Switching Gears!

You were missed yesterday. Been trying to give my wrist a break, after all the intense crocheting I have been working on. Because of this my carpal tunnel starting giving me trouble. So, my wrist has been spending some time in a wrist brace, which makes for slow typing and minimal everything else. Today, the goal was to paint, but with errands and phone calls, time seems to have flown away. This does not mean that painting is out of the question, it means that if painting is to be done, it could be a long night! Feeling like a jungle is erupting out of my brain. After watching The Bachelor the other night and getting such a refresher on Africa, I started missing Giraffes and Elephants. So, could be a theme for this minute, wish me luck!

No big lottery win last night and there is not a drawing tonight. All that kind of news will have to wait until tomorrow. I am still hopeful, good things to come for sure. Lots of talk about the move with friends which has been part of the reason for so much phone time lately. Some friends are calling to catch up things, or missing me already, or just calling working out the details of the move. It is a big deal, it is over 1000 miles from here and a very different place than I have ever been, but it is also, because of the same reasons, that this is really exciting! Lots of little ducks to arrange, and they are running all over the place. My job is to catch them all and get them all lined up in a row. Good visual, huh? The two month countdown has begun, and I am feeling the pressure to get things rolling. With any luck at all, this will be a huge success!

Okay, and since tonight is a big voting night, I have one question for you. If you are watching American Idol (I am because, I love that Steven Tyler is on this season), how are you feeling about the big votes this week? If you have a favorite, please do share, I am sure many other people have opinions of their own, and maybe we can have a nice forum here. It would be really nice just to see what peoples thoughts are at this point in the competition. So, please feel free to let us know what you think, I promise to respond and let you know you are not alone. For all who read, please feel free to drop a note anytime at all, would love to read your response and to reply as well. Hoping you are having a wonderful day! Sending out my love to you as always, diana












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