Thank God It’s Funday!

Well, hoping your Friday is off to a great start! Giving you an opportunity to have a well deserved and well needed weekend of fun and laughter! For me, more of the same, too much work at the house and not enough on my projects. Hoping this just mean my weekend will be all about projects and things that bring me joy! Now as with all good will wishes, please have fun that does not require you to end up with big problems, because that my friend is not what fun is. Fun is about good hearted and good natured pleasure that does not require a jail sentence or destruction of some one’s ego, health, freedom or sanity! Just in case you forget.

I myself am really stoked about getting this project done and moving forward and getting those paint brushes out again. It feels like withdrawals. So, the sooner I get finished with this the quicker I get to painting! Been thinking really hard about getting involved with helping other people, just can’t pick one thing that will work. Everything seems to suite me in one way or another, an unfortunately, like you know, time is always at a shortage. If you have any great ideas, I am excited to hear what they are, all serious ideas will be considered. Just a note to you in advance, it may be I take you up on it and get advice on how to get involved. Let me know what you think.

Wanted to mention the OWN network also today. Not sure if you have been checking it out, there are a lot of great programs on this new network. Their are several, that I have been watching and so far, I really like it. It fits in with the other channels I do watch, not everything is for me, however, there are several things I do record and watch weekly. If you are a fan of Oprah and her ideology, this is a great place to continue to grow and learn some really exciting things! Master Class is one of my favorites, and the season finale of Your Own Show is tonight! Also, a new program about pregnant women is prison just started, can’t remember the name and Lisa Lings, Your America ( I think), you will know them when you see them. Lots of really interesting things to help understand so many things, that most of us never see a side of. Let me know what you think!

Finally, lottery is tonight, wishing you luck if you play. Wish me luck back! If you do not, I respectfully understand and hope that your luck is also good in whatever you choose to do! Have  a great night, sending out my love to you and yours, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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