Yard Sales And Silly Tales!

Been doing a yard sale and art sale for a couple of weeks now. Yes, I am doing them during the week as well. Believe it or not, lots of folks come during the week. I was shocked, thought I would give it a shot, since I have only a few more weeks till it is time to go, and gas is so very expensive these days.Last week I did better on the week days than I did on the weekend. Honestly, with all the rain and storms, it has been a good idea, unfortunately the weather is not concerned whether I have a nice weekend to sell. It has been great having the week days to increase sales! This weekend there is a seven mile yard sale around the corner from my house, hopefully that will make for a wonderful weekend of sales, I need it!

Today, I had to go into the office at the real estate company I rent from to be taken off the lease.  It was a quick visit and all went well, everyday, it becomes more and more real that this is not my home for much longer. I am going to be sad to go, but so excited to see what awaits me in another part of the country! The people I am going to rent from seem so very sweet, and have gone out of their way to be helpful. They have been updating me on job opportunities and art shows, it has been really great! Nice to know that so many good people are still around! I will fit in quite well, it makes moving so much less stressful! Thanks to you all!

Cute yard sale story to share. The other day a couple and their young daughter, she was four, came to check out the yard sale. It turns out she was a fan of my artwork. So, she walked up and picked up a couple of paintings I made, they were small ones, and just started walking around with them. I made a deal for them, who can’t make a deal with a little cutie. So, she was my first art sale at my yard sale. Her parents were thrilled, she actually picked out c=something that matched her room! The pictures are posted with today’s blog!

Onwards and newsworthy, so sorry to hear no one has seemed to be able to handle the damaged Uranium storage silos in Japan! Where are all the geniuses when we need them? Guess I am not really surprised, they did not show up to save the Gulf either, and that was bad enough, this is so much worse. I pray every night that some with the right ideas will show up to help us out of this train wreck we have caused ourselves. Sending out heartfelt concern, and good wishes to all concerned in these cases, as well as those damaged, by storms of late, and wars all over the world.My hope is that blessings and joy, return to these places very soon. Unfortunately, we cannot change what has come, but we can be part of bringing good things, where things are so bad right now.

No big news for me and the lottery, but I hear congrats are in order for a group of lucky folks in New York. So, Congratulations to you all! Hope it sticks and your money worries are over for a long, long time! $319,000,000.00, should go a long way in making life a little easier for those lucky Mega-Millions winners! Sending out my love to them and all of you, as always, diana











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