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Not sure what happened, it seems that with the mass use of all types of media people seem to get ruder and less respectful of people around them. It seems to me that in an age full of every type of media at our finger tips, many people have lost the accountability for their words and actions. I think that we have lost the gentile touch of being tactful and graceful. With written media at all of our fingertips, people can write words and be taken less seriously or taken in a completely light then what those words meant. We are surrounded with proof all the time. People like the Uni-bomber and several other mass killers or twisted criminal minds have used this media to spew their insanity (used loosely,  I do not believe they are insane). No matter how hateful and dangerous their words were, no seemed to take them very seriously, no one took a second look at what was coming out of these twisted minds. It does not stop there, these are extremes of a common problem. People use these media sources to lie and hide behind it’s camouflage to dupe and cause harm to people around them. Everything from little comments that could be taken less seriously by an “lol” next to it or by wording things in such a way as the real meaning behind it is never suspected by those they send them to. Very common in the internet, texting and other mass media sources.

This is only the beginning of a problem that seems to be rising up around us. People in the real world seem to be losing their ability to be polite. Because of so much time getting away with it through other sources, they seem now to care less about just blurting their negativity everywhere they go. They go unchecked and unchallenged in the world of space that holds all these messages from the airwaves. When no one calls them out they get away with it, over and over they get away with it. So, as with all spoiled children who go unchecked, they push the bar further and further. The more they get away with the more the test us. Then one day we wake up to rude people in cars, at the check out, at the deli, every where you turn you see rampant rudeness, and in most cases it goes unchecked! They are pushing us, and we have a right to not be drowning in  their sewage. Not saying you should be rude back, but the best way to stop a bully is to call them out. Most bullies don’t have the courage to stand up alone when they are called out. Just say, “Excuse me, I think that kind of attitude is inappropriate here.”, or any number of things that suite you.

I know I have called people out many times, there is such a thing as common sense and know when some one is just trying to push the bar, and when some one is clearly not with the program. In cases of the latter it may be better to call in professionals to deal with them. I am saying in so many words, we need to take our lives back, our homes, neighborhoods, shops, movie theaters etc… We all live here together and we have to play nicely, just like we did when we were kids. What is wrong with us that as grown ups we have less manners than tiny children? Anyway, off to work and off the soap box for now. Sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Love Lives On!

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Well, hello to you all today! Was just thinking today about cliches and sayings we are all familiar with. It is funny how we constantly say things we don’t live up to or even really understand the real depth of those quotes. “You never lose the ones you love.”, for example, “The ones we love are always with us”, “They live on in our hearts.”,  or “They are always in our thoughts.”. So as I was thinking of loves gone by and all those people I have lost through death and circumstance today, it occurred to me that they really are always with us. All we have to do is allow ourselves to believe it and look for them in our hearts and thoughts. It all started well a long time ago. One person in particular haunts me, not in some dark and sad way. He always seems to show up in those moments of confusion or despair that follow us all. He always brings love and a smile to me, but mostly he brings words, to calm the soul. hope for my future and things like that. I have allowed myself to being open to his help, and in the process have learned something else. He is not the only one who still loves me and thinks of me. Lately, and in particular another has been haunting me in my dreams, but again not to hurt me or confuse me. They all seem to be coming just to hold my hand and bring reassurance about our roles in each other lives. They also come to remind me that no matter how life has separated us, they are always with me and continue to love me. It is a very comforting thought. I am realizing that no matter how alone I may feel sometimes, they are always only a blink away. All I have to do is think of them and be willing to hear what they will bring, then the answers come.

It is strange how life can bring us full circle to things we understood as children, but have been twisted and taught out of us. Then as grown ups we find ourselves needing this love and help more than ever and have lost the keys to that help. Some may think it is futile and silly, or maybe even obsessive, but from where I see it, that is not the case. We were all meant to touch each others lives for a reason, and I am happy to continue to learn from what they bring to me. I do not love my life dwelling on the past, but I do find myself thinking about my life now. In those moments when I am searching for the next step in the journey, sometimes they come with words of advice and guidance. I am realizing how helpful and thankful I am for it. For those of you who understand this, you know what a blessing it is. For those of you who do not or have never tried, I suggest you give in to it. Not in a way to look back and dwell on what was, that will not help you go forward. Just remember a smile or a loving gesture and know that it is always there with you and that even though life may change things around you the love that was shared was real, for that moment and like a deck of cards, you can always use it to serve you at any given moment.

We have all been given the same tools to reach out and help each other, but more so, the tools to help ourselves. Never doubt your ability to bring all the good things in this world right to your doorstep. All you have to do is be brave enough to open the door and except what lies there waiting for you. We make things fearful by our own lack of understanding of something. Just look and see for yourself what wondrous things await inside yourself, great things and small things all lying there for you to pick up and bring love to yourself. Hoping you are having a wonderful day. Sending love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

On Soul Mates!

