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Looking For The Light!

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Inside the light there is peace. Inside the light there is love. Onside the light there is happiness! Inside the light is all things good! Now, in the real world we seem to find these things in short supply. The only  way to find it here is inside yourself, or to be lucky enough to come in contact with some one who carries the light with them, even if it is only for that instant. Funny thing about the light, is that we are always looking for it. We seem to constantly lose it’s glow from our lives. Ever chasing it like a dream, always forgetting it is right with in us all the time. We can feel it fill us and overwhelm us and minutes later for get it was ever near us at all.

It should be the one constant in our lives, the one thing we should never lose, more than our keys, passwords, money, credit cards or even a phone. Yet we take such little care, all these other things take precedence over the one thing we should guard with our very lives, after all it is the one thing that not only makes life worth living, sometimes it is the only thing keeping us alive at all!

It takes only a second fr us to lose sight of it. Then it can be hours, days, weeks, months or years before we look for or ask to bring it back into our lives. Amazing that when our creator designed us he made our heart beat without thought, our brains function without our effort and even our muscles move and grow with out us working at it. The one thing that keeps us on track spiritually and keeps us from getting stressed out or depressed only works if we seek it and work for it everyday. It is more like what a body builder goes through to compete. We must daily, even many times daily work that part of us that carries the light, make it stronger and brighter, make it bigger and lighter! This is the real work in our lives, keeping the driver of this body strong, and full of love. The only way to rid ourselves of cancers, and other illnesses is to get rid of stress. The sure way to rid ourselves of stress is to use the light, to shield us from it. It keeps the negative things away, it keeps all the anger, worry and pain of the world around us at bay. Without it we would all drown in worry, self pity, anger and sadness. What a way to live that would be. For those of you who understand what I mean, you also understand the amount of constant work it takes to keep the light inside us and around us. For those of you who do not understand, when you feel yourself overwhelmed by anything that does not feel good to you. Take a minute and visualize yourself, filling up with a white light. Picture yourself glowing like a light bulb and that light surrounding you like a shield. Notice how peace and happiness fills you. This is the white light of love. Then also pay attention, to how quickly some one can come in with bad feelings a just take the light away. It is almost like a candle, It just pops out, Then you must do it again, never fear the more you do it, the more you become conscious of other peoples ability to snuff it out. When that happens you will find yourself protecting the light, because in essence it protects you!

Anyway, it was a day like that for me, I had to be continually refreshing myself.I don’t know if it was because I was tired, or if life in general has been dragging me down. All I know is, I must not let myself fall into old habits, unhealthy habits. This time I want it to stick. My new resolution is to make myself aware of my energy at alal times, and the second I feel it drop, to recharge myself.

Hope you had a great weekend, sending my love to you as always and wishing you every happiness, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*


Does Size Matter?

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Does Size Matter?.

Does Size Matter?

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 by dianaswonderworks

The age old question, that almost everyone will ask at one point in their life, so does it matter? The answer we hear from counselors and therapists is no, that no kind of judging of anyone or anything by size is not the correct thing to do. Whether we should do it or not, is not the question. The question is: Does size matter? The answer, though many do not want to hear it, is YES! Some things we like bigger, like our food portions, beverages, televisions and in the case of men usually true as well. Some things we prefer smaller like phones, waistlines, clothes, baby anything, and in the case of women as well. Men are supposed to be big and strong, the protectors. Women are supposed to be delicate and petite, helpless and vulnerable. The strange thing is that when things do not come the way we expect them, our reaction tells the story more clearly. We can say we do not judge, but why is a man’s reaction to a tall women, wow your are a big women! Why not just appreciate her beauty, inner and outer and see if she is the kind of person he will like. It is not as if he is expected to haul her around like luggage, so why does it matter. Why is it that a man of small stature is automatically dismissed as weak or less appropriate for a job than a man who is bigger and taller. Most big business positions, Hollywood stars, musicians and so on are tall men. Most women, with the exception of models are tiny and petite in stature for visual types of jobs, models though tall are still kept so thin, it is unnerving to see at times.

