Rainy Mondays!


Well, today has been mostly cloudy here. Lots of clouds, there was a break for a while, sun shining, hints of summer. The clouds are back now. Confusing day for me, reality that time will come and go all too swiftly. I can only hope that, all things will be good, and I am able to make sure my part in this story is fulfilled.  Big changes are coming this I know, my living situation for now is good. The future however, is very tentative. Guess this is the test, can I prevail and not only keep hopes high, but knuckle down and let faith keep me. This is a time to make a conscious decision to not let things overwhelm or take over and let negative prevail. Lots of work staying positive when things go awry! So far, so good! There is so much to do here to prepare for the move. But, equally important will be making time to clear the air. Meditation and calming exercises should be invaluable, and mandatory most days. Funny how life always throws a curve ball, that requires more work!

Today has been busy. Still working on depleting my thread supply. Those big spools take up too much room. Making it into something will bring pleasure to whomever receives these gloves when I am done, and make lots of room for more important things. Having to store it all, puts things into proportion. Why store it if it is not a necessity? So, one project at a time, and keeping the spirits up, is the goal of the day! Probably the theme for the next few months, and with all luck no longer. With any good luck at all, I will not have to wait another minute, and be spared it this time. Been there once too many times already. If this is what it takes to get to the next level, I will go quietly, just hoping it will be the last time. A new beginning, and a brighter future makes it all worth while. Bring it on!

Now, no lottery updates today, no lottery drawings till later tonight. Hoping you are having a wonderful Monday, where ever you are! Keep your chin up and a smile on your face! Know this, some one loves you, sending my love to you and all you love, as always, diana












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