Owies And Wowies!


Lovely Saturday. Been a busy day. Had to work and I woke up with an inflamed tooth. It was so sore I could not close my mouth, which meant no chewing and it was really tough to smile and swallow. I bought some Red Cross to numb it and was taking over the counter pain relief. Yet, no matter what I did, it would not go away. Finally I left work early,  I just could not deal with the pain, the drooling (yes salivating like crazy),  to collaborate on a childrens book I have been doing illustrations for. He was really impressed with the artwork I had done so far and seemed really excited about the story as well. While he was here, the swelling in my mouth ruptured, not sure what it was, but finally some relief. Anyway, off he went back to work with pictures of the drawings that were completed and a load of notes to get busy. I am quite excited! This has been a dream of mine to write a book, never really thought about doing a book for kids. But, lately I have been getting tons of feedback on my art and most say I should do a book for children. So, I thought to myself, I am like a child myself in many ways, so why not/ Since this would be the first one, I needed some help from some one with experience to go through the process with me. Plus, not getting a story yet, have it outlined in my head, but for now only pictures coming to mind. So I recruited help.

So another project set into motion. I can only hope that between the art, and crafts and now a book, that my dreams will come true. I have always enjoyed working for myself, this is just a very different genre than I am used to. Not matter, it is the one career I have wonted since I was a child myself. Life is taking me full circle to my beginning, but better a life time of experience to guide me through! Wish me luck! I am also going to start doing my tarot and angel cards for the general public finally. I am very excited about this opportunity to help others with their lives and struggles. So many choices to share myself with others, and I feel like it is what I was meant to do. I feel at home, at peace with myself again. So, if you ever need an artist or some one to do your angel cards or tarot cards, please do let me know. It is all about sharing love, happiness and a piece of me with others around me. All of which bring me great joy.

no money for lottery this week, but I am going to try to get back in the swing of things next week. So here to my good luck, and of course to you in all your ventures. Sending you luck, love and happiness. Hoping your Saturday is a day to remember, in all the best ways. Love you…………diana













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