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Well, so many things in the world to carry us, from on place to another. So many decisions to distract us from all the things we seek. I am guilty as well, sometimes the illusion of reality here overtakes my true sense of reality. I remember all my life hearing the term soul mate, and often wondered what that really was. Even as a young girl always dreaming of growing up and meeting my soul mate. The first time I fell in love, I thought this has got to be what it is. When that relationship failed, I was so devastated, but not long after, I met another man and fell in love again. We were much more compatible, and I felt surely this time this is my soul mate. Because, I always knew once you met your soul mate, that was it, they would never leave. Not long after that relationship fell apart, I met a man I will never forget, as long as I live. That is not to say, that the other men I loved would be forgotten, I mean how can you truly forget anyone you have given your heart to? But, this was very different, love comes from the heart and it is a powerful thing, very powerful! meeting a soul mate, or a spiritual twin is nothing like you can really wrap your head around, it is amazing, terrifying, blissful, a knowing, a familiarity that makes you feel so complete. It is a concept very hard to explain unless it has happened to you, but I will do my best to explain.

When I met this man, not my physical type really, but something about him just caught me. We were introduced, and from that day on, I cold not help but think of him. He haunted me, I know it sounds strange, but it was not a lust, it was not about I have to be with this man. It was, a constant wondering of who he was and what about him that was so familiar, and just always seeing his eyes bore into me, like he knew something about me that I didn’t. Eventually, we meet again and did start to date. The first thing I noticed, is his ability to talk to me, and a sense of pure calm would cover me. Unusual to say the least, in my now 48 years on this planet, I have always been very shy, and because of it always been very nervous around people. The truth is, until I met him I thought I knew what calm was, and suddenly realized, that I had never experienced that before. He could say my name, and it was like a flood of quiet swept over me. I could thin a thought, and suddenly he would speak my thoughts out loud. I don’t mean like you are talking to some one and they seem to know where you are going and finish a sentence, he did that as well. We would be sitting together, watching a movie, or doing something, not even exchanging a word, I would have a thought in my head and he would say it, the very second I thought it.

There were other things about him, when he was away, I would lay in my bed and he would lay next to me looking at me in the dark, just like he did when he was there. It was like even though he was hundreds of miles away, his spirit would come and lay with me at night, he would watch over me and talk to me in the dark. So, hey, you could be saying I was just day dreaming, alright I can go with that to, thought of it already. But, then there were times when I am sad even to this day, and he appears in my head, and tells me to come to him, that he has taken care of everything, and not to cry. Sounds like obsession, right? But I am a very functioning person, I have never went to search him out, I have been in relationships with men since and loved them dearly, and think of them as well since my life has moved ahead. It is no different with him. Funny thing is he started haunting the guys I would be with. One day out of the blue, these men would ask about him, and it would confuse me. They would have dreams, where we would all be hanging out together, doing things, and they wanted to know who this man was. I would describe him and they would say that the man they dreamed about was that man.

I am sure there are those of you out there who know exactly what I mean, and your experiences are completely different than mine, it is the knowing of it that really matters, it is undeniable. If you have an experience to share, I ask you to share it for those who have not had the opportunity to. If not please do write and ask any questions you may have here and I and those who read after will answer your questions as best as we can.

Sending my love to you all, as always, and hoping you have a wonderful day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Online Video Chat?

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Got to say one thing for sure. No matter how advanced we get with technology, there is always some one willing to exploit it for their own gain, even if it means the degradation of the service and the people who use it. I keep getting these silly women mostly who want to be added to my yahoo account. They are obviously not friends of mine. I found this out the hard way. Since I am trying to run a business online, I have joined a few networking groups and clubs to further advertise my art. So, at first I thought these were women who were from my groups trying to get a hold of me and talk shop. I quickly found out that was not the case. Once these vultures get added it is hard to get rid of them, unless I have missed something entirely, used to block them, but with all the changes yahoo has made, currently am unable to find a way to do it. So, I am constantly coming home from messages from these individuals, and I have no interest in talking to them in anyway.

Today, got a message from another one, and this one was actually ridiculous. She starts with the usual, hey how are you today, and I respond with who are you. I had to ask her three times, before an answer came, and to her credit, I got more information than previously. I have always wondered how they find me, I do not chat. So, anyway, she responds with I got your information from a social media site. Now I don’t know about you, but when I do go on social media sites, I do not expect them to be sending lists, according to her, with my information, so I can be harassed, by individuals like her. Honestly, there are enough on these sites already, that if that is what I was searching for, I could arrange it easily. It makes me mad really, that should not be allowed ethically and definitely should not be legal. Anyway, just wanted to share some basic information, in the hopes it can help some one else, who may be wondering why they get these silly instant messages.

