Yard Sale Or Bust!

Well, it is Friday, and with any luck the weather will be good for a yard sale. I am hoping this weekend is a blow out weekend. So many things have changed lately, and I am very ready to move on. So far this morning, I put the yard sale on Craig’s list and a separate add for an art sale too! Just checked the weather looks like a cold day and possible rain later this afternoon or evening. Tomorrow will be much warmer and dray! Also on Saturday, there will be that 7 mile yard sale right around the corner from my house, with any luck that will bring business to mine as well!

Heard about the tornadoes in Florida. I have many friends and loved ones there, hoping you are all safe today. There will be more than a few phone calls today to check on everyone. Sending love to you all!

Last few days, I have been thinking hard on quitting smoking, bad habit, but a habit none the less. Got my work cut out for me. habits are hard to break, but I am really over it. Send me positive thoughts and good will on this one, I need all the help I can get. I am mentally ready, and physically too, just have to jump the psychological barrier and it will all be good. Wish me luck, I will keep you updated.

Got to take my car into the shop soon too. this is a long move and I need her in the best condition possible, for a car as old as she is. I am hoping, she won’t need much and the bill is reasonable, need every penny just for the gas to get where I am going. More happy thoughts!

Haven’t done much art lately, been way too busy with everything else. I am looking forward to getting settled in again. It seems my nerves are fraying a little bit. This is a big move, and very stressful, and my best stress release has been denied to me. My attentions split with a yard sale and making that work, and also all the little details to make this move possible and with any luck promising! Missing the peace and quiet, and also the solitude. Love my down time, and there has not been enough of it lately.

Got to get everything together. have lots more to dig out and price. As soon as the sun comes up, it will be time to open up the yard sale and re-post all my signs (some one keeps taking them).Got to get it all set up and hoping for a lucrative day! Today is also lottery day, have to make time to get my  tickets, wish me luck and I am doing the same for you (whether you play or not, good luck is always a good thing)! Have a great Friday, lots of love to you and yours, as always, diana











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