Cooler Days And Time For Art!


Today is a strange day for sure. been looking like rain all day, cloudy and cooler than usual. Strange thing that as evening approaches it feels like a fall or winter day here. The winds are strong and the air is very cold. Tonight will be a night for blankets and warm thoughts. Brings to mind how quickly the weather will change and how quickly the atmosphere here will change. Soon enough the tourists and summer visitors will be gone and life in this sleepy town will begin to change. Shops will have shorter hours and be open fewer days. People will be out and about less frequently and the quiet of this New Hampshire village will be thick in the air. So amazing to feel like that in July, the middle of summer, when days are long and the heat is stifling. Yet, it is here none the less. My mind wanders to being by a fire or wood burning stove, making stew or some other comfort food and enjoying a quiet evening with some one. Talking of spring days and the summer to come. It is ironic that it is summer and it feels so contrary.

So my plans for the evening are to write this blog and work on some art. Working in my fantasies will imagining doing this very thing in the winter for many days and nights. painting and drawing where there is no other thing to occupy outside, the only activities limited to what my mind and small space will allow. Strange thing is, it feels peaceful and none imposing, Like a breath of fresh air in a desert. Like all is well. Funny how things get, with all the information about global warming how little we all truly listen. Today I hear the earth speaking, and she is saying it is time. Time to heal all the hurts she has suffered at our neglect. Time for things to be as they were meant to be, before we started tampering with her body and destroying it like a cancer. Time for her to cleanse herself and show us her power, strength and will to survive. I feel it like a warning, not of doom, but of change and we all need to be ready for it, or we will lose this time.

Anyway, back to my artwork and thoughts of things to come. Solitude and peacefulness. Did not mean to be doomy or gloomy, just saying what I hear in the air, strange day for sure. It is no longer a whisper and she will get louder until all hear her, but for now, I hear her. I understand her and respect her. It is a good day, a day for reflection and enjoying the great power of nature, and the bounty it provides.

Tomorrow is back to work and some other errands, so I will not be checking in till later in the evening. Hoping you have a lovely evening today and a wonderful day tomorrow. As always sending my love to you and all those you love………..diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


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