New Days And New Ways


Well, it has been a while. The Move to New England has been filled with one challenge after another. I am continually amazed at how different people are from state to state, rural to city all over this country.Funny that in a country that is unified by government and the commonality of being immigrants, how varied we all are in temperament, beliefs, attitudes and curtosies from one section to the next. Anyway, one bump in the road after another and here I am again to tell you about my experiences and my adventures in art! So many things were set up when I arrived, that I was not expecting so many little hiccups, I try really hard to be thorough and with all that checking and double checking, so much went in a direction that I was not prepared.  Firstly, my phone was getting no signal in this area, makes it hard to look for work and do business with no phone. than a couple pf weeks later, the internet and cable were cut off, both were supposed to be included in the rent. I was not happy about paying the same rent with none of the perks. Anyway, for months now I have been without any form of communication or information accept my own little bubble. It was so very difficult to find a job and it has been almost impossible to maintain an online business under those conditions. For me I could give it all up and be happy, but it is a must for running a business in this techno time. It is really the cheapest and most broad way to get a business going these days. Start up is minimal, overhead is cheap or even free in some cases, time is dictated by your own drive and schedule, so for me the best option to creating the life I wanted.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I finally saved enough pennies to get a phone that does work here in my little black hole in New Hampshire. And just the day before yesterday the internet got hooked up. So for now I am just trying to get acclimated once again with my schedule and juggling all my sites, as well as finding them all. A little out of practice, so for those of you who follow me, bear with me while I go through this process. I will say I have missed doing my blogs, but this break has opened some new doors for me, some may be real and others may be just in my mind for now. But all the changes have been positive and uplifting, it is exciting to be on an adventure again!

For those of you who have followed from the beginning you know, that this was a log to follow my journey to winning the lottery and journaling my art and the trials and tribulations of building an online business. Of course with the sometimes occasional and other times continuing anecdotes in my life and those of my loved ones too! For now, I have not won the lottery, I did plan on a year, but money has been tight and purchasing tickets, basically impossible for more than a few months. I am hoping to get that door open again as soon as possible. So much to catch up on, and I will be back regularly now and try my best to get you all caught up. For now, sending my love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*



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