So, I ask you, does size matter? If I sell you a painting you think is beautiful, want it at all costs, then get it home and it does not fit where you intend, does size matter? If you buy a gorgeous sofa and love seat, and it is too small for your coffee table, does size matter? If  you marry a man or woman and years later, they are so big you cannot hug them, does size matter? If that same person withers away, and is so frail you are afraid you will break them, does size matter? If size doesn’t matter, then why do so many things come tagged with terms that describe their size. There is: Big Mac, Whopper, Super Size, Ton Truck, Big Screen, Wide Screen, Extended Cab, King Cab ( how royal), Queen Size, King Size ( not just big, royally big), Monster ( big and scary), Jumbo, Petite, Plus sizes, Slim, Razor, Ultra thin, Slender, Tiny, Pocket Size, Wallet Size, Compact and so on and so forth. Even our advertisers know size matters, why are we so silly not to understand our own tendency to judge. Maybe, if we were willing to admit our weakness for size, then maybe we could prevent ourselves from being sucked in by the big money companies out there. Maybe then we would be able to say no. Remember the just say no campaign. How about making it more versatile and letting the money makers offer us something more practice and useful, than just the size of and object to increase the size of their wallets and bank accounts, ,while simultaneously reducing the size of ours Just saying, something to think about. Hoping you have a wonderful Friday, sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Working Thursday And Other News!

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Well, off  to work today, got to work in the evening, my least favorite shift.  The good news is, It is giving me an opportunity to chat with you in the morning, while my brain is fresh and awake. All work aside, yesterday became even more eventful as the day progressed, it seems an opportunity to do some illustrations for a children’s book has opened up. I am not sure where this will lead, I can only hope she likes my style and wants me to do the illustrations for the story she has written. It is more peculiar because I myself have been working on a children’s book for a few weeks now. I posted an add on Craigslist  for an artist needing work, and of all the things to come to me, this was not what I expected. I am so happy, and will be happier still if it all works out! Keep your fingers crossed for me, send me luck or say a prayer, this would be a dream come true for me to have these books out there and my art making smiles all over the world!

Only have a few minutes today, have to work on a drawing for the children’s book I am working on. I found a young man in town who has written two and he is collaborating with me on this book. We shall see how that works out, it may be in the end it will be my endeavor alone. For now, he has said he will collaborate, and if he is true to his word, this will be my first endeavor to do my own book. I may be doing a lot of short stops in here soon, just to keep up with my job and the work load I may have. In the end it will all be worth the lack of sleep, eating and socializing to make my dreams come true! Life is being good right now, and I am ready for it too. I have never been more ready for anything in my life. Thanks to all who have believed in me, and supported me. Definitely thanks tome, for believing in myself, when all my life people have told me to get a real job. Forgot those silly dreams, do you know hard it is to do that. You have to be lucky or have lots of money or important friends. Just work hard and you can have a good life. I believed that for a long time, and forgot to believe in what I knew in my heart. Hoping one day soon, that those of you who read me here, will know my name from the illustrations and books and art I am connected with. It isn’t about being famous as much as it is about showing all those nay sayers and showing all of you who have dreams that it is always possible, whatever those dreams are! Just want to help you reach out and grab your dreams, makes for happier people and a happier world!

Got to run for now, hoping your Thursday is a wonderful one! Sending you my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Wednesday News And Car Blues!

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Well, woke up today and my car is not starting. Had some things to handle and the universe seems to have other plans for me today. Been feeling a change in the air the past couple of weeks and wasn’t sure what it was, but I am starting to see the writing on the wall. Fixing my car will make it impossible to keep paying my rent without going further in debt at this time. Without the second job I have trying to get, or some other form of income, I am unable to handle any extra expenses at this time. So, it falls to me to make some drastic changes in order to continue on a path of moving forward and not backward. It seems I have reached another crossroad in my life, and decisions to move forward lie in the choices I make now. So, I must choose wisely and let life take me where it will. Weighing out all pros and cons, and making the choices I knew were coming and was unable to make right away, now lay before me. No more delays, time is up.

