Not sure what happened, it seems that with the mass use of all types of media people seem to get ruder and less respectful of people around them. It seems to me that in an age full of every type of media at our finger tips, many people have lost the accountability for their words and actions. I think that we have lost the gentile touch of being tactful and graceful. With written media at all of our fingertips, people can write words and be taken less seriously or taken in a completely light then what those words meant. We are surrounded with proof all the time. People like the Uni-bomber and several other mass killers or twisted criminal minds have used this media to spew their insanity (used loosely,  I do not believe they are insane). No matter how hateful and dangerous their words were, no seemed to take them very seriously, no one took a second look at what was coming out of these twisted minds. It does not stop there, these are extremes of a common problem. People use these media sources to lie and hide behind it’s camouflage to dupe and cause harm to people around them. Everything from little comments that could be taken less seriously by an “lol” next to it or by wording things in such a way as the real meaning behind it is never suspected by those they send them to. Very common in the internet, texting and other mass media sources.

This is only the beginning of a problem that seems to be rising up around us. People in the real world seem to be losing their ability to be polite. Because of so much time getting away with it through other sources, they seem now to care less about just blurting their negativity everywhere they go. They go unchecked and unchallenged in the world of space that holds all these messages from the airwaves. When no one calls them out they get away with it, over and over they get away with it. So, as with all spoiled children who go unchecked, they push the bar further and further. The more they get away with the more the test us. Then one day we wake up to rude people in cars, at the check out, at the deli, every where you turn you see rampant rudeness, and in most cases it goes unchecked! They are pushing us, and we have a right to not be drowning in  their sewage. Not saying you should be rude back, but the best way to stop a bully is to call them out. Most bullies don’t have the courage to stand up alone when they are called out. Just say, “Excuse me, I think that kind of attitude is inappropriate here.”, or any number of things that suite you.

I know I have called people out many times, there is such a thing as common sense and know when some one is just trying to push the bar, and when some one is clearly not with the program. In cases of the latter it may be better to call in professionals to deal with them. I am saying in so many words, we need to take our lives back, our homes, neighborhoods, shops, movie theaters etc… We all live here together and we have to play nicely, just like we did when we were kids. What is wrong with us that as grown ups we have less manners than tiny children? Anyway, off to work and off the soap box for now. Sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


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