Rain, Tornados And Floods, Oh My!

Crazy day today! The rain here just started, but all over the state it has been raining for hours. Flood warnings, tornado warnings and watches, people getting stuck in flood waters. I hope you all stay safe. Just in case you haven’t heard, it is not a good idea to be out and about today. The ground is way saturated and the water can only start flowing down hill or sitting. Today is not a day for travel. So, if at all possible anyone in these areas, just stay home for a while, and double check the status of roads, before you try to venture out! The emergency agencies are overwhelmed with rescues, due to people getting stuck in flood waters, car accidents, telephone poles down, traffic lights down and possible tornado damage. Please stay home, and let them try to do what is necessary. No need to add to the list they already have.

Still working on gloves here, had some errands to run this morning, and now off to work on my crocheting. I want them done! I want to paint! Argh! Anyway, just thought I would stop in and update everyone. Tennessee is having some bad storms today, so any of you here beware, and anyone thinking of coming this way, take your time! We need the rain for sure, it is just difficult when it all comes at once, it does not have time to soak in like it should! Thankfully, I did not have to go far to do my errands, and I was home before the storms traveled my way! Lots of scary pictures on the news, roads closed, cars stranded, people stranded with those cars, waiting for rescue. Not a fun day to be out on the roads.

No word on any lottery winnings, there is a drawing tonight, keep your fingers crossed for me. Got a big move coming up in the near future could use the cash for sure! I am excited, I have rashes on my arms, I think it may be hives. Been doing benadryl and cortisone, it fades it, but it hasn’t gone away. Thinking the excitement over the move, anxiousness over all the things I need to get done are making me a little sensitive. Plus. just all and out happy about seeing family, so much going through my mind. In the end though, this too will pass. Another page of my life begins and only the future will show where it all takes me! I am very excited!

Hoping if you are not in all this rain you are having a beautiful day! No matter where you are that this is a good day for you, stay safe and sound, sending my love to you as always, diana












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