Sleepy Thursday!

Today is a sleepy day for me. Just got in an hour ago, been out to pay bills and get groceries and gas. Last night was crazy though. I did not fall asleep until after three this morning, and got up at eight. I am so very ready for a nap! Got a lot done, and still have more to do, but I am sure some well deserved red eye would do me a world of good. The weather is making it easier, it is cloudy and rainy and cool. Perfect weather for a nap, even if I wasn’t already exhausted. When I am done here, a nice blanket and pillow are calling my name.

Per the lottery to prove how tired I am, I managed to discard my lottery ticket without checking the numbers from last night. Well, I am pretty sure it wasn’t a winner, not being negative, but I did look at them and it is very unlikely that my ticket was a winner of any kind. Mental note to self, try not to do things related to money when tired, it could be very costly!

As for working in the online shops, no sales yet, but I remain hopeful that as the year moves on that things will begin to move in the right direction. Even though sales have not been happening, it does appear that the amount of hits, or stops into the shops and certain items seems to be increasing, so that is a good sign. I did Google myself last night (while I fought for sleep), I noticed that I guess other people have posted things form my shop in different shops, not for sale, but in blogs or other information sites.  Not sure what it all means, I am hoping this is a good thing. If you know what this is, a note to give me the heads up would be greatly appreciated.

The phone has been crazy and I am back after much housework, cooking, a nap and several phone calls. It is finally time for me to get some work on my crocheting on the way, got to have it done by the 10th of March, so got to get it done. Lots more to do after that. I am getting so excited about seeing family again. It has been years, so it is well appreciated and deserved.

I hope you r week is closing with great and wonderful things. Lots of laughs and great memories that you can keep in your heart for years to come. If you feel like your life is empty, immerse yourself in the helping of some one you know or don’t know for that matter. Give what you can to them, even if it is simply a conversation. Those little things will truly bring such joy and connection into your life. I am on my own journey, very soon to depart, and I cannot wait to experience those things and so many more in my growth as a person! Sending out my love to you and all you love as well, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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