Totally Tired Tuesday!

Well, I am up. Been up for a while. Been working on my cricketing, and taking a break to check in with you. Well, as always, I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Since, sleep was like a sprinter last night, I spent more time chasing it, than actually achieving it.  So, for today energy is limited, and I am thinking brain cells as well. Exhaustion has a way of making the body function, but only at its most basic. Extra things like creativity, fast thinking, deep thought, boundless energy, etc… are just not available. Taking what is available to me and getting through the day, the best way possible, is the primary goal.

The good news is, the funk that ruled the later part of yesterday has vacated the premises. Though weary from a lack of sleep, it feels like a very positive day! The weather is gloomy, but other than that all looks good. Crazy wild dreams, followed me through the night, nothing bad. It was like story time in my sleep. While I was up, did my Tarot cards, and Angel cards as well, things are going well. Maybe a hick up or two in the next couple of weeks, other than that it appears as though things will be on the up swing very soon! Got to get into my shops and add a few items, before back to work on my crochet projects. If you get a minute check them out and let me know what you think!

As you go through your day, please keep in mind the people of New Zealand, the earthquake from yesterday, is still weighing very heavy on them today, and will continue for a long time to come. Makes me think about how fragile our existence really is here, while we went to bed last night all safe and snug, they were in ciaos. There are so many who are struggling at this time, the soldiers over seas, people in other countries facing war, terrorism and environmental destruction, just say a prayer, make a happy wish, send love, whatever you can to help them get through their day and any tough times ahead. No matter how wealthy you may or may not be, this is something we all can afford to do, take a minute and remember, that even though you may not know them personally, on this planet we are all neighbors! A moment of your time or mine is so little to ask! Thank you so much for checking in today. Wishing you the best as always, no big lottery jackpot just yet! The will be here soon, sending you my love, and to all those people who may not read this or cannot read this due to the environment around them, God Bless, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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