Moving Forward!

Well, another wild Wednesday! Hoping your hump day was a great day! Mine was busy, trying to do housework and make moving arrangements, working on my crocheting and dealing with loved ones. I am still trying to get more done before my body says, “Enough already!”. So, I am taking a quick break from laundry, vacuuming, dishes and cleaning out the fridge, as well as crocheting and juggling the phone to say, hope you are having a great day! Now, the first thing I have to say is, it looks like a real plan is coming together, which may or may not require a break from my online friends at the end of April and the beginning of May. I am indeed moving, not sure what my computer status will be after that date. I will do my best to keep things going. With the plans forming together, it has made me more excited to really get things done, I will be finally able to spend time with my girls, and I do not want it muddied up with too much work. So, the more I get done now, the easier it will be for me to visit with them.

It is very likely, there will be a major liquidation of my personal belongings to make this move as economical as possible. However, that being said, there are some things that will be difficult or maybe impossible to part with, only time will tell. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, lots of big decisions coming my way, and I need to be ready to make fast, but wise ones. Those are always the toughest ones to make. I am happy to report that my children are completely on-board with this big change, and even seem a little excited, it makes it so much sweeter for me. They are my true loves forever! I cannot say enough how proud and happy I am to be their mother. That being said, still working on the shops online, I still have a lot of work to do on them. The good news is, it gets less every day! Hop0ing to get this crocheting project out of the way too, I am getting the itch again. Itching to paint and draw that is, I cannot stray from those for long.

As for my friends, sending out my deepest love to you all. Just a new address, not a forgotten life. I will stay in touch with you all, and always keep you in my thoughts, you are wonderful! Got a few I still have to call, before the move and everything gets too frantic, last minute stuff is not my strong point. I checked my lottery numbers for last night, not the big winner, not even a little one actually, but hoping some one reading this did. If indeed that is the case “Awesome!”. So many things I wanted to write about, but figured in my little part of the world, some of you might like to know. Tomorrow, back to the usual posts of the day, so much to say. Lots of love to you, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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