Sending Love To A Friend!

Well, hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today, just as a re-cap of yesterday, I think I mentioned the storms and the weather outlook here. There were lots of tornado watches, and flood advisories and lots of rain and stormy weather. One a happy note, everything in my neck of the woods is fine. However, just got a call from one of my best friends, her luck was not so good.

Her home is in a lower lying area, that is fairly out in the back areas of town. With the massive amounts of rainfall yesterday, compounded by the fact the most of it drained onto her yard, she is having big problems. At this point I am not sure how big, since she could not even go home yesterday, her yard is a lake right now, and I do not believe I am exaggerating it either. It was so deep last night, that her pet goat drowned, and neighbors had to band together to get the horse up to dryer land ( it was on the news last night), this is how she found out how bad it was at her home.

She works at a hotel in town and had gone home only to realize that her driveway was flooded, so she stayed at the hotel last night. At about eleven pm, she received a call from a neighbor letting her know she was on the news and that her goat had drowned. Not exactly  the way to round off the day, she was heart broken. She is going home today to see if the water has receded, and to investigate the breadth of the problem. She has been having financial issues already, just paid off a riding lawn mower, and took out a loan for transmission and motor parts to repair her truck. They were being stored in a shed on the property, and she is concerned, that with the water so high it may have damaged or ruined all her equipment, and truck parts.

So, for me, I am sending love and prayers her way, wish I had some money to help, but I too am broke. So, all I am asking is that if you can spare the time to say a prayer, or send some happy thoughts, kind wishes or anything you feel you can to make her day. I am positive she would be very appreciative. I too, am thanking you in advance for your thoughtfulness.

Now, guess you figured out I did not win the lottery or I would be helping my friend any way I could today. So, I can only pray tonight I fair better, would love to make sure she could at least replace what she lost, it would mean the world to her. She works very hard and has been through some really tough times. As for you, I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that you did not suffer from anything so heart wrenching yesterday or today. If you have please do let me know, I will surely send out extra love to you and your family as well. For now, sending my love to you as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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