Does Size Matter?

The age old question, that almost everyone will ask at one point in their life, so does it matter? The answer we hear from counselors and therapists is no, that no kind of judging of anyone or anything by size is not the correct thing to do. Whether we should do it or not, is not the question. The question is: Does size matter? The answer, though many do not want to hear it, is YES! Some things we like bigger, like our food portions, beverages, televisions and in the case of men usually true as well. Some things we prefer smaller like phones, waistlines, clothes, baby anything, and in the case of women as well. Men are supposed to be big and strong, the protectors. Women are supposed to be delicate and petite, helpless and vulnerable. The strange thing is that when things do not come the way we expect them, our reaction tells the story more clearly. We can say we do not judge, but why is a man’s reaction to a tall women, wow your are a big women! Why not just appreciate her beauty, inner and outer and see if she is the kind of person he will like. It is not as if he is expected to haul her around like luggage, so why does it matter. Why is it that a man of small stature is automatically dismissed as weak or less appropriate for a job than a man who is bigger and taller. Most big business positions, Hollywood stars, musicians and so on are tall men. Most women, with the exception of models are tiny and petite in stature for visual types of jobs, models though tall are still kept so thin, it is unnerving to see at times.

So, I ask you, does size matter? If I sell you a painting you think is beautiful, want it at all costs, then get it home and it does not fit where you intend, does size matter? If you buy a gorgeous sofa and love seat, and it is too small for your coffee table, does size matter? If  you marry a man or woman and years later, they are so big you cannot hug them, does size matter? If that same person withers away, and is so frail you are afraid you will break them, does size matter? If size doesn’t matter, then why do so many things come tagged with terms that describe their size. There is: Big Mac, Whopper, Super Size, Ton Truck, Big Screen, Wide Screen, Extended Cab, King Cab ( how royal), Queen Size, King Size ( not just big, royally big), Monster ( big and scary), Jumbo, Petite, Plus sizes, Slim, Razor, Ultra thin, Slender, Tiny, Pocket Size, Wallet Size, Compact and so on and so forth. Even our advertisers know size matters, why are we so silly not to understand our own tendency to judge. Maybe, if we were willing to admit our weakness for size, then maybe we could prevent ourselves from being sucked in by the big money companies out there. Maybe then we would be able to say no. Remember the just say no campaign. How about making it more versatile and letting the money makers offer us something more practice and useful, than just the size of and object to increase the size of their wallets and bank accounts, ,while simultaneously reducing the size of ours Just saying, something to think about. Hoping you have a wonderful Friday, sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


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