Sunday In A Resort Town!


Well it is Sunday, a day off for many of you out there. Today for me is a work day. Off to the store to keep people in fresh produce, at least for this minute in my life. One day, I hope to be working from my home and living a dream as an artist and writer, so everyday I work on bringing myself that much closer to that reality. Lots to do to get there, but I am not afraid. I am excited, energetic and ready to open that new door.

Now, back to living in a town that is known for its lakes, camping and hiking. it is interesting that this is a sleepy town most times of the year, very few permanent occupants, but is the summer months the population quadruples, making traffic and going places difficult and even annoying at times. But, these visitors are the ones keeping the rest of us employed. The rich here do not have those worries, and they are the ones that keep people employed the rest of the year. It is funny this town is a reflection of where our economy is going, there is no middle class here, there are only the filthy rich and those serving them. It is such a stark contrast that it can be unnerving at times. The rich seem oblivious to the vast magnitude of differences of those around them and will still bicker and whine over being overcharged or not being treated like royalty. It is funny, they are so out of touch of what it is to really work, or struggle, it is like being around of five year olds throwing temper tantrums My guess is they are stuck there, the parents of the overgrown brats should be embarrassed. Anyway, not all is bad, many are kind and some even generous, but sadly they are outnumbered by the former.

Those working here, range from being bitter about being at the bottom and dealing with the snobbery, to those who accept it and wallow in there bad lot in life. Funny how things can make you forget who you really are, what your potential really is. I am struggling very hard to break through all the boundaries and road blocks in my life. the magic of this planet will create the life I am dreaming of. One dream at a time, one day after another, I cling to it and it feeds me and will maintain  and sustain me. Dreams are my food, sleep and breath, and I will not accept anything less than what I dream!Sounds stubborn, sounds crazy, or even flighty to many of you, and some times it does to me too, but mostly, I accept it ass truth and knonw in my heart one day real soon It Will Be!

Anyway, my tooth is not inflamed any more, even after a nights sleep so I am hoping that it will heal up and go away. It is still a little sore, but most of the swelling in gone, and only some of the soreness remains. So send me your healing thoughts and prayers, could use them. Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Sunday, to you and yours. Hoping you have a wonderful , and where ever you go remember who is serving you at the store, gas station, on the radio, where ever you go remember, that your life is easier because of them. Sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


2 Responses to “Sunday In A Resort Town!”

  1. I got what you intend, regards for putting up.Woh I am pleased to find this website through google. “The eye of a human being is a microscope, which makes the world seem bigger than it really is.” by Kahlil Gibran.

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