More recently, still working on my book and going to house sit for a little bit. So, even more busy than usual. I will do my best to keep you updated and posted on anything new that comes my way, especially if it can be helpful to some one out there, in cyber world! Hoping you have a great day and a wonderful week. Sending my love to you, and all those you love as well, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Wen Vs. Hair One!

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Getting older does a lot of fun stuff too the hair. I have always had sensitive skin and hair. Easily dried out and very sensitive to alcohol and many other additives to skin and hair care products. So, today I just want to throw my hat in the ring, and open a discussion about Wen hair care products and the Hair One line from Sally Beauty Supply. I was always really wanting to do the Wen care products I have fine hair and wanted to keep is looking shiny and not so dry and frizzy. Recently, my daughter found a deal online for Wen and ordered it. I had a chance to try it for a couple of days and really liked it. My favorite product was the deep conditioning creme. It really made my hair feel soft. Unfortunately, I could not and can still not afford this whole kit thing they do. I mean really, why not just sell the individual products and give folks a chance to buy what they want. I don’t need the combs and I don’t like the wax thing for protection, All I want to get is the conditioners. I think they do that to charge a ridiculous amount of money for their products. So, Chaz Dean if you are looking, really, try to remember the economy is not so good, and by lowering your prices you may lose a few dollars, but gain a tin more on the back side, by increasing your costumer base!

Anyway, in her search for another coupon for me, my daughter ran across the Hair One products and found that many people liked those products better and guess what, the prices are much more reasonable! So, I took a shot at it, and I do really like their version a lot. I am however disappointed, that they do not make a deep conditioning creme as well. But, for the money it is very do-able and a very good product. I can honestly say, my hair is so much more manageable, and I am washing with well water, very hard water. I am confident if I had better water to wash my hair the improvements would be very substantial. Just wanted to set up a forum, for any one who has had the opportunity to try either one of these products or maybe even both! That way, for anyone like me out there who wanted to try it, there are real people on here who can tell it like it is. No spin, no ad company trying to make it all pretty, just real talk from real folks!

Just want to say to all of you who do follow me, hope you are having a wonderful day, sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Sleepless In New Hampshire!

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Well, one of those nights. Slept for about six hours and cannot go back to sleep. Finally I gave it up and decided to get on with my day. So, here I am blogging before I get to work on some art. Hoping you are all enjoying a wonderful new week. Still busy here and promising to get much busier. Hopefully will be getting a call tomorrow to do some illustrations for a children’s book, through an acquaintance. Also, trying to get another job or a second one to make some more money, got to save up and get settled some where more permanent for winter. also, still working on pictures for the children’s book I am working on. Have a painting to finish for a friend, and have to check out the library. In September I will be displaying my art there and I need to know how much space is available so I can display my art.

Now, just an observance, what is up with people and the internet. Dating online seems unlikely to me. I can only speak for myself, as I am very sure many people have found some one special online. But, for me it is worse than meeting people in person. It seems that at least in person, people try to put their best foot forward. Online it seems, they rarely if ever even try to do that. For example, I am on several social media sites, they all say single, because I am, but under why I am there, it says, networking and friends. I think that is very clear, no intentions of dating. Now, unless that is secret code for I really want to date you, not sure why I am constantly trying to fend off men for various reasons. I have sold art off of these sites, but too many mean and frankly women as well, seem to either not read what I wrote or completely disregard it. One message from yesterday came saying “Hi”. So I responded with a “Hello”, the next response must be filtered, but went something like this ” I just want _ussy!” All I could think, and no I did not respond to that, was does that really work. Are there women out there who go, “Yes, the man I am looking for!” and then they chase these guys down. I was confused and humored by this. Another man sent me a message saying “hello”, I responded back with a “Hello”, very next message was “Were you thinking of me today?”, I mean I just got your message, how is that even possible? If I had gotten it sooner, it would still be unlikely, I mean I barely have time to think about me!

Anyway, would love to give you a chance to share some of your adventured and misadventures on any social media site. I am sure it will make you feel better to share it and I am positive it will make me smile and a few others as well. I cannot be alone in this insane online world, dealing with idiots. I am sure they will not agree, but there should be some kind of etiquette even online. It is still a conversation, and if you wouldn’t walk up to some one on the street and blurt these things, you really shouldn’t blurt them out online. I know it feels like you are shielded or even invisible, but the truth is, you are very visible, more visible than you may believe. Is this how you want people to remember you? Just asking.

To all of you who follow and read my blog, hope you have a great day! Sending my love to you and all you love as well, as usual…………diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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