I am sure this is a very common thing for all of us, just thought I would share with you. You never know who may need to hear your story, sometimes the problems in life can weigh us down and make us feel alone. I am here to say, we are not alone and all of us share the most basic and common issues. The most common thing among us all, is the reality that life has and always will throw in a curve ball when we least expect it or need it. How we deal with these situations makes us better or worse for the wear. Choosing wisely is always the hardest thing to do, many times we make the choice that is easiest, and it usually ends up making things harder in the long run. So, take a moment and look at your long term outcomes, before making a choice that could alter things in your life and create more negativity for you. Tough choices are always with us, making them less powerful in our emotional lives will make them less stressful and therefore have less impact on our health and make it easier to make the next tough choice. It really isn’t as bad as it seems, these choices inevitably open new doors otherwise closed to us. In return, these doors can make our futures so much brighter than we ever expected. Live and learn, smile in the face of adversity and you will find yourself enjoying the beauty in the worst situation. Life is not as serious as we make it, therefore the fun and adventure are there for us to take freely! So, enjoy all those moments, they may be hard, but they are also what makes life interesting. Hoping you are enjoying your day! Got lots to take care of, promise to keep you updated on any further changes. Sending you my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Well another day at work and the weather was even crazier than yesterday. Big storms. thunder, lightening and even hail warnings were being forcasted on the radio. Anyway, busy day, watching the grand children for a while before work and then a busy day at the job. News from a friend for help finding an apartment and another friend helping me retrieve my belongings from the old address. A day full of news and promising lots of adventure in the days and weeks to come. I am ready for some positive changes and lots of em. It is long overdue. Hoping your day was full of fun and whatever amounts of adventure you prefer.

Anyway, today was interesting for other reasons too. At work today one of the young men I work with was having problems with a lady at work, who seems to have difficulty playing nicely with others. Strange it is her and one other there that seem to be oblivious to the fact that we all have to work together. anyway, he was getting a little mad about her being so disrespectful and we were texting, I was on my break. Anyway, so all I could give him for advice was how sad I felt for her. I mean how miserable she must be everyday when she wakes up. That her only way to feel better is to make everyone around her hate her and miserable. It has to suck, to be that miserable and unhappy. I told him, you know we are lucky, we wake up happy and like to have fun, not everyone is like that. He thanked me, but it just makes me wonder, how her mind and many others like her. How do you wake up everyday, trying to hurt and control and put down everyone around you and not feel bad about yourself or your behavior? What went wrong in her brain, why cant she see it? Anyway, I am sure many of you know some one like that, and if you can help me understand it, please drop a line. If you are as confused as me, let me know that too. If you are not one of them, smile it is always a great day, full of wonder and surprises. If you are one of those people, I just want to say, take a deep breath, relax and remember, life is hard for all of us, it really is about what you make of it!

In other news, been busy trying to write a book for children, actually collaberating with an acquaintance. I promise to get you some pics as soon as I can, do not have a scanner hooked up, it may come down to pictures from a camera, but as soon as I can I will be posting them on my blogs. I would love to get any feedback you may have, it would be greatly appreciated! Hoping you are having a wonderful day, and whether you are or not, sending you lots of love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

Cooler Days And Time For Art!

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Today is a strange day for sure. been looking like rain all day, cloudy and cooler than usual. Strange thing that as evening approaches it feels like a fall or winter day here. The winds are strong and the air is very cold. Tonight will be a night for blankets and warm thoughts. Brings to mind how quickly the weather will change and how quickly the atmosphere here will change. Soon enough the tourists and summer visitors will be gone and life in this sleepy town will begin to change. Shops will have shorter hours and be open fewer days. People will be out and about less frequently and the quiet of this New Hampshire village will be thick in the air. So amazing to feel like that in July, the middle of summer, when days are long and the heat is stifling. Yet, it is here none the less. My mind wanders to being by a fire or wood burning stove, making stew or some other comfort food and enjoying a quiet evening with some one. Talking of spring days and the summer to come. It is ironic that it is summer and it feels so contrary.

So my plans for the evening are to write this blog and work on some art. Working in my fantasies will imagining doing this very thing in the winter for many days and nights. painting and drawing where there is no other thing to occupy outside, the only activities limited to what my mind and small space will allow. Strange thing is, it feels peaceful and none imposing, Like a breath of fresh air in a desert. Like all is well. Funny how things get, with all the information about global warming how little we all truly listen. Today I hear the earth speaking, and she is saying it is time. Time to heal all the hurts she has suffered at our neglect. Time for things to be as they were meant to be, before we started tampering with her body and destroying it like a cancer. Time for her to cleanse herself and show us her power, strength and will to survive. I feel it like a warning, not of doom, but of change and we all need to be ready for it, or we will lose this time.

Anyway, back to my artwork and thoughts of things to come. Solitude and peacefulness. Did not mean to be doomy or gloomy, just saying what I hear in the air, strange day for sure. It is no longer a whisper and she will get louder until all hear her, but for now, I hear her. I understand her and respect her. It is a good day, a day for reflection and enjoying the great power of nature, and the bounty it provides.

Tomorrow is back to work and some other errands, so I will not be checking in till later in the evening. Hoping you have a lovely evening today and a wonderful day tomorrow. As always sending my love to you and all those you love………..diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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