever! Sending you and your families all kinds of love and joy for this special holiday season this year. Please do enjoy the pictures from today’s  hike. Wishing you all the best. Love….diana

PS. Haven’t got that winning lottery ticket just yet, but keep your eyes peeled, you will hear from me soon with the good news!!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


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  1. good idea im gonna try it

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