On Soul Mates!


Well, so many things in the world to carry us, from on place to another. So many decisions to distract us from all the things we seek. I am guilty as well, sometimes the illusion of reality here overtakes my true sense of reality. I remember all my life hearing the term soul mate, and often wondered what that really was. Even as a young girl always dreaming of growing up and meeting my soul mate. The first time I fell in love, I thought this has got to be what it is. When that relationship failed, I was so devastated, but not long after, I met another man and fell in love again. We were much more compatible, and I felt surely this time this is my soul mate. Because, I always knew once you met your soul mate, that was it, they would never leave. Not long after that relationship fell apart, I met a man I will never forget, as long as I live. That is not to say, that the other men I loved would be forgotten, I mean how can you truly forget anyone you have given your heart to? But, this was very different, love comes from the heart and it is a powerful thing, very powerful! meeting a soul mate, or a spiritual twin is nothing like you can really wrap your head around, it is amazing, terrifying, blissful, a knowing, a familiarity that makes you feel so complete. It is a concept very hard to explain unless it has happened to you, but I will do my best to explain.

When I met this man, not my physical type really, but something about him just caught me. We were introduced, and from that day on, I cold not help but think of him. He haunted me, I know it sounds strange, but it was not a lust, it was not about I have to be with this man. It was, a constant wondering of who he was and what about him that was so familiar, and just always seeing his eyes bore into me, like he knew something about me that I didn’t. Eventually, we meet again and did start to date. The first thing I noticed, is his ability to talk to me, and a sense of pure calm would cover me. Unusual to say the least, in my now 48 years on this planet, I have always been very shy, and because of it always been very nervous around people. The truth is, until I met him I thought I knew what calm was, and suddenly realized, that I had never experienced that before. He could say my name, and it was like a flood of quiet swept over me. I could thin a thought, and suddenly he would speak my thoughts out loud. I don’t mean like you are talking to some one and they seem to know where you are going and finish a sentence, he did that as well. We would be sitting together, watching a movie, or doing something, not even exchanging a word, I would have a thought in my head and he would say it, the very second I thought it.

There were other things about him, when he was away, I would lay in my bed and he would lay next to me looking at me in the dark, just like he did when he was there. It was like even though he was hundreds of miles away, his spirit would come and lay with me at night, he would watch over me and talk to me in the dark. So, hey, you could be saying I was just day dreaming, alright I can go with that to, thought of it already. But, then there were times when I am sad even to this day, and he appears in my head, and tells me to come to him, that he has taken care of everything, and not to cry. Sounds like obsession, right? But I am a very functioning person, I have never went to search him out, I have been in relationships with men since and loved them dearly, and think of them as well since my life has moved ahead. It is no different with him. Funny thing is he started haunting the guys I would be with. One day out of the blue, these men would ask about him, and it would confuse me. They would have dreams, where we would all be hanging out together, doing things, and they wanted to know who this man was. I would describe him and they would say that the man they dreamed about was that man.

I am sure there are those of you out there who know exactly what I mean, and your experiences are completely different than mine, it is the knowing of it that really matters, it is undeniable. If you have an experience to share, I ask you to share it for those who have not had the opportunity to. If not please do write and ask any questions you may have here and I and those who read after will answer your questions as best as we can.

Sending my love to you all, as always, and hoping you have a wonderful day, diana













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