Well another day at work and the weather was even crazier than yesterday. Big storms. thunder, lightening and even hail warnings were being forcasted on the radio. Anyway, busy day, watching the grand children for a while before work and then a busy day at the job. News from a friend for help finding an apartment and another friend helping me retrieve my belongings from the old address. A day full of news and promising lots of adventure in the days and weeks to come. I am ready for some positive changes and lots of em. It is long overdue. Hoping your day was full of fun and whatever amounts of adventure you prefer.

Anyway, today was interesting for other reasons too. At work today one of the young men I work with was having problems with a lady at work, who seems to have difficulty playing nicely with others. Strange it is her and one other there that seem to be oblivious to the fact that we all have to work together. anyway, he was getting a little mad about her being so disrespectful and we were texting, I was on my break. Anyway, so all I could give him for advice was how sad I felt for her. I mean how miserable she must be everyday when she wakes up. That her only way to feel better is to make everyone around her hate her and miserable. It has to suck, to be that miserable and unhappy. I told him, you know we are lucky, we wake up happy and like to have fun, not everyone is like that. He thanked me, but it just makes me wonder, how her mind and many others like her. How do you wake up everyday, trying to hurt and control and put down everyone around you and not feel bad about yourself or your behavior? What went wrong in her brain, why cant she see it? Anyway, I am sure many of you know some one like that, and if you can help me understand it, please drop a line. If you are as confused as me, let me know that too. If you are not one of them, smile it is always a great day, full of wonder and surprises. If you are one of those people, I just want to say, take a deep breath, relax and remember, life is hard for all of us, it really is about what you make of it!

In other news, been busy trying to write a book for children, actually collaberating with an acquaintance. I promise to get you some pics as soon as I can, do not have a scanner hooked up, it may come down to pictures from a camera, but as soon as I can I will be posting them on my blogs. I would love to get any feedback you may have, it would be greatly appreciated! Hoping you are having a wonderful day, and whether you are or not, sending you lots of love, as always, diana














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